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October 18, 2010

Death by Penalty Kill

by Chelsea

What happened to the Dallas Stars’ penalty kill?

During the preseason, they had absolutely no problems killing off penalties. Then we hit the regular season and they start coughing up power play goals to the other team left and right. What happened?

In five games, they’ve already allowed 10 power play goals (on 25 attempts), with 8 of those goals coming in the three road games so far. Four of the goals happened Monday in Tampa Bay. Ouch. That’s a very, very leaky ship they’re trying to sail.

I spent some time after the game staring at numbers. What I found out is that two of the Stars’ leading penalty killers in preseason have not played a second of shorthanded time in the regular season.

One of them is Severin Blindenbacher, who played over 10 minutes in the three of the four games I focused on without seeing a single power play goal against. In two of those games, he was part of the leading defensive pair on the PK that night, with either Fistric or Grossman, which saw a combined 13 penalties against with 0 PPGA. He is now playing for the Texas Stars in the AHL.

The other is Aaron Gagnon, recently called up from the Texas Stars. He played mostly with Toby Petersen on the penalty kill during the preseason and faced over 12 minutes total in the four games. The Dallas Stars killed off 25 of 27 penalties in those games, and Gagnon was not on the ice for either of the two goals they allowed.

Of course, you’d want those two guys to have more NHL experience before you throw them out there shorthanded. That said, it would be nice to see the Stars give Gagnon a shift or two with Petersen and see if they can recreate some of the success they had in preseason against real NHL rosters.

Another player that had some success killing penalties in preseason was Brian Sutherby. He had limited ice time but was not out for a single power play goal against. However, he has only been given 4:36 SH TOI in the regular season despite having only been on the ice for one PPGA, which came during the Detroit game. While that was partially his fault, you can’t overlook the fact that he had almost 2 minutes on the PK Monday and was one of two players who logged over a minute of SH time and did not get scored on. The other player was Steve Ott.

Am I saying Sutherby should be playing big minutes killing penalties? Not at all. Could he take a few shifts from a player like Brenden Morrow who is an adequate penalty killer but may have better ways to spend that ice time? Sure.

This brings me to my main point, which is that it is not really the forwards I have a problem with as far as personnel goes. It is more important to find the right combination of guys like Sutherby, Burish, and Wandell, who have so far been fairly interchangeable when it comes to successfully killing penalties, than it is to figure out who is better. For the defensemen, however, there is a big glaring issue that I see.

Trevor Daley has managed to be on the ice for HALF of the power play goals against (and is leading the team in that regard). To put that into perspective, he allows a goal for approximately every 3:30 he plays shorthanded, or once per game. He is horribly ineffective, and yet is second only to Karlis Skrastins for SH TOI.

There is no reason that I can see not to give some of his penalty killing time to Mark Fistric or Matt Niskanen. At least they don’t look completely startled every single time the puck comes at them. How many times have we already seen Daley do something completely boneheaded that cost the Stars on the scoreboard? He has no awareness of himself in relation to Lehtonen, as evidenced by all the screening, skating into, and deflecting pucks past that he’s already displayed this season.

Moving away from the “who” to the “what” problem, that seems pretty simple. For some reason, the Stars have been completely unable to get the puck ALL the way out of their zone on the penalty kill. One of them will pick it up down low and try to clear it, only to have it caught by the other team and tossed right back in. It doesn’t seem to matter much how they try to get it out. Down the middle? Bad giveaway. Along the boards? Caught at the point, if not before. Carry it out? Swarmed and had it stolen.

Someone needs to sit down and come up with a gameplan for getting the puck out of the zone on the first try. Maybe go over video of the Capitals, who have successfully killed off 21 of 21 penalties. Or maybe just pay very close attention Thursday when they take on the Panthers, who have only taken 8 penalties and have killed off all of them.

September 30, 2009

Battle of the Stars!

by Chelsea

Dallas Stars played their new AHL affiliate, the Texas Stars, in their new arena in Cedar Park tonight.

It was a fun game. The Dallas Stars looked energetic and alive, which was a welcomed sight after a very sluggish preseason (Crawford’s uptempo camp seemed to have worn them out). They beat Texas 5-1 after taking a lead in the first and never looking back. On the NHL side at least, it was a good precursor to the start of the regular season.

While the Texas Stars’ top line of Korostin-Lindgren-Sceviour scored their only goal, Dallas got much more well-rounded offense. Not only did the goal scorers (Petersen, Neal x2, Ribeiro, and Brunnstrom) represent all four lines, but defensemen like Mark Fistric and Jeff Woywitka also registered points.

Some notes:

  • The three stars of the game were (in order): James Neal, Marty Turco, and Alex Auld.
  • There were two sets of brothers playing. James Neal and Jamie Benn were dressed with the Dallas Stars, while their brothers Michael (younger) and Jordie (older) were playing with Texas.
  • The Texas Stars had no captain tonight. Dan Jancevski, Maxime Fortunus, and Francis Wathier all had the alternate’s ‘A’. Landon Wilson, who we suspect could be named captain, did not play.
  • SHR will be keeping up with the Texas Stars this season, and some of the other Stars prospects (such as Glennie, Beskorowany, and Larsen) as well!
August 28, 2009

Battle of the Stars

by Kristine

Just wanted to let everyone know that SHR is going to be at the Battle of the Stars in Cedar Park! It’s going to be a great way to kick off the new season, and we’re excited that we get to go.

If anyone else is going, we’d love to meet up with you! Maybe we could have a big blogosphere dinner before the game or something. Drop us a note and let us know. 🙂

P.S. SHR has big things planned for the blog this season… We’ve been inactive all summer due to some family circumstances, but please don’t write us off as dead just yet. We’ll be back with a vengeance as soon as actual hockey starts up again.

March 22, 2009

Richards Out Indefinitely, Stars Recall Wandell

by Kristine

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the official word from Dave Tippett is that Brad Richards has a spiral fracture in a bone in his hand and is out indefinitely.

Andrew’s is reporting today that the Stars have, as expected, recalled center Tom Wandell. His season with the Swedish Elite League ended last month as his team lost in the first round of the playoffs.

The Stars haven’t announced either of these things on their official page, but I expect to see Richards placed on IR shortly.

Finally, Mike Heika has a post up about the complications that have arisen from trying to move an AHL team to Austin to become the Texas Stars.