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December 27, 2008

Game Review – 12/20/08 (DAL at OTT)

by Chelsea


Joel Lundqvist and Nicklas Grossman did not play. Lundqvist’s shoulder was sore from the CBJ game, and Grossman was out with the flu.

Scoring opened at 1:27 in the first, when Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson scored with a snap shot with assists from Ilja Zubov and Filip Kuba. 

Despite three penalties (Krys Barch at 3:23 for boarding, Nick Foligno at 5:19 for hooking, and Anton Volchenkov at 12:44 for hooking) and consequential power plays, neither team scored until the final minute of the period.

Matt Niskanen’s shot managed to trickle past Martin Gerber at 19:09 to tie the game going into the first intermission. Mike Ribeiro and Darryl Sydor got the assists. 

Second period.

Fabian Brunnstrom got his first NHL penalty at 2:11 for interference on Brendan Bell.

The Senators broke the tie on the following man advantage, when Antoine Vermette scored at 3:52. Assists went to Foligno and Mike Fisher. 

At 7:02, Chris Kelly took two minutes for hooking Mike Modano, giving the Stars a power play. 

Brad Richards took advantage of the PP, scoring at 7:37 in an unassisted solo effort.

Dallas managed to take the lead by making the game 3-2 when Toby Petersen scored at 9:49, assisted by Landon Wilson and Doug Janik.

Stephane Robidas was whistled for hooking at 10:39. 

At 10:55, Stars veteran Jere Lehtinen went to check Alfredsson, who turned to catch himself awkwardly on the boards. Lehtinen did his best to limit the damage, even grabbing the Ottawa captain in an attempt to slow his descent. Alfredsson put on a heck of a show, going to stand but dropping dramatically to his knees. His teammates came to his aid and helped him limp off the ice, and later it was announced he had an upper body injury and would not play the rest of the game.

Lehtinen, a powerful forward but by no means vicious, was slightly targeted for the rest of the game by a team looking to stand up for their captain. Later  he was called out by an angry Ottawa journalist as someone who should have been absolutely demolished by the Senators for the hit. 

Alfredsson earned a spot on our hate list for potentially putting a finally-healthy Lehtinen in danger with his theatrics, with a questionable injury that disappeared by their next game a few days later. Boo.

Anyway, the irritated Senators got another PPG at 11:51 from Jason Spezza, assisted by Kuba and Gerber. 

Matt Niskanen and Krys Barch both got penalties for slashing, at 12:49 and 19:59 respectively.

Niskanen’s was killed off, but Barch’s lingered into the third period.

Right at the beginning of the third period, at 1:36, Alexandre Picard scored for the Senators on the remaining PP. Assists to Chris Phillips and Foligno.

Sean Donovan got a holding penalty at 9:03, but the Stars couldn’t convert.

Finally, at 14:26, Loui Eriksson scored to tie the game, assisted by Richards and Niskanen.

The game was pushed to overtime.

Early in OT, Trevor Daley got a penalty for delaying the game when he put the puck over the glass at 00:27. It was a questionable call, as the puck seemed to deflect off the stick of a Senator first. Hm.

The Stars killed off the power play, but again the momentum fueled the other team and they caught Dallas flat-footed.

Jason Smith scored at 3:30 in OT, with assists from Fisher and Dany Heatley, to win the game. 


  • The three game stars, in order: Foligno, Smith, Richards
  • Turco let in five goals for the second game in a row, with a .848 sv%. 
  • Three of the five goals came out of six Senator power plays.
  • Conclusion: This game had a lot of the problems the CBJ game had, only this one we didn’t win. The goaltending was sloppy, special teams were poor, and leads slipped away and turned into deficits. 

SHR +/-:

Stephane Robidas: two for tying for the team-best in hits with five and for winning a faceoff but minus-one for the stupid penalty that the Sens scored on; +1
Matt Niskanen: three for the goal, two for the assist, and one for an otherwise strong game; +6 
Krys Barch: two for tying for the team-best in hits and for winning a faceoff but minus-one for a stupid penalty that the Sens scored on; +1
Toby Petersen: three for the goal; +3
Landon Wilson: two for the assist and one for tying for the team-best in hits; +3
Jere Lehtinen: one for delivering four hits, all of which were perfectly clean; +1
Doug Janik: two for the assist and one for finally getting a point as a Star; +3
Marty Turco: minus-two for not being able to string a couple of good games together for some reason this year; -2 
Darryl Sydor: two for the assist; +2
Mike Ribiero: two for the assist but minus-one for failing at faceoffs; +1
Brad Richards: three for the goal but minus-one for leading in giveaways; +2
Fabian Brunnstrom: minus-one for the penalty that the Sens scored on but one because he never takes penalties; +0

October 31, 2008

Tonight’s NHL Results

by Kristine

For a summary of the wins and losses from Thursday’s games, including team points, click the link below.

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October 26, 2008

Super Saturday Results

by Kristine

New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers: 3-1 Flyers in OT
Flyers: 7 points (2-3-3) | Devils: 11 points (5-2-1)

Atlanta Thrashers at Boston Bruins: 5-4 Bruins
Bruins: 9 points (3-2-3) | Thrashers: 6 points (2-3-2)

Ottawa Senators at Toronto Maple Leafs: 3-2 Leafs
Leafs: 9 points (3-2-3) | Sens: 4 points (2-4-1)

Anaheim Ducks at Montreal Canadiens: 6-4 Ducks
Ducks: 8 points (4-5-0) | Canadiens: 11 points (5-0-1)

Carolina Hurricanes at NY Islanders: 4-3 Hurricanes
Canes: 9 points (4-2-1) | Islanders: 4 points (2-4-0)

Pittsburgh Penguins at NY Rangers: 3-2 Rangers in a shootout
Rangers: 17 points (8-2-1) | Penguins: 12 points (5-2-2)

San Jose Sharks at Tampa Bay Lightning: 3-0 Sharks
Sharks: 14 points (7-2-0) | Lightning: 5 points (1-2-3)

LA Kings at Nashville Predators: 5-4 Predators
Preds: 8 points (4-4-0) | Kings: 6 points (3-3-0)

Columbus Blue Jackets at Minnesota Wild: 2-1 Wild
Wild: 11 points (5-0-1) | Blue Jackets: 6 points (3-4-0)

Washington Capitals at Dallas Stars: 6-5 Caps in OT
Stars: 8 points (3-4-2) | Caps: 9 points (4-3-1)

Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks: 6-5 Wings in a shootout
Red Wings: 13 points (6-1-1) | Hawks: 9 points (3-2-3)

Florida Panthers at St Louis Blues: 4-0 Blues
Blues: 10 points (5-2-0) | Panthers: 8 points (4-3-0)

Buffalo Sabres at Colorado Avalanche: 2-1 Avalanche in a shootout
Avalanche: 10 points (5-3-0) | Sabres: 14 points (6-0-2)

Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks: 6-3 Canucks
Canucks: 8 points (4-4-0) | Oilers: 8 points (4-2-0)

Calgary Flames at Phoenix Coyotes: 4-1 Flames
Flames: 9 points (4-3-1) | Coyotes: 6 points (3-3-0)

Super Saturday killed my DVR. Literally – not only did it not record any of the games because it got overwhelmed, it also deleted everything I had not protected. So. There’s that. There’s also the facts that Stars are back to sloppy hockey (boo) and that Chels and I met Jen from the Shootout at the game tonight (yay!!). Chels is working on the game review right now, and tomorrow we’re headed to Frisco to watch the Stars hopefully get their act together in practice. Catch you later, loyal fans…

October 24, 2008

Tonight’s NHL Wins/Losses

by Kristine

New York Rangers at Columbus Blue Jackets: 3-1 Rangers
Rangers: 15 points (7-2-1) | Blue Jackets: 6 points (3-4-0)

Anaheim Ducks vs Ottawa Senators: 4-3 Ducks
Ducks: 6 points (3-5-0) | Sens: 4 points (2-4-1)

Philadephia Flyers at New Jersey Devils: 6-3 Flyers (Beautiful that the Flyers’ first W of the season means a L for the Devils and a considerable hit on Martin “Fatso” Brodeur’s stats.)
Flyers: 5 points (1-3-3) | Devils: 10 points (5-2-0)

Atlanta Thrashers at Detroit Red Wings: 5-3 Red Wings
Red Wings: 11 points (5-1-1) | Thrashers: 6 points (2-3-2)

San Jose Sharks at Florida Panthers: 4-3 Panthers
Panthers: 8 points (4-3-0) | Sharks: 12 points (6-2-0)

LA Kings at St Louis Blues: 4-0 Kings
Kings: 6 points (3-3-0) | Blues: 8 points (4-2-0)

October 20, 2008

Mr. Monday: Fabian Brunnstrom

by Chelsea

This week, Fabian Brunnstrom topped our SHR +/– with +16 on ice (second only to Stephane Robidas and Mike Modano, each at +19) and second to none with +7 off ice points.

Most of his points, for us, came off his hat trick win over the Nashville Predators on Wednesday. Before that game, he had become the much-hyped rookie that had yet to see regular season ice. He coined the term flop-isode in preseason, and earned the nickname “Bunny”.

That game, however, gave us more than just a win and a mark in history. It allowed us to see the beautiful, clean, efficient hockey that this player is capable of. He didn’t just score, he did what we’d been waiting for the veterans to do; he parked himself in front of the net and capitalized on opportunities.

Before that game, the most I knew about Brunnstrom was that part of why he’d chosen Dallas over other teams like the Red Wings or Canadiens was that we’d offered him a chance to play in the NHL right off the bat. I mistakenly assumed that this made him a bit of a Swedish diva. Listening to him try and downplay his own success during the 10/15/08 game, I realized I’d been wrong.

Very, very wrong. In the October issue of Impact! Magazine, there’s an article on Brunnstrom and all the hype that’s surrounded his name recently. In the piece, he comes across as genuine, honest, and humble. The part I was most surprised to read was that, just three years ago, our Bunny was working at a Burger King:

This is a late-blooming NHL player who took a job on the side to help him keep developing as a hockey player. The job? Packing burgers between buns and serving the public at Burger King for three hours each day after practice and before games.

On his path to the NHL, he nearly signed with the Vancouver Canucks, but GM Dave Nonis was fired before the deal went through. The Detroit Red Wings wanted him, but their depth level with forwards meant Brunnstrom wouldn’t have much chance to shine. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, and Ottowa Senators all had their eyes on him as well. In the end, though, it was the Dallas Stars who Brunnstrom picked to start his NHL career with.

In preseason with the Stars, he looked nervous, hesitant, and unable to stand up on his skates without falling. We scratched our heads, worrying about whether or not he’d be the sensation in North American hockey that he was in European hockey. Once again, our foresight here was lacking. A late-bloomer in the big picture, it just took Brunnstrom a little while to warm up to our way of playing.

Watching him in practice brought us hope for his skill; while Steve Ott, Trevor Daley, and James Neal were goofing off in the corner, Brunnstrom was eyes-to-the-ice, practicing his puck handling skills with unexpected focus. He seemed able to snake the puck away from anyone, in a quiet, unassuming sort of way.

After practice, he was one of the many players to walk through an autograph line for the fans. He took his time and signed things carefully, which resulted in the prettiest signature I’d ever seen from a hockey player. He was friendly, quiet, and once again not the needy narcissist I’d expected.

Of course, his debut brought an explosion of attention, as he became one of only three players to ever score a hat trick in their first career game. Again, he tried to limit the hype, crediting nice passes and good timing for his goals. You can’t overlook, though, that at this point he’s got four goals in three games, and has played consistently clean in a team that is struggling to clean up their sloppy game.

After hearing about Sean Avery and his costume trunk of made-up stories so often, hearing from Fabian Brunnstrom has been a nice change.

Stars head coach Dave Tippett had this to say about him:

“I’ve been very impressed with how respectful he is, to the process, the league, his teammates,” Tippett said. “He’s gone out every day and worked hard. Everything we’ve seen so far is positive. The next step is get him into games, see what he can do.”

So, I was wondering who Fabian Brunnstrom was before he became the extremely-hyped Swedish hockey dreamboat/Tiebreaker Bunny.

We know he worked at Burger King. We know that during the 2005-06 year, he played in the third-highest Swedish league. In 2006-07, Brunnstrom won the Swedish Division 1 scoring title with 73 points (37-36) in 41 games. Two years later and he’s on the road to becoming rookie of the year material in the NHL.

What elevates someone from barely a speck on the hockey big picture to a portrait of potential?

According to this article, dedication. Brunnstrom spent mornings working on his game, alone, before practice.

“It was dark when I arrived so I had to turn on all the lights first and then push out the nets,’’ he said. “I just practiced my stickhandling one day, my shot the next and then my skating. It was a little bit of everything actually.’’

Given that I don’t read Swedish, it’s been very hard to get information about Brunnstrom from before the NHL began eyeballing him as the year’s hottest contract. I did find this garbled translation of what would probably be a very informative article if translation tools didn’t fail miserably. Apparently, Bunny plays guitar.

Back to hockey…

Skill needs no translation, thus I provide you with this video of Brunnstrom highlights.

And now, to finish off this post, can I get an “Awwwww, Bunnnnnyy”?

Bunny, outside of Löfbergs Lila Arena, in 2007.

Bunny, outside of Löfbergs Lila Arena, in 2007.

October 18, 2008

Tonight’s NHL Wins/Losses

by Kristine

Ottawa Senators vs Phoenix Coyotes: 6-3 Sens
Sens: 5 points (2-1-1) | Coyotes: 4 points (2-2-0)

Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers: 1-0 Rangers in a shoot-out (I LOVE that the Leafs managed to pull off 0-0 regulation and then tie up the shoot-out against the damn 11pt – well 12pt now – Rangers. I just wish the Leafs’ shoot-out goal counted for the final score.)
Rangers: 12 points (6-1-0) | Leafs: 4 points (1-1-2)

Nashville Predators at Columbus Blue Jackets: 5-3 Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets: 4 points (2-2-0) | Predators: 4 points (2-3-0)

Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres: 5-2 Sabres
Sabres: 8 points (4-0-0) | Canucks: 6 points (3-2-0)

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames: 4-3 Oilers
Oilers: 6 points (3-0-0) | Flames: 3 points (1-2-1)

San Jose Sharks at Anaheim Ducks: 4-0 Ducks (The Ducks broke a 4-game losing streak and ended the Sharks’ franchise best start at 4-1-0.)
Sharks: 8 points (4-1-0) | Ducks: 2 points (1-4-0)

Carolina Hurricanes at LA Kings: 4-3 Kings in OT
Kings: 4 points (2-2-0) | Hurricanes: 5 points (2-1-1)