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October 30, 2010

SHR +/-: Dropping the Ball

by Chelsea

October 21, 2010 @ FLA

Nicklas Grossman:
+2 for the assist; +2
Stephane Robidas:
+2 for the assist; +2
Trevor Daley:
+2 for the assist: +2
Jamie Benn:
+2 for each assist and +1 for coming back with a bang; +7
Adam Burish:
+2 for sticking up for Ribeiro by fighting Wideman and +1 for doing such a good job of it; +3
James Neal:
+3 for the goal; +3
Loui Eriksson:
+2 for the assist: +2
Tom Wandell:
+3 for each goal; +6
Steve Ott:
+3 for the goal; +3
Kari Lehtonen:
+2 for a good game; +2
Karlis Skrastins:
+2 for the assist: +2

October 23, 2010 vs. NSH

Nicklas Grossman: +1 for leading the team with 8 hits; +1
Toby Petersen:
-1 for consistent faceoff fail; -1
Tom Wandell:
see Petersen, Toby; -1
Kari Lehtonen:
+1 for a solid outing but -1 for the game-winning gaffe; +0

October 26, 2010 vs. ANA

Stephane Robidas: -1 for the penalty that put the Stars down a man for five minutes but +1 because it wasn’t really his fault; +0
Toby Petersen:
+2 for the assist; +2
Brian Sutherby:
+3 for the goal; +3
Loui Eriksson:
+3 for the goal and +1 for being the only one on his line that showed up; +4
Brandon Segal:
+2 for the assist: +2
Mike Ribeiro:
+2 for the assist; +2
Brad Richards:
+2 for the assist but -1 for losing 3x as many faceoffs as he won; +1

October 28, 2010 vs. LAK

Matt Niskanen: +1 for tying for the team lead in hits (what?) with 6; +1
Brenden Morrow: -1 for being uninspiring all night; -1
Jamie Benn:
-2 for that team-worst -3 but +1 because Crow should know by now that he doesn’t work on a line with Ribeiro and Morrow; -1
Toby Petersen:
+1 for centering the only line that didn’t suck; +1
James Neal:
+2 for the assist; +2
Brian Sutherby:
+2 for the assist and +1 for an overall solid game; +3
Loui Eriksson: +2 for the assist; +2
Brandon Segal:
+3 for the goal and +1 for an overall solid game; +4
Steve Ott:
+2 for the assist, +1 for tying for the team lead in hits with 6, but -2 for that team-worst -3; +1
Andrew Raycroft:
+1 for filling in nicely for Lehtonen; +1
Kari Lehtonen:
-2 for a completely unspectacular game; -2
Philip Larsen:
+2 for the assist, +2 for doing more in one game than some Stars D have managed all season, but -1 for a few rookie brainfarts; +3
Brad Richards: +3 for the goal; +3

October 25, 2009

Notes and +/-

by Chelsea

For games 10 and 11 for the Dallas Stars, there really wasn’t much to say, hence the lack of actual game review.

Notes (DAL @ LAK):

  • The three game stars, in order: Kopitar, Neal, Handzus
  • The Stars were down 4-1 entering the third, but forced overtime thanks to goals from Benn, Fistric, and Neal.
  • Mark Fistric’s goal was his first NHL goal.
  • Benn has now scored in both games against the Kings.
  • Stars power play continued to struggle, unable to cash in on 4 chances in the first two periods.
  • Steve Ott lead in hits with 6.
  • The only forward to block a single shot was Loui Eriksson.
  • Conclusion: It was rather nice to get the extra point, but giving the Kings 4 out of the available 4 points in the two games so far this season is not.

SHR +/- (DAL @ LAK):

Stephane Robidas: minus-one for kind of a rough game; -1
Jamie Benn: three for the goal; +3
James Neal: three for each goal; +6
Loui Eriksson: two for each assist; +4
Mark Fistric: three for the goal and one for the celebration; +4
Steve Ott: one for being Steve Ott; +1
Alex Auld: minus-one for kind of a rough game; -1
Mike Ribeiro: minus-one for not being able to win a faceoff; -1
Brad Richards: two for each assist; +4

Notes (DAL @ STL):

  • The three game stars, in order: Turco, Eriksson, Neal
  • Krys Barch, Brian Sutherby, and Steve Ott each had a fight. None of them really won.
  • Ott had the Blues very distracted, drawing 6 minor penalties.
  • The Blues also took 4 roughing and 2 cross checking minors, along with a 10 minute misconduct and a game misconduct.
  • The Stars, meanwhile, took 1 roughing, 1 unsportsmanlike conduct, 1 cross checking and 1 kneeing penalty.
  • Both teams also had a small handful of hooking minors.
  • In all of that, only one power play goal was scored.
  • Jeff Woywitka got his first point with the Stars against his old team. However, he also unintentionally aided the Blues in ruining Turco’s shutout. Oops.
  • Toby Petersen lead the team with 5 shots on goal.
  • Conclusion: It was a messy game and the Stars could have blown out the Blues had it not been for Conklin’s 21 saves in the first two periods. Despite the penalty madness, it was maybe the best three consecutive periods of hockey Dallas has managed all season.

SHR +/- (DAL @ STL):

Brenden Morrow: one determination point for trying to score regardless of where the puck was (like on top of the net) or the play having already been blown dead; +1
Krys Barch: one for the fight but minus-one for losing it; +0
James Neal: three for the goal; +3
Brian Sutherby: three for the goal and one for the fight; +4
Loui Eriksson: three for the goal and two for the assist; +5
Tom Wandell: three for the goal; +3
Steve Ott: two for the assist, one for playing so physically that it completely changed the momentum of the game but minus-one for kneeing Crombeen; +2
Marty Turco: two for no mas Taco; +2
Jeff Woywitka: two for the assist but minus-one for helping score on Turco; +1
Brad Richards: two for each assist; +4
Fabian Brunnstrom: two for the assist and one for earning it by getting run over by St. Louis players; +3

October 20, 2009

Game Review – 10/19/09 (DAL vs LAK)

by Chelsea


Well, when I started to write this immediately following the game, the only thought I had was “Boooooo.”

It was a pretty disappointing loss for the Stars’ first game against a divisional opponent. We were at the game, and by the end of it, we were sitting there seeing if we could count all the players we weren’t annoyed at on one hand. We could. Easily.

So here you go:

  • Mike Ribeiro: Wore the ‘A’ with Lehtinen, Richards, Modano, and Ott out. He wore it well. His attitude about taking a step towards becoming more of a leader (as he told Razor about during intermission) was great.
  • Brenden Morrow: Nifty pass to set up Benn in the first. Some nice hits later in the game. It’s too bad the rest of the team didn’t pick up on his energy.
  • Jamie Benn: He had his share of turnovers, but without him, the game is another 3-0 shutout.
  • Alex Auld: Sat on the bench really well. No turnovers or anything!
  • Karlis Skrastins: Think about how you felt when Sydor came out to kill a penalty and compare it to how you feel when Skrastins is on the ice PKing. Yeah.

On the other hand, there were some not-so-pleasant things, like:

  • Stars power play giving us all a headache. Just because Toby Petersen rocked the point in Iowa forever ago doesn’t mean he works there in the NHL.
  • Ribeiro and Wandell totally forgetting how to win a faceoff.
  • The top defensive pairing sitting in the box together while the Stars try to kill off a 5-on-3. Then..
  • Getting scored on with only 7 seconds of penalty kill left. Ouch.
  • Matt Niskanen, Tom Wandell, and Fabian Brunnstrom’s -2.
  • Trevor Daley leading defensemen in giveaways. Brunnstrom and Benn are relatively new at this. What’s Daley’s excuse for making rookie mistakes?
  • Us going from “James Neal is a BEAST” to actually wishing the team could afford to bench him for a few shifts to try and wake him up. Zombie Neal is not effective.
  • Marty Turco’s handful of irritating moments, like every time he made us panic over his puckhandling on the PK.

All things considered, it was still only one game and they have a chance to redeem themselves Wednesday and Thursday.

One thing I was wondering about after the game though is why the team doesn’t seem able to win in front of Turco. In realizing that he is 1-2-3 (5 of 12 available points) compared to Auld’s 2-0-0 (4 of 4 points), and knowing they have almost equal stats, it is hard not to wonder what the difference is.

With a little investigating, I discovered this:

The average time between goals Auld has allowed is right under 17 minutes. In fact, he hasn’t allowed a goal in the first period of either of his starts, and the shortest time between two goals allowed was approximately 11 minutes. He also has not allowed a goal when the Stars had anything less than a 2-goal lead.

Not to say that all of his goals against were great or even okay, but there’s something to be said for timely saves.

In comparison, Turco’s average time between goals is barely over 12 minutes, a time that seems to be decreasing (down from appr. 16 minutes apart in his first 3 starts) with each game. He has not allowed two goals further apart than 10 minutes in his last two starts, the closest together being less than 3 minutes apart. He’s allowed a goal in the first period in 4 of his 6 starts.

Maybe most importantly, 14 of the 15 goals against Turco have come when the game is close (5 allowed the opposition to tie it, 6 allowed them to break the tie, and 3 gave them a 2-goal lead.) That’s all but the second Savard goal, which gave the Bruins a 3-0 lead.

It will be interesting to revisit this idea once Auld has more than 2 starts to consider.

Also: What is up with Richards being so delicate in Dallas? Mono, shoulder problems, a broken hand, a broken wrist, and now a sore groin? That trade must have irritated some hockey gods somewhere, because he’s had maybe 2 games here fully healthy.


  • The three game stars, in order: Smyth, Williams, Quick
  • Perttu Lindgren played in his first NHL game and, like Aaron Gagnon, did absolutely nothing and has since been reassigned to Texas.
  • Brenden Morrow led the team with 6 hits. Mark Fistric had 5 and Stephane Robidas had 4.
  • Jamie Benn might have had 2 giveaways, but he also led the team with 3 takeaways.
  • Ribeiro led the team in blocked shots with 3. The only other skaters to block any shots were Woywitka (1) and Skrastins (2).
  • Ribeiro also had 3 hits, including a rather impressive one on Matt Greene in the third period.
  • The Stars recap says this: “Defenseman Nicklas Grossman picked up an assist on Benn’s goal, extending his points streak to a career-high tying four games.” For anyone wondering how that’s possible given that the Stars got shut out 3 games ago… I don’t know either.
  • Conclusion: You don’t make it to the playoffs by losing important games. Hopefully we’ll see more of the Games 1-5 Stars on this upcoming road trip than the Games 6-8 Stars.

SHR +/-:

Nicklas Grossman: two for the assist but minus-one for the penalties; +1
Brenden Morrow: two for the assist and one for being totally awesome; +3
Jamie Benn: three for the goal; +3
Marty Turco: 🙂 but then :(; +0
Jeff Woywitka: minus-one because he’s done less in five games than decent players do in one; -1
Mike Ribeiro: one for being totally awesome; +1

October 6, 2009

Power Rankings Round-Up

by Kristine

Hockey games that mean something are finally back, and that means so are power rankings that mean basically nothing. I’ll be updating every Tuesday with a look at what the experts think of the Stars, as well as other teams around the league. Let’s see where we rank as the season kicks off…

Actual rank: 19th in league; 9th in West; 3rd in Pacific.
Record: 0-0-1. L10: 0-0-1.

ESPN by Pierre LeBrun
Stars: 25 this week; 26 last week. “The blue line is a concern, but there’s not a lot of money to spend.
Of Note: St Louis at 4 this week; 12 last week. “Can’t wait for that season opener at the Scottrade Center. Just hope the roof doesn’t collapse from all the noise. A great market finally gets a team worth cheering for. Talk about a statement with two season-opening wins in Stockholm over the mighty Red Wings.
My thoughts: If even ESPN is worried about it, you know there’s some cause for concern. A Cup contender needs to have at least one of two things: a strong blueline, or an elite goalie. At this point, we definitely don’t have one and we’re twiddling our thumbs while we wait to see if we have the other. Our young guns on the line are constantly improving, but mistakes happen. When they do, Turco needs to be there as our final defense – and he wasn’t last season. As for the Blues, they have the honor of being the biggest jump this week – from 12th to 4th. They’ve got some very talented offensive players rising through their ranks in TJ Oshie and Patrik Berglund, and they added former Star Darryl Sydor to their blueline. Syd joins fellow former Stars BJ Crombeen and Brad Winchester, who give the Blues some grit. They’re definitely a team to be aware of this season. Finally, it’s interesting to note that this is week 2 of ESPN’s power rankings for this season, and they started the Stars at 26th. Wonder where we’ll be ranked this time next month?

The Hockey News by Ryan Dixon
Stars: 18 this week; n/a last week. “Wonder what James Neal’s high-end output is; 35 goals, maybe?
Of Note: L.A. Kings at 27 this week; n/a last week. “Super sophomore Drew Doughty scores two points, but is a minus-2 in opening 6-3 loss to Coyotes.”
My thoughts: It’s Neal vs Doughty in the Pacific Division Battle Of The Sophomores, and James Neal is winning. His two goals and even plus/minus bests Doughty’s goal, assist, and -2 plus/minus. On Saturday, Neal reminded us why we loved him as a rookie: he missed an easy open net, banged a few bodies into the boards, and nailed an impossible shot that went straight to the back of the net. Twice. We saw the same thing last season. He gets frustrated and uses it as motivation. With that kind of attitude, 35 goals does seem like a reasonable thing to aim for (pun barely intended). As for Doughty and the Kings, here’s hoping they’re not quite the Cup contender the buzz made them out to be during pre-season.

Yahoo by Ross McKeon
Stars: 17 this week; n/a  last week. “Firing Dave Tippett was a big mistake. Dallas’ loss is Phoenix’s gain. And wouldn’t the Stars be shocked to have the Coyotes finish ahead of them? Just might happen. Either way, Dallas isn’t going to make the top eight in the West for the second straight year. And it’ll be Marty Turco’s last season in Big D.
Of Note: Phoenix at 20 this week; n/a last week. “Watch out here. Everyone thinks the disaster off the ice will make the Coyotes an easy mark. Not so. Dave Tippett is a solid coach who knows the Pacific Division very well. Phoenix is going to surprise even if they don’t finish in the top eight.
My thoughts: Yahoo is new to my round-ups this season. I both agree and disagree with them on their assessment of the Stars. I do think this may well be Turco’s last year – unless he is a maker of miracles and plays Vezina-level hockey all season – but I’m optimistic enough to believe we’ll finish in the top eight. And the reason I believe that is because I think firing Tippett was exactly the right move. It’s hard to judge with just one regular season game under our belts, but so far the Stars seem motivated and cohesive under Crawford. They’re working harder than they have in years, and I think it’ll pay off. As for Phoenix, maybe Tippett is their gain, but Tippett needs to take a more open approach to developing his youth than he ever did in Dallas. Phoenix is a young team, and Tipp prefers to coach older, more experienced players. It remains to be seen if that will be a problem there like it was here. Either way, Phoenix vs Dallas might become a bigger rivalry now than it has been in the past.

So let’s see here. Yahoo has us highest, at 17th. THN has us at 18th, and ESPN has us at a lowly 25th. Clearly, the expectations going into this season are low, at least from the media. I can’t say I’m too torn up about this; the Stars love being the underdogs, and this gives them a chance to blow some socks off. And if they come out of the gate flailing instead of swinging, nobody will be disappointed. Really, it’s a win-win (but fingers crossed for swinging).

At time of publication, Andrew’s and TSN had yet to update their power rankings. I’ll update this post with them as they come out.

April 11, 2009

SHR +/- “OMG Are We Really That Far Behind?” Catch-up

by Chelsea

When the Stars were pretty much eliminated (and then officially eliminated), we kinda went “so what’s the plan for the blog in the postseason, then?” and basically fell asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, we’ve also sorely neglected our duties (like the +/-) for the end of the regular season.

On that note, here are the +/-s for the large handful of games we were missing.

3/24/09 – DAL vs VAN:

Nicklas Grossman: two for the assist; +2
Matt Niskanen: two for the assist; +2
Trevor Daley: one for sticking up for Turco; +1
Brendan Morrison: three for the goal; +3
James Neal: three for the goal; +3
Loui Eriksson: two for having a ridiculous 7 takeaways and 0 giveaways; +2
Mark Fistric: two for the assist but minus-one for his exceptionaly careless penalty; +1
Steve Ott: minus-two for acting like a thug instead of helping his team; -2
Marty Turco: minus-two for not helping his teammates out and making only 17 saves on 21 shots; -2
Steve Begin: two for the assist; +2

3/26/09 – DAL vs LAK:

Stephane Robidas: one for playing 27:01 to pick up Daley’s slack when he went out; +1
Trevor Daley: one 😦 point for getting injured; +1
Krys Barch: one for standing up for Daley and one 😦 point for getting hurt in the process; +2
Landon Wilson: two for getting nine really solid hits; +2
Jere Lehtinen: one for the shootout goal; +1
Mark Fistric: two for a really solid game; +2
Marty Turco: three for pitching a shutout and earning the team a point, but minus-one for an iffy shootout performance that lost them the other point; +2

3/28/09 – DAL vs FLA

Nicklas Grossman: two for the assist; +2
Stephane Robidas: 😦 ; +1
Matt Niskanen: three for the goal; +3
Brendan Morrison: two for the assist; +2
Loui Eriksson: two for the assist and two for not having any giveaways for the sixth game in a row; +4
Chris Conner: three for the goal; +3
Mark Fistric: 😦 ; +1
Steve Ott: two for the assist but minus-two for continuing to act like a thug; +0
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal, two for the assist, but minus-one for stinking at faceoffs; +4

3/30/09 – DAL at PHX:

Dan Jancevski: one welcometoDallas! point; +1
Matt Niskanen: two for each assist; +4
Brendan Morrison: three for the goal and two for the assist; +5
Loui Eriksson: three for the goal; +3
Chris Conner: three for the goal and two for the assist; +5
Andrew Hutchinson: three for the goal; +3
Steve Ott: two for the assist; +2
Garrett Stafford: two for each assist and one welcometoDallas! point; +5
Darryl Sydor: three for the goal; +3
Mike Ribeiro: two for each assist but minus-one for stinking at faceoffs; +5

3/31/09 – DAL at LAK:

Matt Niskanen: two for the assist; +2
Mike Modano: two for the assist; +2
Brendan Morrison: three for each goal; +6
James Neal: minus-one for being overrated; -1
Loui Eriksson: two for the assist; +2
Jere Lehtinen: two for the assist; +2
Andrew Hutchinson: one for the solid game; +1
Steve Ott: two for each assist; +4
Marty Turco: one for playing decently; +1
Steve Begin: one for getting six hits; +1
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal, one for style, but minus-one for STILL stinking at faceoffs; +3

4/02/09 – DAL at CGY:

Matt Niskanen: one for learning how to get more than one (probably accidental) hit in a game and one for leading the team in shots on goal; +2
James Neal: two for the assist; +2
Marty Turco: one for a decent showing; +1
Joel Lundqvist: two for the assist: +2
Fabian Brunnstrom: three for scoring the team’s only goal and one for style; +4

4/04/09 – DAL vs STL

Matt Niskanen: two for the assist; +2
Trevor Daley: three for the goal and one for saving the game in the third period; +4
Mike Modano: two for the assist; +2
James Neal: two for the assist; +2
Loui Eriksson: three for each goal; +6
Tom Wandell: two for each assist; +4
Chris Conner: minus-one for being the only one with a -2; -1
Steve Ott: three for the goal and one for not being thug-Ott anymore; +4
Darryl Sydor: two for the assist and one for being an impressive +4; +3
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal; +3
Fabian Brunnstrom: two for the assist; +2

4/07/09 – DAL at MIN:

Steve Ott: two for the assist; +2
Ivan Vishnevskiy: one welcometoDallas! point; +1
Mike Ribeiro: two for the assist but minus-one for really really stinking at faceoffs; +1
Fabian Brunnstrom: three for the goal; +3

4/09/09 – DAL at COL:

Loui Eriksson: two for the assist; +2
Tom Wandell: one for improving at faceoffs; +1
Mark Fistric: two for the assist; +2
Mark Parrish: three for the goal; +3
Ivan Vishnevskiy: two for the assist and one for having a wicked shot from the point; +3
Mike Ribeiro: one for that shootout goal and one for style; +2
Fabian Brunnstrom: three for the goal; +3

4/10/09 – DAL at ANA:

Last-game-of-the-season special edition.

Nicklas Grossman: one for leading in hits and two for having stepped up big-time as a physical stay-at-home defenseman; +3
Stephane Robidas: one 😦 point for having not gotten to play the last few games of the season, two for carrying the entire defense on his shoulders all year, and one for escaping this season with his nose intact; +4
Matt Niskanen: two for the assist and one for finally showing that he can play without his training wheels (Sydor); +3
Trevor Daley: one 😦 point for having not gotten to play the last few games of the season and one for stepping into the #2 role nicely; +2
Mike Modano: two for his age-defying efforts at the beginning of the season and one don’t-end-your-career-this-way-please point; +3
Brenden Morrow: five points for how ridiculously sorry we are that the Stars didn’t push their season far enough to allow Morrow to come back and play; +5
Brendan Morrison: one thankyou point for stepping up and scoring PPGs when nobody else could; +1
Krys Barch: one 😦 point for missing the last games of the season and two for being the trustworthy (and frightful) Stars cop; +3
Sean Avery: one thankyou point for finding somewhere really far from Dallas and staying there, but minus-six for sticking us with half of that bloated contract and getting what he wanted in the end anyway; -5
Toby Petersen: one 😦 point for having missed the last few games of the season; +1
James Neal: minus-one point for the mixture of severe tunnel-vision (“puckpuckpuckpuckpuck”) and ego (“RAHHH I’M JAMES NEAL”) that lead to him being less-than-effective as the season went on but two determination points for having still tried; +1
Brian Sutherby: two points for coming onto the team from a rival, being willing to work hard, and making a place for himself; +2
Loui Eriksson: one for ending the season on a thirteen-game streak of not having a single giveaway, two for leading the team in goals and for being the 3o-goal-scorer we needed when Morrow went out, one for leading the team in +/-, and one for escaping injury and not missing a single game all season; +5
Landon Wilson: two for being dependable, stepping up as someone who gave 100% when the rest of the team looked mentally exhausted, and putting up with getting scratched way too often; +2
Tom Wandell: one for being a Swedish rockstar; +1
Chris Conner: one for constantly creating chances with his surprising speed; +1
Jere Lehtinen: one for leading the team with 8 shots on goal, one for being the Legendary Leaping Lehtinen, and two please-please-please-take-a-hometown-discount-because-we’d-cry-if-the-Stars-let-you-go points; +4
Andrew Hutchinson: two thankyou points for going from healthy scratch to dependable veteran when Robidas and Daley went out, and doing it admirably; +2
Mark Fistric: one for coming back up from the AHL as the hard-hitting defenseman we all remembered from last year’s playoffs and one for not backing his butt up into Turco’s face as a “defensive maneuver” anymore; +2
Steve Ott: three for each goal, two for the assist, one for the highly-entertaining clip of him sitting on the bench making faces at the Ducks through the plexiglass, and two for growing into a better player and leader; +11
Tobias Stephan: two 😦 points for ending up as the #3 goalie and not getting a decent chance to prove himself because Tippett is stubborn and used Stephan’s career to make a point which is dumb and we could rant about it all day but won’t, two hopeful points for moving on from the Stars after this season, and one sad goodbye point; +5
Marty Turco: minus-one for apparently going from a good shootout goalie to a super-impatient flop-across-the-crease one, minus-two for being Mr. Inconsistent all season, but one for taking responsibility for it, two for his strong play in the middle of the season, and one for showing enough flashes of awesome that we’re reminded there’s still an All-Star under there somewhere; +1
Mark Parrish: two for seeming to have an unbeatable optimistic attitude and two because we have a feeling he won’t be around next season and would be very very sad to see him go; +4
Joel Lundqvist: one 😦 point for having not really come back from his shoulder injury as the Lundqvist we remembered from last season and two because we’re worried Sutherby stole his spot and we’d be very sad to see him go; +3
Phillipe Boucher: two because he is awesome even if he has to play for the Penguins; +2
BJ Crombeen: yaayyyy at least one of our rookies gets a chance at the Cup this season; +2
Steve Begin: two points for sacrificing himself on the PK every night and being a very solid player for the Stars; +2
Darryl Sydor: one 😦 point because he missed the last period of the season, another because his future with the Stars is so uncertain, and one for being Niskanen and then Vishnevskiy’s training wheels; +3
Sergei Zubov: three pleeeeasseee-take-a-hometown-discount-and-come-back-next-season-our-PP-needs-you-so-bad points; +3
Ivan Vishnevskiy: two for the assist and one for looking a little bit like a baby Zubov out there; +3
Mike Ribeiro: two for each assist, minus-one for the dumb penalties, one for leading the team in points and matching his assists from last year, and one for (thankfully!!) not missing a single game all season; +5
Brad Richards: one 😦 point for the tragic comedy that is his injury situation, one for being an important player when he was playing, and one for proving us wrong about his importance by showing us what happens to the team when he’s not there; +3
Fabian Brunnstrom: three for the goal, two for the assist, and one for ending the season by playing impressive hockey and showing everyone a preview of what they can look forward to next season; +6

January 19, 2009

Game Review – 1/17/09 (DAL vs LAK)

by Chelsea


After going to (and having lots of fun at) the game, I woke up the next morning with a nasty head cold. 

Dunno what that’s about, but… no review for this game. Writing on cold medicine is always a bad idea.

Video highlights: Dallas Stars 3, Los Angeles Kings 2 (SO)

Game Recap 01/17/2009: LAK 2 @ DAL 3

Stars-Kings Game Notes/Statistics




SHR +/-:

Stephane Robidas: two for the assist, one for leading in hits, and one for the adorableness that is his son; +4
Mike Modano: minus-one for failing at faceoffs and the resulting lack of possession his line saw; -1
Jere Lehtinen: three for the goal, two for the assist, one for style, one for leading in shots on goal, and one for finally looking like Legendary Lehtinen again;  +8
Steve Ott: two for being an awesomely effective agitator; +2
Marty Turco: minus-two for blowing what should have been a regulation win (stacking the pads instead of squaring to the shooter with plenty of time and space, really?) but two for making up for it in the shootout; +0
Darryl Sydor: two for the assist; +2
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal, two for the assist, one for the shootout goal, and one for poking fun at Bob and Dan after the game; +7
Brad Richards: two for being really awesome at faceoffs but minus-two for being otherwise a giant turnover machine; +0 
Fabian Brunnstrom: healthy soon please?; +2

December 12, 2008

Thursday’s NHL Results

by Kristine

For a summary of the wins and losses from Thursday’s games, including team points, continue reading by clicking the link below.

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November 14, 2008

Game Review – 11/13/08 (DAL vs LAK)

by Chelsea


Remember earlier in the season, when we went and lost that away game to Nashville, and then came home and whooped them with a Bunny hat trick?

This game was supposed to be like that, except with more fire because of what happened with Ribeiro at the end of the last game. Oh, and this time Brunnstrom was scratched for a guy who played 2 shifts.

Speaking of that guy, anyone catch the pregame interview with Ribeiro and Crombeen? Someone got his tooth fixed!

Being a home game, us SHR girls were actually there. First period started out with me wondering why the crowd was more enthusiastic than the players. Maybe it was the fact that the officials were whistle-happy against the Stars, cutting off any momentum they might have built.

Philippe Boucher got the first, whistled at 6:10 for hooking Alexander Frolov. I didn’t actually see the hooking, but knowing our defensemen, I don’t really doubt it happened.

The Kings were limited to three SOG during that power play, before Krys Barch began his short-lived attempt to pummel them all. He checked them, they checked him, they chirped, they argued in faceoffs, they tried to fight but were separated by the officials…

Sean Avery apparently missed the attention so he stole the puck and tried to put it in the net. He was cut short by LA netminder Erik Ersberg (who I personally think looks awful feminine for a goalie). Ersberg then stuck his leg out as Avery went across the crease. Avery tripped up but did not fall. Ersberg… did fall. I found it a little suspicious. He stuck his leg out, tripped Avery, and HE fell?

Anyway, Avery got a tripping penalty at 9:49 that gave me a dirty taste in my mouth. That taste worsened when they hadn’t even finished announcing the power play when the power play ended because the Kings scored with a shot from the point. We entered a 1-0 hole at 9:53 thanks to Michal Handzus, with help from Peter Harrold.

I guess Ribeiro was the only one who was feeling the same fire from Tuesday, because he was one of the few people exchanging hits with the Kings. Ott took some hits, and Morrow tried to land some, but the momentum was pretty much shot already.

In another “kick us when we’re down” moment this season, the sluggish Stars were scored on again. This time it was Jarret Stoll at 13:11, with assists from Frolov and Sean O’Donnell. Again, it came off the point, with LA following up on Turco’s loose rebound.

Someone let out Toby Petersen, who got another “Top 10 Easiest Shots to Stop” SOG when he tried an unsuccessful wraparound instead of passing to a centered BJ Crombeen. Barch continued his campaign for vengeance by getting a lot of pushing and griping and almost-fighting in, but the officials were determined to keep the game fight-free.

Barch, not so easily distracted from his goal, responded by absolutely clobbering a King along the boards, which provoked yet another near-scrum with the entire LA team. Crombeen hopped in to try and help out, but the officials pulled everyone apart. (The NHL play-by-play says that he hit Gauthier, but charged Ivanans, but I’m pretty sure the number on the jersey was 42, which would make it Preissing) Because Barch did leave his feet before smashing into whoever it was, he got a penalty for charging, and Tippett didn’t give him another shift for the rest of the game.

Turco made a couple solid saves, and that penalty was killed.

Then, Kyle Quincey got two for interference on Loui Eriksson, finally giving the Stars a power play at 17:45 in the first. About a minute into that, Mike Modano checked a King, provoking Gauthier to get the Kings another interference, this time on Modano. This gave the Stars thirty seconds of 5-on-3.

With a mere :22 left in the first, Brad Richards set a trend that would not be shaken over the course of the game. Sergei Zubov faked a shot, instead sending the puck to Richards. Richards smacked it from the point right past Ersberg. Brenden Morrow got the second assist.

Snacks happened in the first intermission.

Second period started 2-1 Kings.

It started like this: Mark Parrish hits someone, Dustin Brown shoots the puck at Turco, and Stephane Robidas gets a hooking penalty. Makes the Stars sound more like clumsy thugs than, y’know, a team that can actually keep possession of the puck.

I think Robidas felt pretty awful about that penalty, and rightfully so. At 3:24, halfway through their power play, the Kings scored again. It was sad. Turco made at least 4 sprawling saves to deny the Kings, who just learned from their early goals and sent the puck to the point, where Quincey shot it in for an easy point. Oscar Moller and Frolov got the assists.

Momentum for the Stars really picked up here. Jere Lehtinen and Sergei Zubov both got shots off, Ribeiro continued to check people, and then a minute later, Ribeiro tripped someone. Less than ten seconds later, Toby Petersen hi-sticked someone.

Yeah. 5-on-3 in favor of the Kings, for nearly an entire two minutes. Would you believe it if I told you they barely got a shot off on Turco?

With that effectively killed… Stephane Robidas took another penalty, this time for tripping. Oh, but wait. Our PK looked so good, we were actually going “Oh no, only 20 more seconds to get a SH goal!”. Trevor Daley and Loui Eriksson had PP-like hustle in front of the Kings net in what was actually a Kings PP.

This chunk of play looked good. The Kings looked a little frustrated and picked up their hitting, while the Stars got some good shots off on goal and drew a slashing penalty on Stoll.

Because he’s a spiteful little punk, Ribeiro came out fully intending to park it in the net and score in this power play. Boucher sent it to Richards, who shot it, and Ribeiro tipped it in. Another PP goal for the Stars, putting the game within reach at 3-2.

O’Donnell gave us a chance to tie it by cross checking Steve Ott, but we never score on crunch-time power plays. Robidas did get a powerful shot off, but it was blocked.

Second period ended 3-2 Kings. Exactly at the disadvantage we found ourselves at coming into the period, hm.

Third period.

Avery slashes someone, he retaliates, double slashing. Not as funny as double tripping, but still.

Ribeiro continued to be one of the only people putting in 100%, shooting, catching his own rebound, shooting again, again going for his own rebound, and almost scoring like 3 times. Almost.

Both teams spend ten minutes getting good shots and hits off on each other. Goalies work hard to hold it at 3-2.

Somewhere in here, Parrish took a 2-minute slashing, the penalty was killed, he got a good shot off, and Grossman laid down on a Kings player behind the net and took a short break. Seriously.

Despite the fact that the Kings were pairing their worst line with our best, the Stars did not manage to tie it up, and the third ended just like the first and second; the Stars down by one.


  • Tippett preaches that the team needs to build trust, and yet will not leave the lines alone.
  • Brunnstrom was scratched for Crombeen, who only got 2 shifts in the entire game.
  • Niskanen also had limited shifts, spending the entire third on the bench.
  • Toby Petersen was on the PP. Nevermind that he literally has never scored a goal as a Star. Not even in the 16 playoff games he played in last spring.
  • Conclusion: Not sure where Tipp’s head is. We think he’s got some master plan that involves confusing the other team so much that they just stand around and watch us score. Even then, does he really think Petersen will find the back of the net?
  • Suggestion: Stu Barnes for head coach!

SHR +/-:

Nicklas Grossman: one for using a King as a couch; +1
Stephane Robidas: one for leading in blocked shots with four, one for solid defense, and minus-two for the careless penalties; +0
Matt Niskanen: one pity point for being so Nisky-like; +1
Trevor Daley: one for getting a SH SOG; +1
Mike Modano: one for leading in takeaways and minus-one for tanking in faceoffs; +0
Brenden Morrow: two for the assist; +2
Krys Barch: two for having a fire nobody else did but minus-one for using it stupidly; +1
Sean Avery: arrrgggg; -1
Toby Petersen: aaarrrrrgggggggg; -2
James Neal: two for scoring shorthanded with the Moose tonight in their 2-1 win over the Marlies and two for being on a four-game point streak; +4
Loui Eriksson: one for being surprisingly good on the PP; +1
Mark Fistric: two for being +6 in four games with the Moose; +2
Marty Turco: two for some really good saves; +2
Philippe Boucher: two for the assist; +2
Sergei Zubov: two for the assist; +2
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal, one for leading in hits, and one for being one of the only people who looked like they were trying; +5
Brad Richards: three for the goal and two for the assist; +5
Fabian Brunnstrom: one pity point for getting scratched; +1

November 13, 2008

Game Review – 11/11/08 (DAL at LAK)

by Chelsea

Shameless Promotion:


Puck dropped at 9:30 PM CT. It was very weird, getting started that late.

First period was pretty boring.

Parrish found himself in the penalty box at 6:23 when the Stars got called for having too many men on the ice. At a crucial point when he should have been killing off the penalty, Mike Modano got a little clumsy and tripped a King. This gave the Kings almost a full 2 minutes of 5-on-3.

Oy. It didn’t take them 2 minutes. It took them about 10 seconds instead. At 6:50, Jared Stoll beat Turco with a slap shot that ended 1/2 of the PP. Luckily, Turco held them at 1-0 through the otherwise-successful PK.

It took about 10 minutes of them skating circles around us for Stars fans to be reminded of why exactly we so missed our veteran players. At 14:17, Jere Lehtinen managed to be in the perfect place at the right time for probably the fiftieth time in the game already. This time, it converted to points, and Lehts tied it up with help from Brad Richards and Steve Ott.

Call it home ice advantage, but that goal served to motivate the Kings more than the Stars, and they broke the tie only two minutes later when LA captain Dustin Brown scored. Anze Kopitar got the assist.

The rest of the second was a lot of “Ooh, Stars :(” and then it ended.

The second period, the Stars brought a little more fire. We were again reminded the value of our vets, with Lehtinen and Zubov cleaning up several mistakes by the rookie defense.

Zubie also pitched in at 9:46, playing monkey-in-the-middle with Mike Modano (Kings as monkeys) and the puck. It paid off, obviously confusing some part of the LA defense, and Mo was able to sneak one off past their goalie to tie it up again. Loui Eriksson got the second assist.

Sometime in the second as well, Brown did the second most annoying thing in the game, which was checking Stephane Robidas into the Kings bench. Haha, Brown, but not cool. I hope you get checked into the stands during Thursday’s game.

Second period ended 2-2.

Third looked better. More hustle on both ends. Turco did not turn the puck over with 30 seconds to go. The veterans continued to shake off what little rust they’d gathered.

Then Brown did the single most annoying thing he’d do ever, which is attempt to bash in the skull of Mike Ribeiro. Ribs fired a shot, Brown decided that he was just vulnerable enough in doing so that he could knock him horribly off balance so he rammed him but Ribs had turned and ended up with an awful gash above his left eye.

I wanted to puke when they showed Ribeiro removing his helmet and the inside was filled with blood. I don’t care if he has been a stupid, immature “diver” in the past, but you can’t deny that he was bleeding all over the ice. It may have been a clean hit, but it was a careless one.

Rightfully so, Morrow skated over and pummeled Brown with a look on his face that said, “Why is my Ribbons bleeding and how hard do I have to punch you to produce the same effect?” Brown tried to get a few hits in, but seemed a bit stunned.

So, this all happened in the final 2 minutes, and both Morrow and Brown were assessed penalties to match. Brown got 5 for boarding, 5 for fighting, and a game misconduct. Morrow got 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, and a game misconduct. Rules state that instigating during the end of a game like that will get you a 1-game suspension and your coach a $10,000 fine, but the NHL appealed it in consideration of the spirit in which the altercation took place. So, alright.

Started OT on a PP. No goal.

Went into shootout.

After two rounds, it was 1-2 Kings and 0-2 Stars, and who would be left to take the deciding shot but… Ribeiro! In a lovely, spiteful move that he learned from healthy scratch BJ Crombeen, Ribeiro kept the Stars in the game by scoring (and then shushing the taunting LA bench).

Unfortunately, another King scored but Eriksson and Modano could not, so the Kings walked off with 2 points. Ouch.


  • Three stars of the game, in order: Kingsguy, Modano, Kingsguy
  • Turco let in only 2 goals for the third game in a row.
  • This was the first game of the season for Jere Lehtinen, who has been struggling with a lower body injury.
  • Toby Petersen finally did something helpful, winning 3 out of 4 faceoffs. I guess being on a line with Sean Avery has its advantages.
  • Speaking of lines, we at SHR love how Tippett keeps them the same during practice, only to start switching things up 10 minutes into the game.
  • The Stars were outshot 21-26 and outhit 36-30.
  • Loui Eriksson led the team in shots, with 4. Sometimes I wonder if the other players shouldn’t be following Loui’s example more; he pushes hard to the net, and has a determination similar to captain Brenden Morrow.
  • Stephane Robidas led in hits, with 6.
  • Sergei Zubov led in ice time, with an impressive 25 minutes.
  • Conclusion: Very hard to write a review for the game that solidified our spot at the body of the Pacific division. On the positive side, the Stars are (again) looking more like the team we saw in the playoffs. On the negative side again, how many games do we stop saying that they’re looking more like the team we saw in the playoffs and start asking if we just aren’t that team anymore? On the positive side again, Turco made it through an entire game without mishandling the puck, which is a good sign.

SHR +/-:

Nicklas Grossman: one for a solid game; +1
Stephane Robidas: two for all the hits and one for looking like a totally unfazed prairie dog after being knocked into the LA bench; +3
Matt Niskanen: two for looking considerably less timid, minus-one for still having some major goof-ups, and minus-one for being unable to play competently unless Zubov is out there; +0
Trevor Daley: one for a solid game and one for lots of fun sliding blocked shots; +2
Mike Modano: three for the goal, minus-one for yet another stupid penalty, and minus-one for being so inconsistent lately; +1
Brenden Morrow: two for the fight, one for winning it, and one for being an excellent captain; +4
Krys Barch: an unfortunately necessary minus-one for being the only person on the team to end the game in the negative for +/-; -1
Toby Petersen: one for rocking faceoffs, minus-one for STILL not knowing how to share the puck; +0
Loui Eriksson: two for the assist and one for leading in shots; +3
Jere Lehtinen: three for the goal, one for being rustless, one for cleaning up defensively, and one for style; +6
Steve Ott: two for the assist; +2
Marty Turco: two for a good game but minus-one for a less than stellar shootout; +1
Philippe Boucher: two for hitting lots of people and blocking lots of shots; +2
BJ Crombeen: two for coming up with the shootout move that Ribeiro used and one for offering it to him; +3
Sergei Zubov: two for the assist and one for solid defense; +3
Mike Ribeiro: two for the shootout goal, one pity/panic point for the injury and consequent stitches, and one for style; +4
Brad Richards: two for the assist; +2

November 11, 2008

Stars at Kings Pre-Game Notes

by Kristine

The Stars and the Kings are going into this game on fairly even ground. The Stars, as I’m sure you know, have played 14 games and are 5-7-2 with 12 points. The Kings also have 12 points with a 5-6-2 record in 13 games. Both teams are also close in their last five games, with the Stars being at 2-3-0 and the Kings at 2-2-1. They continue following that trend if you look at their last five games, with the Stars at 4-5-1 and the Kings at 4-4-2. Both teams have won the same amount of games overall. The only difference is that the Stars have played one more game than the Kings, and it was a loss.

Last season, the Stars were 4-2-2 against the Kings. Overall, they are 94-61-35.

In goal tonight will likely be Turco for the Stars and Erik Ersberg for the Kings. Turco’s stats have improved slightly over the last few games; he is currently at 3.93 and .858 for GAA and Sv%, respectively. Ersberg’s stats are a little more impressive; he’s sitting pretty with a GAA of 1.95 and a Sv% of .904 in five games this season. However, it’s also worth noting that Turco’s stats for his last two games – his “return to form,” so to speak – are much better, with a GAA of 2.00 and a .936 Sv%. If he can play like that tonight, it will be a good match-up in net.

Interestingly, the Stars are currently 4th in the league for shots against right now, allowing an average of only 27.1 shots per game. Even more interesting, we are still three places behind the Kings, who allow a league-best of 24.2. However, the Stars both out-shoot and out-score the Kings on average, with 27.9 SOG and 2.93 goals to their 26.9 SOG and 2.69 goals.

The two teams are also pretty evenly matched up for special teams. The Kings have a bit of an advantage with a slightly more successful PP (17.4% to the Stars’ 14.9%), but they’ve also allowed two short-handed goals. The Stars have not allowed any, and neither team has managed to score one themselves yet. The PK edge goes to the Kings as well. Theirs is at 87.9%, while the Stars sit at 76.9%.

One area where the Stars blow the Kings away is penalty minutes. The Stars currently have 277 PIM in 14 games for an average of 19.79 PIM per game. The Kings, on the other hand, average only 15 PIM per game. The Kings may not play the cleanest game, but it’s been a lot cleaner than the Stars’.

Finally, the Kings are going into tonight’s game with a two-game winning streak. The Stars, on the other hand, are looking to clean up from Saturday night’s loss and get at least another point out of their road trip. If they win tonight, they will be 2-3-0 for the road trip – not the most sucessful string of road games this team has seen. In any case, the losing team’s chance for revenge will come immediately, as the Stars host the Kings Thursday night at the American Airlines Center. It remains to be seen whose grunge match that will be. Tune in to FS-SW tonight at 9:30 CST to find out.