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January 27, 2009

Game Day Update

by Kristine

Now that the excitement of the All-Star Game has died down, it’s back to business for the Stars. The biggest news of the day comes from Andrew’s, who reports that Fabian Brunnstrom will be playing a few games with the Manitoba Moose (AHL) and is expected back in the lineup this weekend at Columbus. Great news! Bunny brings a certain spark to games that we feel has been missing since he’s been out. It’s interesting that he’s being sent down for a few games when they were so adamant about not sending him down at the beginning of the season, but it will be good for him to get up to speed and get his game legs back before he returns at the NHL level. Not to mention he’ll be in good hands – the Moose are second in the entire AHL, behind only Washington’s farm team the Hershey Bears and down by only one point.

On to tonight. It’s a big game day if you look at the standings. A lot of the games involve teams we are currently battling with for that elusive 8th seed – not surprising when you consider almost the entire West is in the running for it. First up, Columbus takes on Detroit. It wouldn’t do us many favors for Detroit to win, because we play them Thursday. However, not only do we play the Blue Jackets this weekend, they’re also currently sitting one spot above us with 49 points. So they need to lose more than Detroit needs to lose. Next up, Minnesota hosts Toronto tonight. Obviously, the Leafs need to win this one. Minnesota is 9th in the West with 49 points. Later in the night, San Jose will be paying the Avalanche a visit. Even though the Sharks are in our division, we have no real hope of catching up to them; the Avalanche, however, are 12th with 47 points. The Stars, for the record, also have 47 points and have played two fewer games than the Avs, winning us the 11th spot in the West. While the Sharks and Avs fight it out, the Oilers will be taking on the Sabres. The Oil is another team battling for a playoff spot, only they’re fighting to keep theirs. They’re 6th in the West with 51 points, but 7th and 8th place Canucks and Ducks also have 51 points. A loss tonight would keep them within reach for the Stars. Finally, in the biggest lose-lose of the night, the Coyotes are hosting the Ducks at Arena. Both teams are in playoff seeds as it stands now. The Coyotes are 5th with 53 points and the Ducks are 8th with 51 points. If anything, it would be most beneficial to the Stars for the Coyotes to win as they are at least a little farther ahead already and thus a little harder to catch up to.

Now for the Big Ifs. If we win tonight, and if the Jackets and the Wild both lose, the Stars will be tied with them for 49 points. As we have fewer games than both of them, that would put us at 9th place, and one win out of the playoffs. Continuing hypothetically, if the teams that need to lose continue to lose, and the Stars beat Detroit on Thursday, we’ll have 51 points and fewer games than Edmonton, Vancouver, and Anaheim – landing us firmly in the 6th spot. So now that we know what needs to happen short-term for the Stars to claim their playoff seed, it’s time to tidy up your shrines and start making offerings to the hockey gods.  You can start by asking for a win tonight at the AAC. Go Stars!

January 8, 2009

Dear Stars,

by Kristine

Tonight you play the Red Wings. I’m pretty sure you know this already, but this is kind of a big game. The Wings are third in the league with 59 points – in case math isn’t your strong point, that’s a full twenty points more than you currently have. Don’t let that freak you out though. When you beat them in December, they had 42 points and you had 24.  See? You can do it!

Here’s the thing, though. The Wings have won their last four and are looking to extend that winning streak to five tonight. But, wait. Weren’t they coming off a four-game winning streak when you faced off in December? Hmm.

This looks good for you, Stars. You’ve proved you can beat them under very similar circumstances, and we all know how much you enjoy proving people wrong anyway. Nothing like being the underdogs.

I have to warn you, though. The Wings are going to be putting some serious shots on net tonight. They’ve had 40 or more SOG in five of their last seven games. This means that you defensemen will need to be top notch, or that Turco is going to have to figure out what the puck is and how to stop it. Even better, both! I have confidence in you though, since you’re actually third in the league for SOG against with 27.6.

In summary, you can win tonight if you play some tight defense, remember how much you like beating teams nobody expects you to beat, and bring your A-game. Good luck!

Confidently yours,

November 11, 2008

Stars at Kings Pre-Game Notes

by Kristine

The Stars and the Kings are going into this game on fairly even ground. The Stars, as I’m sure you know, have played 14 games and are 5-7-2 with 12 points. The Kings also have 12 points with a 5-6-2 record in 13 games. Both teams are also close in their last five games, with the Stars being at 2-3-0 and the Kings at 2-2-1. They continue following that trend if you look at their last five games, with the Stars at 4-5-1 and the Kings at 4-4-2. Both teams have won the same amount of games overall. The only difference is that the Stars have played one more game than the Kings, and it was a loss.

Last season, the Stars were 4-2-2 against the Kings. Overall, they are 94-61-35.

In goal tonight will likely be Turco for the Stars and Erik Ersberg for the Kings. Turco’s stats have improved slightly over the last few games; he is currently at 3.93 and .858 for GAA and Sv%, respectively. Ersberg’s stats are a little more impressive; he’s sitting pretty with a GAA of 1.95 and a Sv% of .904 in five games this season. However, it’s also worth noting that Turco’s stats for his last two games – his “return to form,” so to speak – are much better, with a GAA of 2.00 and a .936 Sv%. If he can play like that tonight, it will be a good match-up in net.

Interestingly, the Stars are currently 4th in the league for shots against right now, allowing an average of only 27.1 shots per game. Even more interesting, we are still three places behind the Kings, who allow a league-best of 24.2. However, the Stars both out-shoot and out-score the Kings on average, with 27.9 SOG and 2.93 goals to their 26.9 SOG and 2.69 goals.

The two teams are also pretty evenly matched up for special teams. The Kings have a bit of an advantage with a slightly more successful PP (17.4% to the Stars’ 14.9%), but they’ve also allowed two short-handed goals. The Stars have not allowed any, and neither team has managed to score one themselves yet. The PK edge goes to the Kings as well. Theirs is at 87.9%, while the Stars sit at 76.9%.

One area where the Stars blow the Kings away is penalty minutes. The Stars currently have 277 PIM in 14 games for an average of 19.79 PIM per game. The Kings, on the other hand, average only 15 PIM per game. The Kings may not play the cleanest game, but it’s been a lot cleaner than the Stars’.

Finally, the Kings are going into tonight’s game with a two-game winning streak. The Stars, on the other hand, are looking to clean up from Saturday night’s loss and get at least another point out of their road trip. If they win tonight, they will be 2-3-0 for the road trip – not the most sucessful string of road games this team has seen. In any case, the losing team’s chance for revenge will come immediately, as the Stars host the Kings Thursday night at the American Airlines Center. It remains to be seen whose grunge match that will be. Tune in to FS-SW tonight at 9:30 CST to find out.

October 22, 2008

Quick Pre-Game Post

by Chelsea

So tonight’s game is a big match-up. We’ve got Avery against Brodeur, for one, but the biggest point to be made here is that we haven’t beat the Devils in Jersey since 2000. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can keep up the momentum we gained in Monday’s game and get another win. Either way, Chelsea will be doing a game review tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Also, on a more personal note…

Dear Ric Renner,
Your hair is awful. It could use a cut and color.
the SHR Girls

October 20, 2008

Stars 2, Rangers 1!

by Kristine

We won, we won!!!

Against the best team in the league right now. Against Avery’s old team. Against Lunqvist’s twin.

Just thought I would throw that out there. 😀 The game review will be up as soon as Chelsea finishes watching the game on DVR.

October 18, 2008

Tonight’s NHL Wins/Losses

by Kristine

Ottawa Senators vs Phoenix Coyotes: 6-3 Sens
Sens: 5 points (2-1-1) | Coyotes: 4 points (2-2-0)

Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers: 1-0 Rangers in a shoot-out (I LOVE that the Leafs managed to pull off 0-0 regulation and then tie up the shoot-out against the damn 11pt – well 12pt now – Rangers. I just wish the Leafs’ shoot-out goal counted for the final score.)
Rangers: 12 points (6-1-0) | Leafs: 4 points (1-1-2)

Nashville Predators at Columbus Blue Jackets: 5-3 Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets: 4 points (2-2-0) | Predators: 4 points (2-3-0)

Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres: 5-2 Sabres
Sabres: 8 points (4-0-0) | Canucks: 6 points (3-2-0)

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames: 4-3 Oilers
Oilers: 6 points (3-0-0) | Flames: 3 points (1-2-1)

San Jose Sharks at Anaheim Ducks: 4-0 Ducks (The Ducks broke a 4-game losing streak and ended the Sharks’ franchise best start at 4-1-0.)
Sharks: 8 points (4-1-0) | Ducks: 2 points (1-4-0)

Carolina Hurricanes at LA Kings: 4-3 Kings in OT
Kings: 4 points (2-2-0) | Hurricanes: 5 points (2-1-1)

October 16, 2008

Live Blogging Stars at Blues

by Kristine

7:53pm* So commercial break. Welcome to SHR’s first ever live blog! Kristine here. I missed the first seven minutes of play because getting bubble tea took a bit longer than I thought, but it doesn’t look like much happened. I did make it back in time to see Turks make an amazing save just now. Slid left in a near split, covered the puck with his leg – it was amazing. (+2) Equally amazing was his little roll off the puck. +1 on ice point for that. Oooh and Neal with a shot on goal. Go Neal!

7:56pm Ooh, blue in the net with Turco. Bet he loves that.

7:56pm Icing against the Stars.

7:58pm Love that Neal-Mo-Crombeen are together again. Neal just took a hit from somebody and the guy doing the hitting was the one who went down. Nice. (+1)

7:58pm Louibot with a floating shot on goal.

7:59pm Blues score on an ugly giveaway from Ribs (-1). 7 minutes left in the first period and it’s 1-0 Blues.

8:03pm Blues score again. Turco was so far to the front right of his crease that I’m not surprised he couldn’t cover it. He got distracted trying to play the puck and it just didn’t work out (-1). 4:40 left in the first; 2-0 Blues.

8:05pm Barch scores (+3)! Assisted by Daley (+2) and Nisky (+2). Veryyy nice. 16:36 into the first.

8:10pm 3 on 1 in the Dallas zone but Blues missed the net.

8:12pm End of the first period and we’re still down by one. At least we’ve scored in the first period. We don’t seem to do that much. Then again, looking at the stats page, neither do the Blues, and they’ve done it twice tonight.

Keep reading…

October 15, 2008

Quick Note: Stars Win!

by Kristine

Expect an in-depth game review tomorrow, but can I just say what an INCREDIBLE game that was! Also, GO BUNNY! Third rookie ever in NHL history to score a hat trick in his career debut!

More tomorrow, fellow hockey lovers.

October 9, 2008

Quick Note

by Kristine

Question: What’s the best possible way to kick the NHL season off?

Answer: Watching Detroit open their Cup-defending season by getting scored on by one of the worst ranked teams in predictions, with their goaltender technically (although unofficially) getting the assist.

Did anyone else see that? It was beautiful. Osgood basically handed defenseman Pavel Kubina the goal. Suck on that, Red Wings. Suck on that. :]

Edit: Toronto wins 3-2! I’m so excited for them. How amazing – they beat the defending champs, at the champs’ arena, on the champs’ opening night. All of that adds up to one thing: pure awesome. I love when the underdogs come out of nowhere and kick butt like that.