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January 24, 2009

All-Star Practice

by Chelsea

For anyone that tuned into the NHL Network’s broadcast of the All-Star Practice and Red Carpet show, you probably noticed a few things that we did. 

1) Whoever is in charge of this apparently thinks we’d rather watch a bunch of suits commenting at a desk than the actual event we tuned in to see.

2) A couple big names got snubbed entirely when it came to interviews. While Mike Modano gave two and James Neal had one that was aired, Stephane Robidas kind of slipped under the radar. Not that surprised, but other names whose ten seconds of fame didn’t get broadcasted? Try Evgeni Malkin, Vincent Lecavalier, and most of the Canadiens. Uh, what?

While players like Dan Boyle and Tim Thomas got to introduce their kids on the red carpet, we were not treated to the greatness that would have been Justin and Stephane Robidas. However, there is this from the practice: 

On the bench are, I believe, Keith Tkachuk’s son and possibly Shane Doan’s. But you can’t really tell who Robidas is looking at. So, from the practice broadcast: 


January 23, 2009

All-Star Robidas

by Chelsea

Big thanks to Amy for pointing out that SHR’s namesake Stephane Robidas also has some ASG pictures now as well!

For some reason, Modano doesn’t seem to have shown up for the photo op. That’s alright, though, because Robi provided us with a nice handful of portrait and media availability shots.

January 22, 2009

Let The Games Begin

by Chelsea

The 2009 NHL All-Star Games begin Saturday with the YoungStars game and Skills Competition, and media and players alike are already arriving in Montreal. Festivities have barely begun, and already quotes are pouring out.  So far, these have been mostly from the league’s YoungStars participants, who were gathered today for a media availability. Not surprisingly, Dallas rookie James Neal has been very vocal, garnering some attention from the writers. 

For some stories in which Neal and the other Stars All-Stars are mentioned, scroll. 🙂
(For pictures, scroll further) 


“At the start of the season, I never thought I’d be in the NHL, much less wearing the Stars jersey and being here at the All-Star Game,” Neal said. “It proves the old saying that you can never dream too high.”

-Montreal’s atmosphere awesome to YoungStars


“You can’t really believe that you are here,” Neal told “One day you’re watching these guys on TV and now you’re in the same room with them?”

-YoungStars eager to absorb knowledge from All-Stars


“I’m spoiled,” Dallas winger James Neal said. “I get to play with Mike Modano every day. I grew up idolizing Gary Roberts. But how can you not want to pick Mike Modano’s brains about being the face of the Stars and the face of USA Hockey?”

-NHL YoungStars an inquisitive bunch


“Growing up, it was all hockey and the fact I had an opportunity to train with guys like Gary Roberts and Adam Foote was as good as it gets,” Neal said. “I started training with Roberts when I was 16 by going to his gym in Toronto and I got to know him very well. When I finished up in Toronto, I started training with Foote who lived right around the corner from me in Whitby.”

-YoungStar Neal trained with Roberts, Foote


“He’s an example for everybody,” Stars forward Mike Ribiero told “He was a fifth or sixth defenseman at the start of last season, but I always thought he was a two or three defensively. He proved me wrong. He is a No. 1 and he stepped up big time.”

-Robidas sets an All-Star example

Click the pictures for full size.

A few more pictures: at the media availability and receiving an award from Bettman. 

January 21, 2009

News Roundup: Robidas Replaces Lidstrom

by Kristine

The NHL and the Stars announced this morning that Stephane Robidas will be replacing Detroit defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom, who is injured. Patrick Marleau has replaced Pavel Datsyuk, which means the Wings have nobody on the ASG roster but that the Sharks have three players. The rest of the West breaks down into three Ducks, three Hawks, two Stars, a King, a Coyote, an Avalanche, a Flame, a Blue Jacket, a Blue(s?), an Oiler, a Predator, a Wild, and a Canuck. Nice to see the Stars represented more than most of the other teams. 🙂

In other Stars-related ASG news, Mike Modano is scheduled to participate in the accuracy competition, against Jonathan Toews, Ilya Kovalchuk, Jarome Iginla, Dany Heatley, Marc Savard, Evgeni Malkin, and current champion Thomas Kaberle. That’s some stiff competition, so hopefully Mo remembers to pack his A-game.

The Stars announced yesterday that they signed prospect Colton Scevoiur to a three year entry-level contract. The right shot RW (something the Stars are crazy short on) will finish the season with his WHL team and is expected to participate in the 2009 training camp, according to the official release.

Today is backup goalie Tobias Stephan’s 25th birthday. Too bad he’ll have to spend it on the bench, watching his NHL career stall at every goal Marty Turco lets in. Don’t worry, Tobi – the fans believe in you even if Tippett doesn’t.

Finally, Andrews reports that Landon Wilson has started light workouts. No date has been set for his return, but baby steps are still steps. We miss Wilson far more than we could have predicted and hope he is able to return at full strength this season.

January 18, 2009

Robidas An All-Star?

by Chelsea reports that Dallas defenseman Stephane Robidas has been invited to attend the the 2009 All-Star Games, along with center Mike Modano and rookie James Neal (to attend the YoungStars Game).

French, original article.

Translated version.

Now, this doesn’t really make sense, as none of the current ASG-chosen defensemen are injured and as of right now, hasn’t changed their roster.

However, I believe this is the site that was reporting the Boucher-Sydor trade a good few hours before the rest of the world picked up on it. So I guess we’ll see.

If it’s an accurate reporting, then congrats! Few people have worked so hard for so little appreciation, and it’d be so wonderful for him to get that well-deserved recognition.

UPDATE: Andrew’s Stars Page has confirmed the report.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Robidas said. “Les called me last night and I thought he was playing a joke on me. I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Is that for real?’ He said who would joke around with that. He asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes.”

Congratulations, Robi! We’re thrilled for you!

January 9, 2009

Congratulations to Our All-Stars!

by Kristine

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Mike Modano will be playing in his seventh All-Star Game at the end of the month. It’s special for him because Montreal is where he played his first ASG sixteen years ago.

The All-Star break will also be exciting for Modano’s younger counter-part James Neal, who was named to the YoungStars roster this morning. He’s in good company with the likes of Kris Versteeg, Blake Wheeler, Steven Stamkos, and Steve Mason for the rookies and Milan Lucic, Kris Letang, and Nicklas Backstrom for the sophomore team.

It’s so nice to see the league recognize two players that, to me as a Stars fan, obviously deserve the recognition. It’s especially satisfying to see Neal in the YoungStars game – it’s nice to see that the league is paying as much attention to him as we are here in Dallas. As for Modano, it’s impossible to argue that he is not deserving on all levels. Sure, you could say he’s a legacy pick, but he’s also had a great season and people are noticing that he’s playing like he’s half his age.

The Rookies vs Sophomores YoungStars Game will be Saturday, January 24 and the All-Star Game will be Sunday, January 25. The SuperSkills Competition will also be held on the 24. Set your DVRs now!

November 15, 2008

Robidas Votes Removed

by Kristine

“The NHL is stupid.”

So, anyone that’s checked the All-Star Games starting line voting leader board may have noticed that votes were removed from a majority of the players, probably in an attempt to make up for cheating.

Most obvious are the votes removed from the Dallas Stars, removing Mike Ribeiro from first place, removing Morrow and Turco from anywhere near the top, and knocking Modano and Robidas off the board completely.

Also obvious: the Canadiens, who started this cheating scandal, are still all hovering at 200k votes – each. That fills the entire Eastern Conference with Habs, who thanks to the new no-cheat restrictions in voting, have their win pretty much cemented. For the West, its no surprise that the Red Wings seem to have gotten a boost when all the other players had votes removed.

We put a lot of cheat-free work into putting Robidas, Morrow, Ribeiro, Modano, and Turco at the top where we felt they belonged. This kind of obvious rigging that negates our efforts is just an embarrassment. For shame, NHL, for shame.

November 5, 2008

2009 All-Star Ballot

by Chelsea

As you’ve probably noticed, the Stars tied for second with most players on the ’09 ballot with five. Your candidates this year are goaltender Marty Turco and forwards Mike Ribeiro, Mike Modano, Brenden Morrow, and Brad Richards.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might also have noticed that we had no defensemen put on the ballot. For shame! No Zubov? No Robidas?

“Fans will be able to vote for up to 6 Eastern Conference players and 6 Western Conference players: 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goaltender. For the first time, fans will be permitted to select as few as 1 player — a balloted player or write-in — per online ballot at or via text message. The 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goaltender from each conference receiving the most votes will comprise the starting lineups.”

What’s that? A write-in? As in we can vote for our defensemen anyway?

Now, I know we’ll all be voting religiously for our balloted Stars, but I also want to help Robidas get a spot in the games. Hence the Write-in-Robi campaign! These things are always more effective with support, so help us out by writing in Robi’s name every time you vote. Feel free to email us for the code to this banner so you, too, can show your support for Robi!