SHR Slang

→ Current Terms

Cheesy Rebound: Borrowed from this video, refers to a shot set up for the purpose of providing a rebound.
The shot from the blue line didn’t make it past the goalie, but it provided the cheesy rebound that they scored on.

Bunny: Nickname of Swedish winger Fabian Brunnstrom. Despite coming out of a clumsy incident, the term quickly became one of affection.

Flop-isode: An incident derived from a player’s inability to skate, leading to continual clumsiness and flopping around on the ice.
He tried to stand up, fell, and fell again! What a flop-isode that was.

Louibot: Nickname of Loui Eriksson, after he revealed himself to be an evil robot in pictures of their practice

Playoof: A year for a team when making it to the playoffs is not even considered a realistic goal.
After a three-month losing streak, the team looks to finish up another playoof year.

Puckyhug: Constant and consistent covering of the puck by a goaltender. Stems from the tendency that Detroit goaltender Chris Osgood has of treating the puck like his own personal teddy bear.
Their goalie has covered every time they take a shot! Talk about overdoing it with the puckyhugs.

Skate-By: When a player goes to collect the puck and skates right by it, typically allowing the other team to gain possession.
Instead of taking possession, he had a major skate-by, and the other team benefitted from his mistake.

Ziplining: Refers to a defenseman’s ability to appear anywhere on the blue line to stop the puck and hold it in the offensive zone – pertaining particularly to Stephane Robidas.
He’s so good at ziplining, you’d think he was teleporting along the blue line.

Taco: Nickname of goaltender Marty Turco, who now plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. Comes from the time after practice when a little boy called him “Taco” instead of “Turco” on accident. Usually used in times of frustration.
The ‘Hawks will love his Turco moments, but I’m sure they’ll hate his Taco ones.

HCJB!: Stands for “Holy Cow, Jamie Benn!” which was our go-to phrase whenever we’d hear about how well he was playing in juniors that stuck when he entered the NHL.
He had a highlight reel goal AND a fight last night? HCJB!

Godzilla: Nickname of James Neal, because he skates like Godzilla and often tries to trample players instead of going around them.
I could almost hear him roaring when he went all Godzilla on that defenseman.

→ Retired Terms

Baby T: The nickname of Marty Turco’s backup goalie, Tobias Stephan, which he earned by showing some very Turco-like qualities. These include his genuine appreciation of fans, willingness to play the puck, and more agile goaltending style.

IV-Carrier: A term coined after watching Fabian Brunnstrom’s poor performance in the preseason, refers to a player who is having so little positive impact that the others on his line would be better off doing all the work, with said player following behind with IVs.
If he has one more giveaway, I’m declaring him the night’s IV-Carrier.

Really Richards: Nickname of Brad Richards, because just about everything he does when he gets the puck makes us go “Really?”

Superhero Defense: Referring to some super defensive pairings by their superhero names. Robidas-Daley = Iron ManFlash. Grossman-Fistric = HulkJuggernaut. Niskanen-Sydor = UnderdogBanshee.

Turco Takey: When Marty Turco leaves the net to steal the puck from the opposing team, who are attempting to chase it into the defensive zone.
They thought they’d dump the puck, but they weren’t expecting a Turco Takey to send it back at them!

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