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We’re just two girls who love watching hockey and then talking about it. We’re huge fans of the Dallas Stars – we love the game, the players, and the entire franchise – but we also just really love hockey. This is where we indulge in our minor obsession.
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The Blog

Stop Hitting Robidas! came to fruition on October 3, 2008. We created it in the post-game high of the intense October 2 pre-season loss to the Blackhawks. We spent so much time talking about it and analyzing it afterwords that we figured we could find plenty of things to talk about on a blog. So far so good on that part! Our goal is to give a unique perspective on our beloved Stars. We want to be informative, but conversational. To us, hockey is about fun. That’s part of why we love meeting other hockey bloggers – and fans! Please don’t be shy in commenting.

Road Map to SHR

SHR Slang: Everything is more fun if you make it your own, and coming up with nicknames and slang is how we make hockey-watching personal to us. Check out this page to read up on our Dallas Stars terminology.
SHR +/-: In the NHL, players on the ice get +1 when their team scores and get -1 when their team gets scored on. Here at SHR, a player can get plus or minus points in a variety of ways. There are two categories – on and off ice. On ice involves things like goals and assists, backing up a teammate, and making a bad pass. Off ice can be something like a funny interview, dancing on the bench, or a generally bad attitude. Head over to the page for more info and to see our overview table and Top/Bottom Five.
SHR Features: Your go-to page for special posts we’ve written, such as “Let’s Talk Stars” or “How to Hurt Turco vs How to Help Turco.” You’ll also find a list of previous Mr. Monday posts, and a list of previous game reviews along with each game’s results.
Categories: Broad and all-encompassing. “Games” are your guide to anything game-related: reviews, live blogs, and notes. Go to “Players” for anything related to the Stars themselves. Finally, “General” is your source for blog-related news and general hockey posts.
Tags: This is where it really gets broken down. Check out the tag list in the sidebar to find your favorite Star, game reviews, discussions about Stars wins and losses, and more.

Again – please feel free to comment on any posts or pages! We love the feedback and often do a little shimmy shimmy when we get new comments. 😉

SHR Girls

Kristine...I’m a 22-year-old relatively new hockey fan! Chelsea got me interested in hockey during the 07-08 playoffs, but I was a casual fan. I started getting really involved in Stars hockey when I met some of the guys at the 2008 ice breaker and now I’m a full-fledged, knowledgeable fan and I can’t imagine not having hockey in my life! The only thing that prevents me from going to every single home game is my job and even that can be dealt with if needed. 😉
Favorite players… Can’t pick just one! High on the list are Loui, Ribs, Neal, Morrow, and Ott.
Favorite 08-09 game… Dec 12 2009 vs Detroit! Also the game where we kicked Ranger ass and won 10-2. I doubt I’ll ever see another 10-goal game in person again.
Favorite thing about hockey… Oh man. Everything? Although, I do love a good fight.
Best seats in the AAC… You know how they say there are no bad seats in that building? It’s true! I appreciate lower bowl for the “in the game” feeling and upperbowl for the passionate fans and view of the entire ice.
If the Stars aren’t playing, I watch… Any other hockey game. Otherwise HGTV is on pretty much constanly.


Chelsea… I’ve been a casual fan for awhile, thanks to our oldest sister, but it wasn’t until early in the 07-08 season that I really started paying attention. Last year especially was when I went from being a Stars fan to just adoring hockey in general.
Favorite players… Robidas,  then a large handful of other Stars. Outside of Dallas, it’s Ovechkin and Cam Ward.
Favorite 08-09 game… October 15, against the Predators. Bunny hat trick! The 10-2 Rangers game was epic, though.
Favorite thing about hockey… There’s so much to like, but.. I’d say how one play can change the entire game
Best seats in the AAC… Lower bowl. I don’t like heights, and the stairs in the upper bowl are steep!
If the Stars aren’t playing, I watch… The Hurricanes or Capitals or Oilers or just the boxscore for other hockey games.


In honor of our new favorite WHL team, the Brandon Wheat Kings, we’ve decided to fill out the survey that all of their players filled out!

Nickname(s): Um. None. Nobody ever calls me Kristy or Kris or Krissy – and I wouldn’t want them to. You can’t really shorten my name into anything cool.
Hobbies: Photography
Favorite TV Show: 30 Rock, Glee, Top Chef, anything on HGTV.
Favorite Movie: Don’t know that I have one. Not really a huge movie buff.
Favorite Cartoon: Tom & Jerry
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Musical Group: Death Cab For Cutie, My Morning Jacket
Favorite Cereal: Froot Loops! Also Rice Chex, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Reese’s Puffs – I could go on forever. I love cereal!
Favorite Superhero: Wolverine
Favorite Athlete (other than hockey): There are other sports besides hockey?
Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Zooey Deschanel
Pregame Rituals or Superstitions: I can’t give that away, but I will say that it involves singing.
Best Hockey Memory: Hmm. The excitement leading up to my first-ever live hockey game is a pretty good one. Not to mention all the times I’ve embarrassed myself (and others) in front of the players at practice.
When I’m Not at the Rink I’m Most Likely: Hanging out with my boyfriend, at the library, or out on the town with friends.
Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do: Skydive. Visit Europe. Drive a Hummer. I have a huge list.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Bad drivers. Especially slow ones.
Three Things You Would Want If Stranded On An Island: A lighter, an ax, and a really big dog.

Nickname(s): Chels, Chelso.
Hobbies: A little bit of most things art/literature-related.
Favorite TV Show: Bones, Supernatural, SYTYC.
Favorite Movie: The Lion King.
Favorite Cartoon: Marvin the Martian
Favorite Actor/Actress: Tina Fey
Favorite Musical Group: Miike Snow
Favorite Cereal: Berry Berry Kix
Favorite Superhero: Green Arrow
Favorite Athlete (other than hockey): Steve Nash
Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Amelia Earhart
Pregame Rituals or Superstitions: Tooomorrroowwww..
Best Hockey Memory: May 4, 2008.
When I’m Not at the Rink I’m Most Likely: Somewhere else?
Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do: Serve a gourmet meal.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Kristine’s flow.
Three Things You Would Want If Stranded On An Island: a hammock, my iPod, and that Man vs Wild guy.


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