SHR +/-: October 31 vs. BUF

by Chelsea

Who would have thought Andrew Raycroft would get Dallas’ first shutout this season?

Stephane Robidas: +2 for the assist; +2
Matt Niskanen: +1 for hitting more this season but -1 for not being able to hit the net; +0
Trevor Daley:
+3 for the goal; +3
Brenden Morrow:
+3 for the goal; +3
Jamie Benn:
+2 for the assist and +1 because it was completely awesome; +3
Adam Burish:
+1 for winning more faceoffs than Wandell & Petersen combined; +1
James Neal:
+3 for the goal and +1 for having a very impressive 7 takeaways (the Sabres had a total of 6 takeaways); +4
Loui Eriksson:
+2 for the assist; +2
Steve Ott:
+3 for the goal; +3
Andrew Raycroft:
+1 for being an awesome backup and +2 for the shutout; +3
Mike Ribeiro:
+2 for the assist; +2
Brad Richards:
+2 for each assist; +4

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