SHR +/-: Two-Game Homestand

by Chelsea

October 14, 2010 vs DET

The Dallas Stars organization: -10 for that meh “tribute” to Mike Modano. The Flyers put together a montage of all of Simon Gagne’s biggest goals for his first return to Philly, but the best you could do for the face of your franchise was stick a camera on him with the caption “Thank you, Mike”?
The Dallas Stars fans: +15 for properly honoring Mo with a long and loud standing ovation.

Nicklas Grossman: +1 for leading the team with seven hits; +1
Matt Niskanen: +2 for the assist and +1 for the surprisingly high hit count (five); +3
Trevor Daley: +2 for the assist; +2
Brenden Morrow:
+3 for the goal; +3
Toby Petersen:
-1 for losing more faceoffs than Krys Barch did in the same amount of tries; -1
James Neal:
+3 for the goal, +2 for the assist, but -1 for the penalties; +4
Loui Eriksson:
+3 for the goal; +3
Mark Fistric:
+1 for squashing a certain whiny Swedish bug; +1
Steve Ott:
+1 for winning 11/16 faceoffs; +1
Kari Lehtonen:
.962 save percentage; +3
Mike Ribeiro:
+2 for each assist; +4
Brad Richards:
+3 for the goal and +2 for each assist, but -1 for kind of stinking at the dot with only 2/8 faceoffs won; +6

October 16, 2010 vs STL


Nicklas Grossman: +1 for leading with seven hits again, +2 warrior points for getting a skate to the face and finishing his shift anyway, but -2 for a pair of stupid penalties; +1
Trevor Daley: +1 for leading with five blocked shots; +1
Brenden Morrow: +1 for being fiesty-Captain; +1
Adam Burish: +2 for nice PK work, including a bit of a sell to draw a call during the Grossman 4-minute penalty; +2
James Neal:
+3 for the goal, +2 for the assist, and +1 for the hard work he put in to get those points; +6
Loui Eriksson:
+3 for the goal, +2 for the assist, +1 for displaying impressive hockey smarts, and +1 for the shootout goal; +7
Tom Wandell:
-1 for having yet to do much of anything aside from losing a lot of faceoffs; -1
Kari Lehtonen:
+3 for stopping 41 of 43 shots and +1 for turning into a brick wall after the first period; +4
Mike Ribeiro:
+1 for the physical play, +1 for the shootout goal, and +1 for being impossibly shifty; +3
Brad Richards:
+2 for each assist and +1 for the shootout goal; +5


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  1. This is still my favorite segment of the site! Keep it up!

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