Ribeiro Made Headlines Today…

by Kristine

…headlines that read something like “Dallas Star Mike Ribeiro Arrested for Public Intoxication.”

I wish I was kidding. I wish I had been able to log in here and write a few thoughts about our first two games, as I had originally planned. I wish one of our players wasn’t that guy.


Let’s look at this from another angle. If you go to the Dallas Morning News Plano Blog (I live in Plano and was unaware such a thing even exists until now), they have a post with the hardcopy of his arrest documents in a nifty little PDF widget. In it, you can find one detail that is being left out of news reports about the incident: somebody he was with was arrested for assault at the same time. Now, I’m not making excuses for Ribeiro. I’m sure a big part of his arrest can be attributed to his mouth – we know how sassy he can be. I can just picture the police showing up because of something his friend did – assault – and Ribs, who has been celebrating a good start to the season and is intoxicated, tries to defend his friend to the police. A commenter on the DMN post points out that often times “arrests of this type are when someone can’t shut up when a police officer tells them to.” From my own experience working in the food industry, and having friends who do as well, this rings very true.

So while I’m not crazy about the negative publicity this is sure to bring to us – overshadowing the good news that we’ve had our best start in four seasons – I’m looking on the bright side. After all, at least it was just a PI charge, not assault. And I’m going to believe that the whole incident wouldn’t have happened if his friend hadn’t assaulted somebody. And honestly, if our players want to celebrate like that once in a while, I don’t really care. If it doesn’t affect their time on the ice, what they do with their time off it is their own business.

Update: The CBS story explains that Ribs, his wife, and another couple were out to dinner and other diners made comments towards the women. Ribs and the other man defended them, but an off-duty officer intervened and escorted them outside, where they were then arrested for PI. So again, please. Give him a little slack here. He might have been drunk, but he was probably arrested unnecessarily.

3 Comments to “Ribeiro Made Headlines Today…”


    And I agree, total non-issue.

  2. Yes! We are alive and EXCITED to be back!! 🙂

  3. Not an issue in the slightest.

    I have to ask though; how do you get arrested for defending a woman / women?

    Still, I say fair play to Ribs and friend for doing the decent thing.

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