by Kristine

We're back!

Sorry for disappearing last season, everyone!  We spent the first few months of it trying to muster up enthusiasm for something we were quickly losing faith in. Blogging started to feel like work. Chels got burnt out on her losing-game-after-losing-game reviews, and I started to hate reporting another slide in the weekly power rankings. Then at some point Chels put off her game review for a few extra days. I skipped a Picture Fantastic. Before we knew it, we weren’t updating the blog at all. Other parts of our life took over and the blog became something we just didn’t make time for. We were even making less time for hockey.

But we’re done doing that. We missed the connection the blog allows us with other hockey fans. We missed being excited to talk to everyone about every little detail of the games. So now we’re back, and we’re letting you know that we’re really excited about this season. It’s probably no surprise that we won’t be missing Turco, and we agree with those of you who wish Mo had just retired but we do like how losing him shifted the balance towards being a younger team. Plus we like the addition of Burish – we watched Hawk team videos just to watch him and we’re sure that his energy is infectious – and we feel like the team has found all the chemistry that was missing last season. So we’re going to be here, talking about that, all season. We’re going to start out slowly with just a few features: SHR +/-, the Weekly Power Rankings, and Chemistry by the Numbers. And, of course, if we have some thoughts to express about anything at all, you’ll be sure to know.

Also, SHR 2.0 features a more user- and Stars- friendly layout, an updated sidebar and footer, the ability to “Like” posts (from the comment page), an organized list of tags for you to browse posts by, and the ability to subscribe to an email alerting you to SHR updates. We love it and we hope you do too!

Excited to be back,


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  1. Welcome back ladies! Now it’s truly hockey season! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I missed SHR.

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