Chemistry by the Numbers

by Chelsea

Well, there really isn’t much to go on for the first Chemistry update of the season.

The one thing that really stood out was the Neal-Richards-Eriksson line. Despite how much Richards is producing, the numbers say it’s Loui Eriksson as MVP for that trio. He’s got 16 chem. points with Neal and 17 with Richards. Richards and Neal together only have 10. My guess is that Loui is getting himself in front of the net for deflections and rebounds off of Neal’s shots (Neal has the first assist for 3/5 of Eriksson’s goals).

For the Morrow-Ribeiro-Benn line, it’s really no surprise to find Morrow and Ribeiro clicking again. They have 14 chem. points, compared to 7 each with Benn. It’s also not surprising to see that Ribeiro has the primary assist for 3/6 of Morrow’s goals. Benn has most of his chem. points through his five secondary assists, all of them on Ribeiro or Morrow goals.

There are only two other numbers that stand out.

One of them is Stephane Robidas’ 6 chem. points with Brad Richards, the most of any defenseman with any other player.

The other is Fabian Brunnstrom and Tom Wandell, who also have 6 chem. points. This is mostly notable because Brunnstrom has the primary assist on Wandell’s only two goals. In fact, each of Brunnstrom’s 4 assists are primary, the best primary-secondary ratio on the team.

The chart (confusing, I know), with chem. totals above 6 highlighted:

Here is a link to the Intro to Chemistry post for anyone that missed it: 🙂

2 Comments to “Chemistry by the Numbers”

  1. hmm that is very interesting. i like it. i am curious as to where you got that.

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