Mr. Monthly Monday

by Chelsea

Last season we tried out something called Mr. Monday, a feature that was supposed to be written every Monday, about different players and why we love having them on the Stars. It never really took off, mostly because we were both really busy on Mondays and always forgot to write it.

This season, we’re bringing it back, but it’s going to be on the first Monday of every month and we’re renaming it Mr. Monthly Monday. We’ll pick the player with the best SHR +/-  (or second best, or third best, until we get to someone who we haven’t written about yet) for the month before and do a feature on why they’re awesome.

Since we only have one game to go on so far, we thought we’d use this month’s MMM as more of a quick introduction.

We’ll have so much time in between Mr. Monthly Monday posts that we figured we’ll have to ramp them up a bit! That’s why this season, the posts will not only have all the usual stuff (why we think love that player, what they’ve done lately, fun facts, etc), but also a bunch of new things like custom wallpapers or graphics, our favorite pictures/videos, and more!

The first MMM will go up on November 2nd, so make sure to look for it!


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