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August 28, 2009

Battle of the Stars

by Kristine

Just wanted to let everyone know that SHR is going to be at the Battle of the Stars in Cedar Park! It’s going to be a great way to kick off the new season, and we’re excited that we get to go.

If anyone else is going, we’d love to meet up with you! Maybe we could have a big blogosphere dinner before the game or something. Drop us a note and let us know. 🙂

P.S. SHR has big things planned for the blog this season… We’ve been inactive all summer due to some family circumstances, but please don’t write us off as dead just yet. We’ll be back with a vengeance as soon as actual hockey starts up again.

August 4, 2009

SHR’s 2009-2010 Stat Predictions!

by Chelsea

Everyone loves doing predictions this time of year, and we are no exception. However, instead of just haphazardly picking numbers that sound right, I threw some numbers on a spreadsheet and did a little math.

Keep in mind that this does not really take into consideration the coaching or management change, possible linemates, or anything else. It’s based purely on averages and improvement averages and other overly-complicated methods I used to squeeze the future out of the past.

The first set of numbers is stats with projected number of games played. The second is predicted stats with a full season.


Mike Ribeiro:
His stats could improve depending on Lehtinen’s health
and Morrow being back.

76 GP, 22-53-75, +3
82 GP, 24-57-81, +3

Brad Richards:
He should run the PP, absolutely, but I’m still not convinced
he should be centering the first line.

77 GP, 21-49-70, -10
82 GP,22-52-74, -11

Mike Modano:
Yup. He’s still got 20-30-50 talent, if kept mentally
in the game enough.

75 GP, 20-31-51, -6
82 GP, 22-34-56, -7

Brian Sutherby:
Kind of hoping we’ll see traces of that 30-point season in 05-06, but…

59 GP, 6-6-12, -2
82 GP, 8-8-16, -2

Toby Petersen:
This year will be Petersen’s (last?) chance to prove himself before
possibly hitting free agency.

72 GP, 6-8-15, -3
82 GP, 7-9-16, -5


Left Wings:

Brenden Morrow:
If 07-8 was any indication, he’ll be on fire in 09-10 and will probably
end up with a better season than predicted here.

68 GP, 25-33-58, +17
82 GP, 31-40-71, +21

*Loui Eriksson:
C’mon, Loui! Be the first 40-goal scorer in Dallas since 1993-94!

80 GP, 40-28-68, +14
82 GP, 41-29-70, +16

James Neal:
I think he’ll hit a small sophomore slump.

80 GP, 26-12-38, -13
82 GP, 27-12-39, -13

Steve Ott:
Sure, 64 sounds like a reach, but either 24 goals or 40 assists? That’s doable.

61 GP, 18-30-38, +3
82 GP, 24-40-64, +4


Right Wings:

Jere Lehtinen:
Seeing Lehtinen return to form would be a
wonderful surprise.

54 GP, 13-18-31, +6
82 GP, 21-27-48, +9

*Fabian Brunnstrom:
It was tricky predicting GP without him having had the opportunity
to play a full NHL season. I believe he’ll play considerably more than 55 games.

55 GP, 21-8-29, -8
82 GP, 31-13-44, -8

Krys Barch:
Like Petersen, this could be Barch’s last chance to prove himself.
The effort will definitely be there, but not sure the numbers will follow.

79 GP, 5-6-11, +2
82 GP, 5-7-12, +3


Matt Niskanen:
If last year was just a sophomore slump, expect his actual stats
to be a lot better that these.

77 GP, 7-28-35, +3
82 GP, 8-29-37, +3

Stephane Robidas:
Rewatching the Morrow goal that sent the Sharks packing in 07-8 Made me wonder
why Robidas’ set up skills are not better utilized. Seems like he could do better than 20 assists.

74 GP, 4-19-23, +4
82 GP, 4-21-25, +5

Trevor Daley:
Still waiting for Daley to wake up and surprise us all
with a stellar season.

76 GP, 7-17-24, +2
82 GP, 7-19-26, +2

Nicklas Grossman:
Like Niskanen, if Grossman’s last season was merely a slump,
this season’s numbers will be much better than predicted.

78 GP, 2-9-11, -3
82 GP, 2-10-12, -3

Mark Fistric:
Like with Brunnstrom, it’s hard to predict anything when he hasn’t
had a full NHL season.

40 GP, 1-6-7, +1
82 GP, 1-12-13, +2

Andrew Hutchinson:
I’m a little unconvinced that Hutchinson will get much
playing time with Dallas.

42 GP, 3-12-15, +0
82 GP, 7-22-29, +1

Karlis Skrastins:
Hard to predict anything, having never really
watched him play.

73 GP, 3-11-14, +1
82 GP, 3-12-15, +1

Jeff Woywitka:
Like Skrastins, it’s hard to predict anything having not
watched him play.

61 GP, 3-14-17, +7
82 GP, 4-19-23, +10



Marty Turco:
Hopefully, he’ll actually have a much better season than this.
Stats don’t account for contract years, after all.

68 GP, 34-24-8, 2.50 GAA, .905 SV%
82 GP, 42-30-10, 2.50 GAA, .905 SV%

Alex Auld:
Hopefully he will do better than this, or we’ll be doing the
backup goalie shuffle again next offseason.

14 GP, 5-6-3, 2.70 GAA, .906 SV%
82 GP, 30-37-15, 2.70 GAA, .906 SV%

*Not sure of which wing these two will play on, as both are technically left wings that may need to play on the right side.

Of course, with the new coaching and management, and without having even hit training camp, this next season is looking to be pretty unpredictable. I will probably even make additions, based on who makes the final roster. Besides, the fun thing about predictions isn’t being right, it’s about going back later and seeing just how wrong you were!