SHR’s Plan For Sydor’s Employment

by Chelsea

(as illustrated by Chelsea)

So what we have here is this: Sydor is sitting at home by the phone, bummed because he’s unemployed and because somebody sawed off the front leg of his table. In the meantime, Marc Crawford is standing at his unnecessarily large desk, angry because Rick Wilson is fleeing to Tampa Bay. So we are left without a defensive coach for the 09-10 Stars. So Syd’s phone rings, but since it’s been so long since free agency started, it no longer makes him hopeful or excited to hear the phone. It simply startles him. Turns out it’s Crawford on the other end. He’s still yelling because we hear he does that a lot, but he has good news! Syd is the new defensive coach of the Stars! Syd, who did not know he had even retired yet, accepts the offer because a job is a job after all. Thus, he is Happy Employed Coach Syd. Clearly, this needs to actually happen. (We drew a cartoon of Newy becoming GM way back in November, and that eventually came true. So might as well give it a shot for this! And yes, we do think this would be a good idea. Everyone has heard how Syd motivates the kiddos and how we brought him back to be a voice in the locker room. We think he’d make a good coach, and Dallas seems to be a good fit for him in general.)

One Comment to “SHR’s Plan For Sydor’s Employment”

  1. That’s a great idea and I’d totally love it if that happened! 😀

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