Rounds 2-7

by Chelsea

The 2009 NHL Entry Draft concludes today, with the Stars selecting four more forwards in rounds 2-6.

Round 2, 38th overall: Alex Chiasson

Chiasson is similar to first round pick Scott Glennie in that he’s a right shot right wing with good size that needs to build up strength. He’s a competitive player, a hard worker, and a big guy that can move the defense out of his way.

Round 3, 69th overall: Reilly Smith

Smith appears to be the other side of the equation. He has speed and tenacity that Chiasson lacks, but is not good in high traffic areas. Another right wing Canadian drafted before his projection, but with enough potential to validate the choice.

Round 4, n/a

Round 5, 129th overall: Tomas Vincour

Another right shot right wing, who like the other three Stars picks is over 6’1” and shows plenty of offensive potential. Unlike the other choices, there is have been questions about Vincour’s consistency and willingness to play aggressively.

Round 6, 159th overall: Curtis McKenzie

This time the Stars chose a left shot left wing, likely more for his heart and determination rather than definite scoring ability. Given that Dallas has a plethora of left wingers, it will be interesting to see what the plan is with this pick.

Round 7, 189th overall:

The Stars traded this pick to San Jose in return for their 6th round pick in 2010.


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