Stars Pick Scott Glennie 8th Overall

by Chelsea

The Dallas Stars chose forward Scott Glennie as their first round pick tonight, despite Kulikov, Cowen, and Paajarvi all slipping down within reach.

Glennie is a versatile forward, who could possibly fill the Stars’ growing need for a right wing/right shot. This does bring a few questions to mind, though:

  • Was this a move to fill a need vs getting the best skill available?
  • What does this mean about how negotiations with Lehtinen are going?
  • Have we passed on drafting a defenseman first round because that need is going to be filled through free agency?
  • … Or is it because the Stars believe in Vishnevskiy (and possibly Larsen) as the future defense?

He seems to be a hard-working, defensively-aware but offensively-skilled forward who may have been overlooked due to questions about his points possibly being a result of playing with Brayden Schenn (picked #5 by the LA Kings in this draft).


5 Comments to “Stars Pick Scott Glennie 8th Overall”

  1. I really had my heart set on Cowen or Paajarvi :\

    • Really? They both seemed a little redundant to me. We already have big defensemen (though not that big or offensive) and almost too many talented left shot left wings.

      • i somehow managed to talk myself into really liking the glennie pick more and more as i wrote my recap of day 1 on my blog. i think i was mostly just caught off guard by the idea of skipping over the supposed “big names,” after all i had read.

        i still would have enjoyed cowen on this team, though. large fella that plays my kind of style on d.

        the more i thought about glennie, the more i realize he was a pretty safe pick. his “ceiling” may not be as high a paajarvi, but his “floor” is certainly much higher… and we have had pretty good luck organizationally dealing with players with his mentallity. and when you pick in the top 10 as rarely as we do, it’s best to “bust-proof” your selection, to avoid another richard jackman. lol.

  2. I’m perfectly fine with Glennie. He’s a natural right wing, which we desperately need. Kudos to nieuwy for drafting for need rather than skill

    BTW, did anyone else notice that there wasn’t a name on Glennie’s jersey? It was the only one w/o it.

    • I like this pick. Glennie has the potential to fill a lot of the Stars’ needs in a few years.

      I did get the feeling that Nieuwy was a little unprepared though, what with neglecting to address the crowd or congratulate the Penguins/the new HoF inductees. And the jersey thing.

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