Why Crawford Is Not Sean Avery

by Chelsea

Stars fans, remember that feeling you got last summer? First the news leaked… Sean Avery, coming to Dallas? Then, it became official. There was hesitation. It just looked like a bad idea. It felt like a bad idea. Then the press conference. Is he really wearing that? Is this what we’re getting into? You tried to have faith in your GMs, to reserve judgement.

The firing of Tippett and immediate hiring of Crawford does feel a little bit like that. It’s hard to tell why, of all the available coaches, Nieuwendyk would pick him. There’s concern that this is just change for change’s sake.

My main concern, though, was this:

Players like to play in Dallas. When Morrison and Sutherby came over from Anaheim, they both commented on how nice it was to be able to play their game. You can see it on the ice, too, that players are given the freedom to play their own style within the system. Ott is the agitator, Morrow is the heart, Ribeiro is the Valedictorian of Awesome School. Richards is the surgeon, Lehtinen is the glue, Turco is the monster that won’t stay in his cave.

Tippett let the team play with passion, with emotion.

An hour ago, reading everything about how this is a terrible move and an absolute downgrade, it seemed the Stars were doomed to slaving away unhappily, doomed for permanent mediocrity now.

Maybe, but probably not.

For one thing, the Stars still have Brenden Morrow, whose personal passion for the game can override just about anything.

For another, the team has an incredible amount of pride. Too much to lay down and let bad coaching (should that be the case) turn them from perennial contenders to basement-dwellers.

Lastly, there is this quote from Crawford out of today’s press conference,

I believe that a team’s identity comes comes from the players and not from the coach. Players win championships and coaches set structure and try to motivate every now and then … I have some notions about the Stars, but the more I get to know them the more I can understand the strengths of the individual players and go about building upon that and make the adjustments needed.

Isn’t that something Tippett was lacking? He didn’t work the system to fit the talents of his players, he just let his players do their own thing within his system. Fun to watch? Usually. Effective? Well, no, actually. Not at all.

I look forward to seeing Tipp set up behind another team’s bench. That said, Dallas has a team with a lot to prove, led by a ridiculously motivated captain. Now they have a coaching staff and GM that want to show the hockey world they were worth taking a chance on.

Expect the Stars to come out blazing in 2009-2010.

3 Comments to “Why Crawford Is Not Sean Avery”

  1. I agree that we should give crawford a chance…also, I like your blog and I’m glad I discovered it 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you found, like, and are commenting on it! 😛

  3. Good blog. It’s hard to dig yourself out of the heap as a Dallas Stars fan made up of negativity about any change what-so-ever that tends to take precedent with fellow fans around here – so something objective or positive is a nice change.

    Hopefully this new blog I’m writing can funnel some of this as well, lol.

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