Joe Nieuwendyk: Stars GM

by Chelsea

It was announced today that the two-headed monster experiment is officially over, to be replaced by the bouncing ball of sunshine known as Joe Nieuwendyk.

Are you as thrilled as we are?

Over the past two days, there was an explosion of everything Nieuwendyk. In case anyone missed anything, here’s a nice little list:

Andrew’s is the best place to go, with an amazingly thorough collection of audio clips and articles:

Mike Heika’s DMN Stars Blog also has a bunch of posts worth taking a look at, including Les Jackson’s side of things, more quotes from the press conference, a link to a video of the press conference, and more.

The Dallas Morning News is also a great place to find an extensive list of articles on the topic:

The Hockey News offers this piece, which you should read even if you’re tired of this topic, because it gives a little bit of insight on the relationship between Morrow and Nieuwendyk.

Defending Big D has tidbits from the press conference, a post about the tasks Nieuwendyk will be facing this offseason, and a couple of things that stood out from the press conference.

Head over to Penalty Killing for some thoughts from Patty (in Dallas) that stray away from reusing news conference quotes into excellent-insight territory.

The official Stars site already has his GM bio up, along with an article that includes a link to news conference pictures.

Here’s the post from Ralph Strangis.

Puck Daddy put up a post, which again is worth reading even if you’re sick of this topic, because the comments give a strong hint about how other teams’ fans feel about the move.

And finally, since the general manager duo of Les Jackson and Brett Hull had some great nicknames (HullJack, two-headed monster), it’s only a matter of time before Nieuwendyk gets one. How about “GM Joe”?

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