Trade Deadline Wrapped Up – Western Conference

by Chelsea

All the wheelings and dealings surrounding the 2009 trade deadline, continued here with the Western Conference.




Detroit Red Wings

The defending champs were one of the handful of teams that sat and watched the deadline come and go without incident. No players were added or removed from the Detroit roster.

Chicago Blackhawks

The teams surrounding the Hawks in the standings, mainly Vancouver and Calgary, both managed significant improvements to their lineups recently. Chicago failed the impress with their response, but a lack of high-profile moves doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of smart ones.  



  • Samuel Pahlsson (C) from ANA
  • Logan Stephenson (D) from ANA
  • Conditional 4th round pick from ANA

Gave Up:

  • James Wizniewski (D) to ANA
  • Petri Kontiola (C) to ANA

Conclusion: Pahlsson provides Chicago with a solid third line center, but Stephenson has never played a game in the NHL. If Wisniewski was expendable to the Hawks and they don’t need immediate defense from Stephenson, it’s a good deal for them. 

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets continue their quest to finally find regular season, and then postseason, success with a couple of smart moves at the deadline.  



  • Antoine Vermette (LW) from OTT
  • Kevin Lalande (G) from CGY

Gave Up:

  • Pascal Leclaire (G) to OTT
  • 2009 2nd round pick to OTT
  • 2009 4th round pick to CGY

Conclusion: The Jackets are showing impressive confidence in rookie netminder Steve Mason by replacing Leclaire with Lalande and handing out 2009 draft picks like candy. Vermette could very well be worth the cost if he can perform as a top two-way center for the team.

Nashville Predators

The Predators were surprisingly quiet, stuck in a playoff race limbo that left them neither buyers nor sellers for the deadline. As a result, they didn’t partake in the transaction fun.

St. Louis Blues

The Blues only had one trade for the deadline, and it wasn’t really one with much impact.    



  • Danny Richmond (D) from PIT

Gave Up:

  • Andy Wozniewski (D) to PIT

Conclusion: Richmond has since been assigned to the Blues’ AHL team, but will hopefully bring grit and offense to the St. Louis blueline in the future. Depth for depth. 


Calgary Flames

The Flames played a big role in the biggest trade of this year’s deadline, and as a result, possibly profited the most of any other team.     



  • Olli Jokinen (C) from PHX
  • Jordan Leopold (D) from COL
  • Lawrence Nycholat (D) off waivers from VAN

Gave Up:

  • Matthew Lombardi (C) to PHX
  • Brandon Prust (RW) to PHX
  • Lawrence Nycholat (D) to COL
  • Ryan Wilson (D) to COL
  • Future (’09 or ’10) conditional 1st round pick to PHX
  • 2009 2nd round pick to COL

Conclusion: The Flames pick Nycholat up for nothing, and then turn around and package him to get Leopold, who offers some top-six defensive depth. They also picked up Olli Jokinen, the league leader in most games played without ever reaching the playoffs. If Jokinen plays his best and can be the team’s #1 center, Calgary just became serious cup contenders. 

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks didn’t give anything up but cap space today, as their only acquisition came off waivers.    



  • Ossi Vaananen (D) off waivers from PHI


Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton took part in a couple trades, including the year’s only 3-way trade.  



  • Patrick O’Sullivan (LW) from LAK
  • Ales Kotalik (RW) from BUF
  • 2009 2nd round pick from LAK

Gave Up:

  • Erik Cole (LW) to CAR
  • 2009 2nd round pick to BUF
  • 2009 5th round pick to CAR

Conclusion: O’Sullivan provides skill and versatility to the Oilers’ first line that Cole couldn’t, and offers long-term benefits. Kotalik provides the right-handed shot that they’d be lacking without Cole, but may be nothing more than a rental. In the end, the draft picks pretty much even out. 

Minnesota Wild

The Wild did like Nashville, Detroit, and Washington – absolutely nothing. While there were reports that Marian Gaborik was up on the block, there were no takers for the big-salary oft’-injured forward. 

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche only had one trade before the deadline with a small but solid deal with Calgary.    


  • Lawrence Nycholat (D) from CGY
  • Ryan Wilson (D) from CGY
  • 2009 2nd round pick from CGY

Gave Up:

  • Jordan Leopold (D) to CGY

Conclusion: Nycholat is an injured defenseman who they could have gotten for nothing off waivers, and Wilson is a late-blooming defenseman who’s never played an NHL game. Clearly, the draw for Colorado was getting the 2nd round pick.


San Jose Sharks

San Jose completed one trade, with their division rival Anaheim.     


  • Travis Moen (LW) from ANA
  • Kent Huskins (D) from ANA
  • 2009 6th round pick from PHI*

Gave Up:

  • Kyle McLaren (D) to PHI*
  • Nick Bonino (C) to ANA
  • Timo Pielmeier (G) to ANA
  • 2009 conditional draft pick to ANA

Conclusion: Though Huskins is currently out with a broken foot and his contract expires at the end of the season, the Sharks get a solid rental from Moen, who can and will provide some needed toughness. It comes at the price of future depth and possibly a draft pick, however.  

*nullified due to McLaren not passing his physical

Anaheim Ducks

Nobody likes dealing with their own rivals quite like the Ducks do, as they completed trades with both Chicago and San Jose, and lost a player on waivers to Dallas.  


  • James Wisniewski (D) from CHI
  • Petri Kontiola (C) from CHI
  • Nick Bonino (C) from SJS
  • Timo Pielmeier (G) from SJS
  • Erik Christensen (C) from ATL
  • Petteri Nokelainen (C) from BOS
  • 2009 conditional pick from SJS

Gave Up:

  • Samuel Pahlsson (C) to CHI
  • Travis Moen (LW) to SJS
  • Steve Montador (D) to BOS
  • Kent Huskins (D) to SJS
  • Logan Stephenson (D) to CHI
  • Eric O’Dell (C) to ATL
  • Conditional 4th round pick to CHI

Conclusion: Anaheim got some future depth from San Jose, and hope to get some replenishment down the middle from underachiever Christensen. While their acquisition from Boston is currently out with an eye injury, he could prove worthwhile when healthy if he lives up to his potential. Combined with Wisniewski and newly-acquired Ray Whitney, the Ducks seem to be going through some growing pains that could result in big benefit later down the road.

Dallas Stars

The Stars only had one move for the trade deadline, and that was picking Brendan Morrison off waivers from Anaheim. However, earlier in the week they did trade bench-warming defenseman Doug Janik to Montreal for Steve Bégin. 

Los Angeles Kings

LA provided the third cog for a three-way trade including Carolina and Edmonton. It was their only move before the trade deadline.   


  • Justin Williams (RW) from CAR

Gave Up:

  • Patrick O’Sullivan (LW) to EDM
  • 2009 2nd round pick to EDM

Conclusion: Williams is currently injured, but will have a place as a potential playmaker on the Kings roster upon his return. 

Phoenix Coyotes

The Coyotes, in a wince-worthy turn of events, went from playoff contenders to sellers in the last few months, and dealt quite a handful of players with three different teams at the deadline.   


  • Scott Upshall (RW) from PHI
  • Matthew Lombardi (C) from CGY
  • Brandon Prust (RW) from CGY
  • Dmitri Kalinin (D) from NYR
  • Petr Prucha (LW) from NYR
  • Nigel Dawes (LW) from NYR
  • Conditional future (’09 or ’10) draft pick from CGY
  • 2011 2nd round pick from PHI

Gave Up:

  • Olli Jokinen (C) to CGY
  • Derek Morris (D) to NYR
  • Daniel Carcillo (LW) to PHI
  • 2009 3rd round pick to CGY

Conclusion: The Coyotes didn’t lose many parts, but they lost some pretty important ones. However, they also may have gotten some very quality draft picks in return, and a couple of players in return for one (Morris) who was on his way out of Phoenix anyway. In return for a few big players, they got a considerable amount of depth.


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  1. Sharks made a second trade, sending “stuck in cap hell” D Kyle McLaren to Philadelphia for a 6th round pick.

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