Trade Deadline Wrapped Up – Eastern Conference

by Chelsea

The NHL trade deadline came and went this afternoon, with the Dallas Stars partaking in no actual trades. However, the rest of the league was dealing their best in an attempt to improve their team for the future (whether that means this season’s playoffs or the seasons ahead). From the moves leading up to today from the last trades to squeak past the deadline, we’ve got it all here, and summarized neatly by team.




New Jersey Devils

The Devils got their business done early, with their only transaction coming before the deadline, on March 2nd.              


  • Niclas Havelid (D) from ATL
  • Myles Stoesz (RW) from ATL

Gave Up:

  • Anssi Salmela (D) to ATL 

Conclusion: Havelid might only be a rental, as he’s a UFA this summer and could very well return to Atlanta. For now, though, it looks like a pretty solid move by New Jersey.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers were part of two trades today, both with teams from the Western Conference.               


  • Kyle McLaren (D) from SJS*
  • Daniel Carcillo (LW) from PHX

Gave Up:

  • Scott Upshall to PHX
  • 2011 2nd round pick to PHX
  • 2009 6th round pick to SJS*

Conclusion: McLaren gives the Flyers a little extra depth on the blueline, while Carcillo fits in well with the team’s tough style of play. They didn’t gain much from these trades, but they don’t lose too much either.

*nullified due to McLaren not passing his physical

New York Rangers

The Rangers had a busy couple of days, surprising no one by picking Sean Avery off waivers on the 3rd, followed by a few more deals today.               


  • Sean Avery (LW) on recall waivers from DAL
  • Nik Antropov (RW) from TOR
  • Derek Morris (D) from PHX

Gave Up:

  • Petr Prucha (LW) to PHX
  • Nigel Dawes (LW) to PHX
  • Dmitri Kalinin (D) to PHX
  • 2009 2nd round pick to TOR
  • Conditional draft pick to TOR

Conclusion: Looks like the Rangers went out searching for toughness and offense, getting at least a little of both from each of the players they picked up. However, all of the players traded are going to be RFAs or UFAs this summer, so they may not have gained anything in the long run. 

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh had a couple of moves at the end of February, but it was today’s action that was really surprising.               


  • Bill Guerin (RW) from NYI
  • Andy Wozniewski (D) from STL

Gave Up:

  • Danny Richmond (D) to STL
  • Conditional draft pick (round 3-5) to NYI

Conclusion: The Richmond-Wozniewski trade basically exchanges a little offense for a little more stability on the bottom part of the blue line. It’s the Guerin trade that’s the head-scratcher; the Penguins managed to get a talented veteran in exchange for possibly as low as a 5th round pick, depending on how far they go in the playoffs.

New York Islanders

The Islanders lay claim to possibly the least sensible trade of the day, which happened to be the only thing they did for this year’s trade deadline.               


  • Conditional draft pick (round 3-5) from PIT

Gave Up:

  • Bill Guerin (RW) to PIT

Conclusion: For some reason, the Islanders gave up their captain and leading goal scorer for a conditional draft pick. If the Penguins miss the playoffs, they get a 3rd round pick. Get to the first round, and it’s a 4th round pick. Get to the second round, and it’s a 5th round pick. In the end, why does it matter? They still handed over their captain for practically nothing.


Boston Bruins

The Bruins made a couple of strong moves, to improve their already strong team.                


  • Mark Recchi (RW) from TBL
  • Steve Montador (D) from ANA
  • 2010 2nd round pick from TBL

Gave Up:

  • Matt Lashoff (D) to TBL
  • Martins Karsums (RW) to TBL
  • Petteri Nokelainen (C) to ANA

Conclusion: Montador provides affordable experience and toughness to a mostly-young blueline, while Recchi brings quality leadership. Though they give up three prospects, one of them is out with an eye injury, and the draft pick ought to provide the Bruins with another quality prospect.

Montréal Canadiens

The Canadiens, despite their recent fall from grace, were very limited in their recent moves. In the last week, the only trade they made was at the end of February, with the Dallas Stars, when they sent Steve Bégin for Doug Janik.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres did make a few trades, but the most noticeable event of their trade deadline was the signing of Tim Connolly to a two-year contract extension.                


  • Mikael Tellqvist (G) from PHX
  • Dominic Moore (C) from TOR

Gave Up:

  • 2009 2nd round draft pick to TOR
  • 2010 4th round draft pick to PHX

Conclusion: With Ryan Miller out for who knows how long, the Sabres were a little short in the goalie department, and Tellqvist will be able to back up Miller’s backup. Moore is a good rental having a breakout season, and will be expected to perform given the hefty cost (2nd round pick) they paid. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs only took part in one trade, having done part of their work through a waiver wire acquisition.              


  • Martin Gerber (G) off waivers from OTT
  • Olaf Kolzig (G) from TBL
  • Jamie Heward (D) from TBL
  • Andy Rogers (D) from TBL
  • 2009 4th round draft pick from TBL

Gave Up:

  • Richard Petiot (D) to TBL

Conclusion: Possibly the most lopsided deadline deal when it comes to quantity, the Leafs gave up a considerable amount less than they got. However, looks can be deceiving. They gained Rogers and the draft pick at the expense of losing Petiot and taking on the salaries of Kolzig and Heward, who are both out with injury. 

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa’s movements were quiet but effective. They signed Filip Kuba to a three-year contract extension and had the first deal of the day, then were able to sit back and watch the rest unfold.            



  • Pascal Leclaire (G) from CBJ
  • 2009 2nd round pick from CBJ

Gave Up:

  • Antoine Vermette (LW) to CBJ

Conclusion: With Gerber headed to Toronto, Leclaire comes in as the new Ottawa starter. Combined with the draft pick and Vermette not meeting expecations, it looks like the Senators benefit big time from this deal.


Washington Capitals

Despite some recent issues with losing at home and having goaltender Brent Johnson out with injury, the Capitals managed to do absolutely nothing for the trade deadline. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it?

Florida Panthers

The Panthers only had one move to make, and it did not have the words “Jay” or “Bouwmeester” in it. Looks like that sweepstakes is getting pushed to this summer.  



  • Steve Eminger (D) from TBL

Gave Up:

  • Noah Welch (D) to TBL
  • 2009 3rd round pick to TBL

Conclusion: The Panthers get a right-shooting defenseman that could provide insurance should they lose Bouwmeester to free agency. A decent pick to give up in an otherwise even trade, though.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes made up 1/3 of the deadline’s only three-way deal, with the LA Kings and Edmonton Oilers making up the other 2/3.  



  • Erik Cole (LW) from EDM
  • 2009 5th round pick from EDM

Gave Up:

  • Justin Williams (RW) to LAK

Conclusion: Williams is out with a broken hand, and Cole played with the Hurricanes for six seasons before being traded to the Oilers in 2008. A good deal for the Hurricanes as they get ready to make their playoff push.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning were busy, putting together three deals to get four players and a draft pick. No huge blockbuster trades this year, as Vincent Lecavalier stayed put in Tampa Bay.  



  • Noah Welch (D) from FLA
  • Richard Petiot (D) from TOR
  • Matt Lashoff (D) from BOS
  • Martins Karsums (RW) from BOS
  • 2009 3rd round pick from FLA

Gave Up:

  • Mark Recchi (RW) to BOS
  • Steve Eminger (D) to FLA
  • Olaf Kolzig (G) to TOR
  • Jamie Heward (D) to TOR
  • Andy Rogers (D) to TOR
  • 2010 2nd round pick to BOS
  • 2009 4th round pick to TOR

Conclusion: If there is a rebuild going on in Tampa, it’s a little hard to tell by how they’re dishing out draft picks. However, they got two good prospects from Boston, pulled off a salary dump with Toronto, and did get a pick back from Florida.

Atlanta Thrashers

Atlanta only had one trade today, but also made a deal with the Devils earlier in the week.  



  • Anssi Salmela (D) from NJD
  • Eric O’Dell (C) from ANA

Gave Up:

  • Niclas Havelid (D) to NJD
  • Myles Stoesz (RW) to NJD
  • Erik Christensen (C) to ANA

Conclusion: O’Dell is a prospect who could figure in long-term with Atlanta, while Salmela might be able to bring some offensive defense. With Havelid possibly returning to the team next season, the Thrashers may end up benefitting quite a bit from these deals.


The Wrap-Up continues with the Western Conference in the next post.


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