Sean Avery is a Ranger Again

by Kristine

Andrews, Heika, and TSN all report that the Rangers have claimed Avery on re-entry waivers. Congratulations, NYR. Now he’s your mess and we can wash our hands of him for good.


5 Comments to “Sean Avery is a Ranger Again”

  1. Thank goodness that is over!

    Hey Chels, I just read Bob Sturm’s latest post and he answers an email question from a Chelsea. Would that be you, by any chance?

  2. Whew… now Dallas only has Richards’ and Ribeiro’s fashion adventures to contend with. =P

    (Though, I will say, B-Rad can, at times, pull of some stuff no man should be able to. And Ribs has some nicer jewelry than I do)

  3. Myra – That’s not me, actually! I had to stop and think if I wrote it when I first saw it, though.

    Sarah – Richards has fashion adventures? Really?

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