Richards Has a Broken Wrist

by Kristine

According to a report by TSN, the injury that took Brad Richards out of tonight’s game at Columbus turns out to be a broken wrist.

“Richards will meet with a specialist on Tuesday to determine the extent of the injury and necessary treatment.”

I’m horrified. Could this possibly come at a worse time? A lot has been said about Richards living up to his contract this season (or rather not living up to it), but the truth is that he’s second on the team in points, second in assists, and third in goals. Not to mention if it weren’t for him, Loui would not be where he is right now in goal scoring, either.

This – especially on top of Ott’s injury – is not good.

Update 2/17: The Stars officially announced this afternoon that Richards will miss 6-8 weeks with a fracture in his right wrist. He will not need surgery, however. Six weeks would put his return the last week in March (the 30th) and eight weeks would make it the very last week of the season. So what does this mean for the rest of the team? Time for people to start stepping up the way they did when Morrow was injured. If there’s something that could really kill the momentum, this could be it, and the Stars will have to work hard not to let it affect them.

The official release is here.

3 Comments to “Richards Has a Broken Wrist”

  1. First my favorite guy gets traded today (though that wasn’t a surprise, nor is it a bad thing), and now my second favorite guy gets broken. I’m sooooooo not happy right now!

  2. I don’t blame you! I’m not happy about Richards either. He’s a key player for us and now he’s out just when we’re trying to regain momentum for a playoff push.

  3. Not to mention if it weren’t for him, Loui would not be where he is right now in goal scoring, either.

    Excellent point! People forget this.

    I’m freaking out about Brad’s injury. I hope he’s not too crushed. One minute everything’s going great, next minute you’re on the IR. Poor guy.

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