Game Review – 2/14/09 (DAL at CHI)

by Chelsea


The Stars got 6 shots on goal per period, and 2 goals. Also known as “if they had played like conscious players and not zombies, they’d have probably managed 3-4 goals because Huet was not playing very well at all.” 

Luckily for Huet, though, his team was hyped up on Red Bull and adrenaline, despite losing their leading goalscorer in the first few minutes of the game.

Stars are 0-3 in this season series now. Someone get a bandaid for that, please, ’cause it stings.

Robidas got so mad when Versteeg scored at the end that he smashed his stick over the back of the net. 

A lot of things to shake your head at in this game, and from this point on, all of it is going to be ignored entirely. 

Stars took five penalties and were shorthanded four times, and not a single one of the six goals against came on the Hawks power play. That’s two games in a row that they’ve blanked the other team with some shorthanded prowess. 8-for-8 on the PK in two games is pretty nice.

This game saw the return of Mark Fistric and the debut of Krahn, whose postgame optimism could be interpreted as just that, optimism, or him being so happy to get playing time that he doesn’t care how many goals get scored (3 on 9 shots, but it’s hard to say how much of that was his fault).

Fabian Brunnstrom scored his 12th of the year, in only 35 games. Say what you want about his defensive play, but he’s scoring more than once every three games. Of all active Dallas players, only Loui and Neal score more often. It’s easy to assume they’ll all become 30+ goal scorers in the next few years. Add a healthy Morrow and Turco minus the 40-game slump, and the Stars could be a serious threat next season, no matter where the run ends for the team in this one.

Speaking of Loui and Neal, they each had an assist tonight. That’s 3 points in 2 games for Eriksson, who is overdue for another scoring streak.

Lastly, the youth showed signs of some impressive leadership in the third period. The Stars looked like they were on pace to lose 10-0 when Neal and Brunnstrom stepped in and created some offense, which was followed up with an “oh, I guess we should still bother trying because those guys are” blip of life from the team and a goal by Sutherby and Eriksson. Once again, our future is in good hands.

SHR +/-:

Trevor Daley: two for the assist; +2
Mike Modano: two for the assist; +2
James Neal: two for the assist; +2
Brian Sutherby: three for the goal; +3
Loui Eriksson: two for the assist; +2
Mark Fistric: one welcome-back point; +1
Steve Ott: minus-two for the knee-on-knee hit on Sharp; -2
Marty Turco: one for trying; +1
Fabian Brunnstrom: three for the goal; +3


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