Sean Avery is Closer to Being a Ranger Again

by Kristine

As the Sean Avery Saga continues, Mike Heika and Andrew’s report that Avery has officially been assigned to the AHL affiliate of the New York Rangers, the Hartford Wolf Pack. This should surprise absolutely nobody who has been keeping even a guarded eye on this story. As soon as the news that Avery was almost done with his therapy hit the internet, and Dallas placed him on waivers almost immediately after his release from treatment, rumors began circling and predictions began popping up that the Wolf Pack would be the most likely place to find him in the following weeks. Avery clearing waivers on Monday added fuel to that fire, and today hockey journalists around the country were proven right. Is the next step the same one every thinks it is? Is a Ranger homecoming in the works for Sean Avery? It does seem that way.

The official release is here.


4 Comments to “Sean Avery is Closer to Being a Ranger Again”

  1. Good for everyone involved. They liked him in NY, he liked it there. Win-win. It was a mistake and a disaster for him to come to Dallas (and I think most people recognized that immediately, if not the GMs). He needs that big LA/NY atmosphere. And he needs that team leader that will reign him in (like Shanahan did in NY). Dallas has great team guys, but no one of a personality that can really put him in his place.

    But I would really hate to see someone not get a chance to come back for just being a jerk. This league has let players with far worse deeds back in, so it would be pretty hypocritical not to let Avery back for another shot. I doubt “therapy” has “cured” him, but I’m sure he’ll straighten his act a bit (at least for awhile).

    I’m just glad he’s out of Dallas, and I’m sure he’s happy to be gone, too.

  2. NY and Sean Avery – Match made in heaven.

  3. The only thing that bothers me is that he gets to go back to New York and get paid more than they were willing to pay him in the summer. I’m not totally convinced the Rangers made him an offer but some claim they just made one that was too low so he left for the crazy one here in Dallas. If he gets NY and the big contract, it’s going to irk me a little. I kind of want Atlanta to pick him up when he’s recalled. Just because I think it would be funny.

  4. I have to say, I agree most with Patty. I don’t like the idea that he gets exactly what he wanted from the beginning out of this whole mess. What kind of lesson will he learn from that? Not that I think he’d learn any lesson in any case, but still. I did hear that somebody (Jackson?) said that 4 teams have shown interest in Avery. If that’s the case, surely at least one of them is lower in the standings than the Rangers and will snag him on recall waivers. That would be perfect, in my eyes.

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