All-Star Practice

by Chelsea

For anyone that tuned into the NHL Network’s broadcast of the All-Star Practice and Red Carpet show, you probably noticed a few things that we did. 

1) Whoever is in charge of this apparently thinks we’d rather watch a bunch of suits commenting at a desk than the actual event we tuned in to see.

2) A couple big names got snubbed entirely when it came to interviews. While Mike Modano gave two and James Neal had one that was aired, Stephane Robidas kind of slipped under the radar. Not that surprised, but other names whose ten seconds of fame didn’t get broadcasted? Try Evgeni Malkin, Vincent Lecavalier, and most of the Canadiens. Uh, what?

While players like Dan Boyle and Tim Thomas got to introduce their kids on the red carpet, we were not treated to the greatness that would have been Justin and Stephane Robidas. However, there is this from the practice: 

On the bench are, I believe, Keith Tkachuk’s son and possibly Shane Doan’s. But you can’t really tell who Robidas is looking at. So, from the practice broadcast: 



2 Comments to “All-Star Practice”

  1. Isn’t Dan Boyle’s kid like 2 months old? Or does he have another older one? Either way, it’s cool that they brought their families. I read at the SJ Mercury News blog that Patrick Marleau’s wife had to get permission to fly on such a long flight from CA to Montreal because she is so pregnant (yet Lidstrom’s elbow hurt too bad to fly in from Detroit… but I digress).

    And they can’t interview Malkin ’cause he can’t speak English. Most of his interviews are as follows: “shoot puck, hit hard, Sidney Crosby” and then a teammate bails him out by talking to reporters. Here’s my favorite recent one from Geno:

    He’s getting better, and still speaks way better English than I speak any other language. For that, I’m extremely jealous. =)

    P.S. I love that guy!

  2. Getty has one more great pic of Robi with Justin on the Red Carpet. Just FYI.

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