Let The Games Begin

by Chelsea

The 2009 NHL All-Star Games begin Saturday with the YoungStars game and Skills Competition, and media and players alike are already arriving in Montreal. Festivities have barely begun, and already quotes are pouring out.  So far, these have been mostly from the league’s YoungStars participants, who were gathered today for a media availability. Not surprisingly, Dallas rookie James Neal has been very vocal, garnering some attention from the NHL.com writers. 

For some stories in which Neal and the other Stars All-Stars are mentioned, scroll. 🙂
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“At the start of the season, I never thought I’d be in the NHL, much less wearing the Stars jersey and being here at the All-Star Game,” Neal said. “It proves the old saying that you can never dream too high.”

-Montreal’s atmosphere awesome to YoungStars


“You can’t really believe that you are here,” Neal told NHL.com. “One day you’re watching these guys on TV and now you’re in the same room with them?”

-YoungStars eager to absorb knowledge from All-Stars


“I’m spoiled,” Dallas winger James Neal said. “I get to play with Mike Modano every day. I grew up idolizing Gary Roberts. But how can you not want to pick Mike Modano’s brains about being the face of the Stars and the face of USA Hockey?”

-NHL YoungStars an inquisitive bunch


“Growing up, it was all hockey and the fact I had an opportunity to train with guys like Gary Roberts and Adam Foote was as good as it gets,” Neal said. “I started training with Roberts when I was 16 by going to his gym in Toronto and I got to know him very well. When I finished up in Toronto, I started training with Foote who lived right around the corner from me in Whitby.”

-YoungStar Neal trained with Roberts, Foote


“He’s an example for everybody,” Stars forward Mike Ribiero told NHL.com. “He was a fifth or sixth defenseman at the start of last season, but I always thought he was a two or three defensively. He proved me wrong. He is a No. 1 and he stepped up big time.”

-Robidas sets an All-Star example

Click the pictures for full size.

A few more pictures: at the media availability and receiving an award from Bettman. 


4 Comments to “Let The Games Begin”

  1. There are a lot of Robi pictures up to go along with the Neal pics.. I liked this one 🙂


  2. The best part of the ASG? The glamour shots! I see they are starting with a bang up job this year. But it will be really hard to top the “throne” from last year. Especially since it made Martin St.Louis look like an elf on Santa’s chair:

    http://tinyurl.com/c25q92 compared to this http://tinyurl.com/b8d82e

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Amy! Those pics are definitely must-post.

    Sarah… at least St. Louis didn’t squat in the chair? 😛


    The super-close face-floating-in-a-sea-of-black pictures this year are a little scary, though.

  4. Yeah, I like the glamour shots a lot more this year. Ribsy did manage to look very pimp-ish on the throne last year. I guess he was able to pull that off better than St. Louis.

    I’m just waiting for the Mike Modano pictures.. I’ll go refresh pages again to see if they’ve added anything 🙂


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