Stars News and Notes Roundup

by Kristine

The latest news out of Starsworld is the announcement that starting next season, The Ticket will be the exclusive radio home of Stars game broadcasts. The five-year agreement includes pre-game shows for most games and post-game shows for all of them., all of which can be heard on 1310 AM and 104.1 FM. The official release, which talks about the fact that The Ticket and the Stars have pretty much grown up together and mentions that Ralph and Razor aren’t going anywhere thanks to their recently extended contracts, can be found here.

In a round-about way, Stars Brass answered a question many have had concerning Tobias Stephan when they did not snag Curtis Sanford off waivers this past week. If the brass is shopping for a new back-up goalie, they must not be in too big of a hurry to find one. Despite media rumors that the Stars were interested in Sanford, a small cap hit who put up decent numbers during his time in Vancouver, no moves were made. It’s been said that the upper management has a lot of faith in Stephan and Tippett is the only one not trusting him, and this non-story may go a little ways toward proving that right. Personally, I’m glad. Let Stephan show what he can do (and throwing him to the wolves in a game that was lost in the first period doesn’t count) before you decide you need a new back-up.

For those of you who have been missing The Morrow Show every week, Morrow stopped by BaD radio on Thursday and gave Bob and Dan a great interview. He talks about his kids, his injury, his Facebook or lack thereof, the Avery debolicle, and other things in a lengthy half-hour chat. It’s good stuff, as usual for The Morrow Show. Mark at Andrew’s Stars Page has the audio here. In related news, Happy Birthday to Morrow! He’s 30 today.

The Stars blogosphere is excited to welcome Defending Big D,  a promising new SB Nation blog based around community. Swing by and take a look. 🙂

Finally, if anyone was wondering why Razor is growing that mockery of a mustache, apparently it’s to be ironic.


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