Matt Niskanen Is A Good Sport

by Kristine

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates. We’re doing our best to keep up, but it’s been a crazy few weeks in the SHR world. I worked every day in the week leading up to Christmas Eve, then there were the holidays, and then the 26th was Chelsea’s birthday. We made sure it was appropriately hockey-filled by throwing Chels a surprise Stars-themed party, but first we had an outing to  the Stars practice in Frisco. It was our older sisters’ first time to watch practice and meet any of the players, and they seemed to have a blast. We ran into Myra, Hubs, and the Kid and did the autograph line with them. Myra has a good write-up of it on her blog so I won’t go into it much. However, I have to give Matt Niskanen five off-ice points for being such a good sport. I asked him to sign and write “Happy Birthday Chelsea” in a birthday card for Chels, and he was a sweetheart about it, making sure he spelled her name right. Much to Chelsea’s mortification, I also asked him to draw her a picture. He laughed, commented that he wasn’t much of an artist, and drew a great little hi-sticking stick man. Thanks, Nisky!

The front of the card said Its your birthday!!! I got you a card!!!

The front of the card said "It's your birthday!!! I got you a card!!!"


3 Comments to “Matt Niskanen Is A Good Sport”

  1. Ok, either I’ve been watching The Wire too much, or maybe because I live in Oakland, but at first glance, I though that was a gun. Good to know it was just a stick. =)

    Anyway, that is so cool. I miss going to hockey events and getting cool stuff from the players. The topper was in college when my roommate had just gotten back from a month of study in Ecuador and brought back a taxidermied piranha and Ronnie Stern signed it. He said that was the strangest thing he ever signed. I didn’t tell him I had talked her out of bringing the masturbating monkey statue carved out of a coconut.

  2. Haha, Sarah. I can see how that would take the award. Chels and I are always trying to come up with weird things for players to sign. I also have a bunch of pics of me and Stars doing the “deuces” sign, haha. Nothing wrong with having some fun with it! 🙂

    P.S. Maybe it is a gun! I just assumed it was a hockey stick. He never actually said either way. You never know! Haha.

  3. Ah, Niskie, he’s such a nice young man. He really was a good sport about it and chatty while doing it.

    Sarah, I think you made the right choice. 😛

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