All I Want For Christmas Is… More Loui Eriksson

by Chelsea

Sure, we all know he’s great. We love him, love what he’s done for this team, and appreciate every single one of those team-leading 18 goals. (Who else things a celebration is in order when he breaks the 20-goal marker and gets a jersey-matching 21 goals?)

Today, he got recognition from the league itself.

I was thrilled and immediately screenied the article. Here’s hoping that picture will just be the first of many like it. He really did have an amazing week, outplaying just about everyone in every game, on either team. If you go to any given home game, the tangible anticipation the crowd shows when Eriksson has the puck just speaks volumes. 

Congrats, Loui! 

2 Comments to “All I Want For Christmas Is… More Loui Eriksson”

  1. THN just released their updated Campbellnomics rankings; and Louibot is now 13th in the league in “important” points. A week ago, he didnt even crack the top 20!

  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for the head’s up! I’m so proud of our little Loui. 🙂

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