Round-Up: Sad News for Brassard

by Kristine

On a quick (and sad) note, rookie Derick Brassard, who got his ass royally handed to him by James Neal this past Thursday night, probably has to have shoulder surgery as a result of the fight.

Blue Jackets blog Puck-rakers reports that Brassard dislocated his shoulder in the mismatch and an MRI shows it to be a “substantial injury.”

As excited as I was to see our rookie cream their rookie, I feel really bad that Brassard is probably going to miss the rest of his rookie season because of it. Although it’s a two-edged sword, because it was dumb of him to pick the fight in the first place, I wish the only thing he had hurt was his ego.

This is also bad news for the Blue Jackets, because without Brassard, they have virtually no depth through center. The roster freeze prevents them from making any moves at the moment, and their GM seems hesitant to make those moves anyway. It will be interesting to see how they perform without their stand-out rookie slash top line center.

So, to recap: Neal may have single-handedly ruined a kid’s season (which is a shame), taught him a very painful lesson (sticking up for teammates is well and good in the right time and place but only if you can actually fight and you’re not fighting somebody who will annihilate you because you’re challenging them after a perfectly clean and legal hit – whew!), and blown up the outlook for an entire team. Talk about a hell of a first NHL fight.

In other Stars-related news, guess who leads the entire league in even-strength goals? Our very own King Loui! He has 16, while Hossa and Kessel have 15 each, and Carter and Setoguchi both have 14. That aside, he’s had some other impressive career highs and milestones so far this season. He’s notched a six-game point streak, two career-high point games (3 points per), and his first hat trick. He tied his previous season goal record (14) in just 30 games and broke it in 31. He’s seventh overall in the league for goals and second for shooting percentage. He only has 4 PIM and is at +4 overall. Conclusion? He’s hot like Hansel right now. 😉

Finally, last night was our Secret Santa Christmas party with Myra, Jen, Caitlin, and Cat and her roommate. We watched the Ottawa game – which was, for the record, wholly unsatisfying – and exchanged not-so-Secret Santa gifts. We had a great time talking hockey with you ladies, and a huge thanks to Myra for hosting us!

4 Comments to “Round-Up: Sad News for Brassard”

  1. That really is bad news for Brassard. Even if he did bring it on himself, I wouldn’t wish that kind of injury news on “almost” any player. I say almost because to be honest there are still a few that I might not be so upset to see out for the season.

    That is so cool about Loui! He is one of the few bright spots of the season. James Neal being the other.

    Our door is always open. I’m ready anytime y’all want to come back to watch another game. 🙂

  2. A month without live hockey does suck! I might actually be at the Detroit game, we’ll see. But I think it would be alot of fun to see a game w/ y’all! do y’all have a facebook?

  3. Terribly sad, about that CBJ kid. But “chose your battles, is very wise advice”.

    That SO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!! About Loui leading the league. ESPECIALLY nice that he’s above Hossa (who I detest). I know it’s not in any way certain. But I really hope he stays ahead of him.

  4. Myra: Guys I wouldn’t be too upset about being out for the season… Tootoo maybe? The Stars future is a bright one if they can lock down Eriksson and Neal long-term, that’s for sure. 😀 It was a lot of fun watching the game with y’all, even with the whole lingering-cough/no-voice thing.

    Travis: Lucky you. Stars-Wings games are always fun! Where do you usually sit at games?

    Life_as_a_redhead: Hoping Brassard learned from that very poor choice of his. Surgery’s a scary way to be taught a lesson. I totally agree about Loui and Hossa! If he could just always be ahead of him, that would be wonderful.

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