Game Review – 12/13/08 (DAL at NSH)

by Chelsea

Okay, sort of.

Due to Tobias Stephan getting his first start since Halloween, and because writing about getting shut out hurts the brain, we’re going to do a goalie study instead.

The Washington Capitals are having a bit of goalie controversy, what with Jose Theodore and Brent Johnson both pushing for the top spot. Common consensus is that Johnson deserves it, and Caps blog Japer’s Rink had this nifty idea to graph out Johnson’s sv% and GAA.

Tobias Stephan hasn’t even gotten 10 NHL appearances under his belt, so there’s no chance of actual goalie controversy in Dallas, but his fine showing in a sad loss raised his stats above Turco’s. Curious about the consistency of our own netminders, I stole JR’s idea and made my own (much less fancy) graphs.

Marty Turco                                    Tobias Stephan

For someone that is supposedly improving, Turco has had horrible consistency for GA/G, especially in the last handful of games. 1 goal allowed one night and then 4 allowed in the next, twice in a row? Is it a question of the team’s inconsistency rubbing off on Turco’s stats, or the other way around?

Because Turco does have 20 more games than Stephan, I graphed out the Sv% for his first six as well, to compare it more accurately.

Given that half of Stephan’s appearances came in the middle of games, when Turco was pulled, and he was left to hold the fort for a team that always struggles when Turco is playing badly… his graphs look surprisingly consistent in comparison.

For those that maybe aren’t visual learners, some numbers:

Out of Turco’s 26 appearances, only 10 times has he posted a sv% over .900.

Stephan has 3 out of 6 times.

Out of Turco’s remaining 16 appearances, 2 were .800 and 4 were under that.

Stephan has 1 that was .800 and none under.

To rephrase:

Turco posted NHL-caliber numbers 1.66 times for every bad game he had.

Stephan did very well 3 times for every bad game he had.

Is this enough basis to say “toss Turco, start Stephan!”? Not exactly. Is it enough to suggest he’s earned a start more than once a month? Absolutely. Anyone that saw his go-go gadget glove save against the Predators is likely to agree.

Since none of the pictures from the most recent Dallas vs Nashville game are very team-flattering, how about a vintage shot instead? Comes with complimentary cow.


7 Comments to “Game Review – 12/13/08 (DAL at NSH)”

  1. Haha sorry to post another pointless comment that doesn’t have anything to do w/ the actual post, but y’all inspired me to go ahead and make my blog so I did. However with the great job y’all do and the lack of time I had lately I was just gonna make sure it was ok if I link y’alls game updates and some content in my posts, giving you all the credit, and prob more, than you deserve.

    If you have any probs or questions you can email me at

  2. Hardly pointless!

    Glad to hear you’ve started your own blog. I don’t mind if you link back or whatnot, and I believe Kristine agrees with me. It’s actually really flattering for us!

    One question, though: when do we get a link to this blog of yours?

  3. right now!

    alittle more editoral angled, because hopefully I can use this when applying for newspaper jobs in the future! (explaining why it’s so cornily professional)

    already have y’all linked on it!

  4. I hate that damn mooterus lol

    That game blew. I’m dreading to have to write the game recap.

  5. I assume y’all have e-mail? I can’t find it and am looking to chat with one of you two fine girls. You can get at me at Thanks!

  6. Haha I know. The mooterus is so fug.

    Evan, I sent you an email. 🙂

  7. are either of ya’ll going to be at the game tonight?

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