Thursday’s NHL Results

by Kristine

For a summary of the wins and losses from Thursday’s games, including team points, continue reading by clicking the link below.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens: 3-1 Lightning (This ended a nine-game losing streak for the Lightning.)
Lightning: 22 points (7-14-8) | Canadiens: 37 points (16-6-5)

Nashville Predators at Columbus Blue Jackets: 2-1 Blue Jackets in SO
Blue Jackets: 27 points (12-13-3) | Predators: 31 points (14-12-3)

Carolina Hurricanes at Philadelphia Flyers: 6-5 Flyers in SO
Hurricanes: 30 points (13-12-4) | Flyers: 36 points (15-7-6)

New York Islanders at Pittsburgh Penguins: 9-2 Penguins (Um, ouch. Sykora and Dupois both got hat tricks for  Pittsburgh. Former Star Philippe Boucher also scored.)
Penguins: 36 points (16-9-4) | Islanders: 22 points (10-16-2)

Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers: 2-0 Panthers
Panthers: 29 points (13-12-3) | Oilers: 28 points (13-11-2)

Minnesota Wild at Phoenix Coyotes: 3-1 Coyotes
Coyotes: 30 points (14-13-2) | Wild: 31 points (15-10-1)

Anaheim Ducks at San Jose Sharks: 2-0 Sharks
Sharks: 48 points (23-3-2) | Ducks: 35 points (16-10-3)

St Louis Blues at LA Kings: 6-2 Kings (Nice how everyone in our division can get a win but us…)
Kings: 28 points (12-12-4) | Blues: 27 points (12-12-3)


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