Robidas Busts Lip, Loses Teeth, Breaks Jaw?

by Chelsea

Very sad and very untimely news today. 😦

After taking a hit to the mouth in the first period of the game against the Coyotes, defenseman Stephane Robidas missed a good chunk of the second but returned stitched up and played the rest of the game. He logged a full 25 minutes and appeared to be a bit beat up but otherwise alright.

Yesterday, we heard this:

Robidas was seeing an oral surgeon today and Tippett said they’d know more tomorrow about it. As he said, and as we all know from watching Roby these past few seasons, if there’s a possibility Robidas will play, then he’ll be out there on the ice.

From Tracey Myers.

While the idea of Robidas not being there to face the Red Wings was a little nauseating, he wouldn’t be the first person to lose a few teeth this season.

Then, Tracey reports this straight out of practice today:

Robidas breaks jaw, out a week

That’s the word out of practice, as one more is added to the Stars’ list of walking wounded. And there are no other defensemen available for immediate call-up (Tippett said Mark Fistric is still working through his recent knee surgery).
Ah- what? But he played the rest of the game! With a broken jaw?!
We’re both confused and very unhappy. That leaves, what, Grossman as our best D guy? Against the defending champs? If the Stars aren’t functioning as a solid unit for the entire game, they’re going to get picked apart like roadkill.

4 Comments to “Robidas Busts Lip, Loses Teeth, Breaks Jaw?”

  1. With the exception of Tuesday, Daley has been fantastic for us.

  2. At least it wasn’t his nose, right? ; )

    Still, quite a bit of damage AND a huge loss of one of our bright Stars, no matter how long he is out. Sheesh, when are the Stars going to catch a break?!?!

  3. Jen: Yeah… I think Daley’s had some really good moments and he does have a better +/- than Grossman (thanks to a +4 outing against Minnesota). However, he’s also had some big Niskanen-style bloopers. Grossman, overall, has been pretty consistent. He’s won points for us for clearing the other team out of Turco’s crease and being pretty good on not turning the puck over.

    Lola: The breaks they are catching aren’t exactly the good ones, that’s for sure.

  4. Hub’s response, “Robi, just wear the cage.”

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