“Mike Ribeiro Wife Kids”

by Chelsea

To everyone that got here by searching for information about Mike Ribeiro and his family: would you please comment or message explaining why you all are so interested and why you thought we’d actually have info for you? We’ve gotten very curious about it.

Also, to the people that search for “stop hitting robidas” and its variations: control-d to bookmark. πŸ˜‰


19 Comments to ““Mike Ribeiro Wife Kids””

  1. At least that’s more unusual than “brad richards girlfriend.” =) After hearing how popular of a search term that is for many Dallas blogs, I was actually curious about what you find when you search it. Kind of wish I hadn’t tried it. I found a whole new world, and it was kind of, um, freaky. First I thought I was just getting old. Then I thought back, and even in high school and college I was never that creepy. I really hope these guys have good alarm systems or big dogs.

  2. Oh, and even better than control-b: feed-readers. One homepage, all your favorite blogs right there. iGoogle is my best technology friend. I was stunned my students didn’t know what they were. It’s not often the teacher gets to teacher the students about technology.

  3. I am a Stars fan who is new to your site as of last week via Puck Daddy. Anyways, I make it a point to go as far back as I can on a blog to see where it’s been and where it’s going. I love the name and enjoy what I’ve read!

    Anyways, it was fresh in my mind that you had mentioned something about Ribs and his family a while back. I checked, it was November 8th when you made him your Mr. Monday. Towards the end, you give a small bit of his history and mention his wife and kids!

    Maybe this is what is luring searchers?

  4. all around the net there’s alot of conflicting information: some sites say Ribeiro is a great family guy while others said he was having affairs on a road trip to San Jose and getting “party favours” from people when he was in Montreal. plus, in interviews Rib’s has said he has 3 kids, but his wiki page says he only has one. there’s also rumors of cocaine and things like that.

    well, that’s why i searched for it about 1 day you posted this blog 😐

  5. It’s quite amusing the ways people find blogs.

  6. Sarah: The sheer amount of search terms we get that have to do with Stars and their families is very creepy. Even creepier is the amount of personal info you can find out about somebody with a bit of digging. Big dogs, indeed.

    Lola: Thanks for commenting! I love meeting new readers. πŸ™‚ I’m sure our Mr Monday post is exactly why we get hits for him, although I’m sure it’s a little disappointing. Nothing too juicy about his family there!

    Lucas: Thanks for explaining. I’ve heard the rumors you have, but tend not to believe them. It’s all hearsay, not to mention none of my business. Sorry to disappoint you and the other searchers, but we don’t have any insider info here, either. πŸ™‚

    Jen: No kidding. It’s one of my favorite things about blogging, haha.

  7. I know him and his wife personally and they have been together for 10 years, so for sure they have had their ups and downs but they completely love each other. And those kids are too cute to be real. They really are just a normal, happy family that devotes all their free time to kids, hockey and family….

  8. Thanks for chiming in, Tony. It’s always interesting to get an insider’s view of things. And yes, I’ve seen pictures of his two boys, and they’re absolutely adorable.

  9. The search terms people use to find my blog are my absolute favorite thing about blogging! I feel for Brad Richards. The hits I get for him are seriously scary (both type and number).

  10. brad richards shoe size
    brad richards boxers or briefs
    brad richards route home
    brad richards naked sunbathing


    I’d say I’ll have to think of some silly ones to do just to keep you guessing, but honestly, I’m afraid of things I might find if I do it.

  11. Ahaha, Sarah. Those definitely beat most of ours. Poor hockey players. I’d be majorly freaked out if people were searching things like that about me.

    We don’t really get many hits about Brad Richards, but then again we haven’t done a Mr Monday on him yet. Most of the weird search terms we get are about Morrow and Ribs.

  12. Wow, that brad richards route home is really scary. I hope wherever he lives has really good security.

  13. Don’t believe everything you read on those crappy blogs. They are just a bunch of lunatic fans wishing and hoping to one day get with a hockey player. Which clearly will NEVER happen. They have better taste then that….

  14. um… if ribeiro is “sooo” dedicated and in love with his wife perhaps he should stop blatently checking out girls.

    • Looking isn’t cheating. You can love somebody and still appreciate other men/women as attractive.

    • he does more then look…and for the cities he’s been in, only he and the girls he has slept with know that.i just hope his wife does whats right for her and her kids at some point, i am sure she is well aware he cheats..

      • Are you admitting to having slept with him? Because until we meet somebody who can prove he’s cheated, we’re going to assume “innocent until proven guilty.”

  15. no, thats not whats being said, but from several things posted i have read, you have to wonder… i hope tony is correct for the sake of those children.

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