Sean Avery Suspended

by Kristine

UPDATE: Apparently Sean Avery went and got himself indefinitely freaking suspended for his little stunt. Ugh. -20 off ice points for pulling a stupid publicity stunt that ended up hurting his team, all because he can’t keep his big mouth shut.

Also, TSN has video of Turco, Mo, and Richards reacting plus the actual comment from Avery. The videos, titled “No Surprise” and “A New Low” respectively, are in a column on the right side of the page.

The saga continues: Apparently Hicks approves of the league’s action.

“I completely support the league’s decision to suspend Sean Avery,” said Dallas Stars owner Thomas O. Hicks. “Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have. This organization will not tolerate such behavior, especially from a member of our hockey team. We hold our team to a higher standard and will continue to do so.”

Honestly, it’s about time somebody upstairs finally holds Avery responsible for his behavior. I’m relieved to hear that Hicks is not as easily swayed by Avery’s charms – a term I use lightly – as Hull seems to be.

On another note, it will be very, very interesting to see if there’s a shift in how the Stars play without Avery in their line-up during his suspension.

More reactions from the Stars Brass after the jump…

Tippett via DMN:

“It’s something that the league has taken action on and our owner has supported it. I think everyone in our room believes there is an integrity that has to go into the game – a respect for the game and a respect for your opponents, and Sean crossed that line.”

When asked if he’s disappointed in Avery’s statement: “Very much so. Because we’ve had lots of conversations about how we need him to be a good player on our team, and the stuff that follows him off the ice, the less distraction the better. And it had been limited, it had been pretty limited until today. And we are where we are right now.”

Hull via Five for Fighting:

“The organization does not accept that type of behavior, and it won’t tolerate it. We stand by the league and obviously we have to wait and see before we can go any further.”

About his relationship and his feeling today: “Obviously I’m closely associated with Sean, because of our past together. We brought him in to be a part of our organization, because we thought and still believe he’s a excellent hockey player. But there comes a point when those things cease to matter when what you do away from the game interferes with the team. I believe that’s where we are now. The behavior, we are not going to tolerate. It’s embarrassing.”

Hull via DMN:

“I think disappointed is a good word. I mean, we’ve talked to him, we’ve told him where we stand as an organization, we told him what we’re built on, and then we get this. I mean, there comes a point when you have to be responsible for your own actions. They can’t just keep sending you to the principal’s office.”

“We have talked and talked and talked about being on the edge within the game, but not going over the line. We told him from the start that he can not do things that would embarrass the organization.”

When asked if this is repairable, Hull said, “I’m not sure that’s a fair question today. I think we will have to do a lot of talking as we go forward and figure out exactly where we are.”


14 Comments to “Sean Avery Suspended”

  1. While I agree that what he said was stupid, it seems more idiotic for the NHL to suspend him over it. Hicks and the Stars suspending him from it, I can understand, but not the NHL.

  2. I also do hope Hull is happy with the signing he was so proud of and pleased with.

  3. I agree that the league should’ve left it up to Hicks to suspend him. They must be really fed up with his antics to take drastic action like that.

    And yeah. Thanks, Hull. So glad your BFFE is doing such great things for our team.

  4. Sean Avery is a freakin idiot! They should of let him play the game tonight and let dion phaneuf deal with his ass! Then kicked him out of the league for good. He is the worst thing for hockey, A P.O.S. that talks the talk but runs and hides, turtling is the corner like a little bitch when its time to walk the walk.

  5. Scott, I’ve never had full-on hate for Avery, but I’m so disgusted by this whole mess. His display today was calculated, immature, and selfish. I don’t know about hockey itself, but he sure isn’t doing the Stars any favors with his bad behavior. Thanks for the comment.

  6. It seems though you’ve all basically covered the points I was going to make but since I just got home from work and I’m sitting here quite comfortably, I’m going to type them out anyway just because it’ll give me an excuse to do something that doesn’t involve getting out of my chair and doing dishes.

    The NHL has no right to suspend a player for comments made off the ice and, in fact, should be thanking Avery for doing what he’s doing.

    Now hear me out before you go all “well Tom, you’ve obviously semi-retarded”. Let me make my point…THEN you can say that.

    Sean Avery gets people talking about hockey. For a professional sports league, the NHL is struggling. We need people talking about our game as much as possible and I’ll resort to the old adage, “any publicity is good publicity”. When Avery made a fool of himself in front of Brodeur the NHL was all over the news. People need to hear about hockey and the NHL, be it because Sidney Criesby scored 250 points this season or because Sean Avery is dating a supermodel.

    Also, for Dallas Stars fans, you guys should be thanking Avery. If it weren’t for his antics, you’d all be focused on Turco’s head being served on a silver platter in reflection of his poor play. Or Tippett being fired as coach since the Stars are in last. Or Brett Hull sucking bags of penises as GM. If Avery played tonight, ALL eyes would be on him…and not about the man in net, the man behind the bench, or the man upstairs.

    Speaking of all eyes being on Avery, I guarantee you more people would tune in to watch the game just to see what antics he’d think of next. Or to see how Iginla or Phaneuf would pummel him. Not only does Avery make the game more entertaining for the home viewer, but he does it for people in the stands at the stadium as well. More people were disappointed by not seeing what would happen to Avery tonight than people were pleased by seeing him indefinitely suspended for saying a phrase that we’ve all heard before. Much, MUCH worse is said on ANY hockey rink at ANY skill level…and here we are acting as though Avery is the AntiChrist.

    And, not to mention, Avery isn’t an idiot. He knows what he’s doing. He knew what he was doing when he was with the Rangers, which was shown by their record (51-23-16 with Avery in the lineup versus 8-10-3 with him out of the lineup), and he definitely knows what he’s doing now. He’s sacrificing his already tarnished image to try and help out a last place team and get the attention off their struggling goaltender, off their underperforming coach, and off their greenhorn GM.

    So please, before you all come out namecalling and demanding that Avery becomes the NHL’s sacrificial lamb, realize what he’s doing. And realize that he’s doing it to try and help YOUR team. Besides, if you hate him that much, myself and the Blackhawks will be more than happy to take him off your hands.

    Anyway, Tom, you’re obviously semi-retarded.

    P.S. Sorry for the novel; I’m not even a big Avery fan, I just think you’re all judging him unfairly.

  7. Holy Christ that’s longer than your original entry.

    My apologies.

    But not really. 🙂

  8. Anyway, and sorry for the triple post, that’s my opinion on the situation. Is it classless? Sure. But is it surprising? Of course not. And if you ARE surprised by it, where have you been? On Mars, in a cave, under a rock, with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears?

  9. Tom,
    Nobody is surprised by this. Like you said, people knew Avery’s game long before he became a Star. And I agree that he gets people talking about hockey. The problem is that he does it by being a total douche (pardon my language) and acting in the very way that our club prides itself in avoiding.

    Also, for Dallas Stars fans, you guys should be thanking Avery. If it weren’t for his antics, you’d all be focused on Turco’s head being served on a silver platter in reflection of his poor play. Or Tippett being fired as coach since the Stars are in last. Or Brett Hull sucking bags of penises as GM.

    People are focusing on those other things, trust me. Those four people have been the main topics of conversation around here all season.

    He’s sacrificing his already tarnished image to try and help out a last place team and get the attention off their struggling goaltender, off their underperforming coach, and off their greenhorn GM.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that Avery made the comment he did in order to take the heat off other people. He’s proven that he is not a big team player. It seems obvious to me that he did it solely to get attention for himself. He’s admitted many times that he loves being hated. That isn’t a sacrifice for him.

    I just think you’re all judging him unfairly.

    I think the thing here isn’t just this one comment. I think it’s that this comment was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. All season, rumors of his locker room misconduct have been flying around. He’s garnered a lot of bad press for the Stars. He’s underachieved. Speculation abounds as to why the Stars can’t get it together, and a lot of fingers are pointing at Avery’s mere presence as being cancerous. Now, he comes out with something classless and immature, but honestly not that bad. I thought it was funny when I first heard it. What has made this such a big deal is the reaction to it. Immediate and indefinite suspension from the NHL was the start; the team refusing to have his back was the end. It’s been made clear that plenty of people associated with the team have a real problem with Avery, and that in turn makes the fans mad at him for disrupting the team. It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see that the rumors of him being a distraction in the locker room lean towards being true.

    Besides, if you hate him that much, myself and the Blackhawks will be more than happy to take him off your hands.

    General consensus is that we do hate him that much, so please. Take him. 🙂

  10. Kristine,
    Don’t you find it odd that he can have such an incredibly positive effect on a team like the Rangers but when he comes to the Stars (who already have agitators in Barch, Ott, and Morrow) apparently he’s cast in a completely different light, despite that fact that he’s doing no different than he did in NYC?

    I just think that this is a season where the Stars are playing horribly and you’re (not you personally, “you” as in the Stars organization and its fans) are using Avery as a scapegoat.

    Did the Stars not win tonight? And granted, it could be argued that they won because Avery wasn’t in the lineup, but with such a distraction occurring today, might it also be because of Avery that they won? Cases can be argued for both sides, I know…but I’m just bringing it up.

    And, just to play devil’s advocate, if the Stars as an organization really does pride itself on being classy (and I’m not arguing that at all, because I really do think Dallas IS a classy team), why was Avery even signed in the first place? Hull knew he would carry over his theatrics to this team, yet signed him anyway.

    Personally, I think the Stars’ troubles can be attributed to a few things. Turco has not been himself this year. While he’s usually one of the top three goaltenders in the league, for whatever reason he’s been performing horrendously. Injuries (Morrow and Zubov) have shown to be incredibly costly to the team as a whole. Morrow is the heart and soul of the Stars and losing him for an extended period of time won’t help an already struggling team, while losing your best defenseman also hurts quite a bit. Tippett. In my opinion he was never a good coach and now that the team is finally facing adversity, it’s beginning to show.

    The Stars are a mature team and have enough veterans in their locker room where they should be able to welcome and accept a player such as Avery, even if he does have a negative locker room presence. One player should not be able to completely sink a team, especially when that team has such a veteran presence consisting of players such as Modano, Zubov, Sydor, and Turco.

  11. I agree. One player should not sink a team. I don’t think Avery is the lone hole in our sinking ship, by any means. Sure, he’s become a scapegoat, but at the same time, nobody is turning a blind eye to the other problems either. Read any Stars blog or message board. They’re overflowing with “fire Tippett,” “trade Turco,” “Hull sucks,” and so on. That being said, obviously some of the problem does lie with him. I really don’t find it odd that the Rangers did so well with him and we’re doing so badly. They are a different team, with a different system. What works for one team doesn’t always work for another. Not to mention that we did already have Ott to agitate and Morrow and Barch to enforce, so Avery’s presence didn’t add much. Finally, who knows what Hull was thinking? Few people around here have been happy with his job as co-GM. His vision of what the Stars should be doesn’t seem to jive with anyone else’s vision, and plenty of fans have called him out for “buddy signing” Avery.

    What I think this comes down to is that unrest has been building up around here since our less than spectacular pre-season. This is simply the culmination of that. It raises a lot of questions, and sparks a lot of discussion and passion. There are people who think the Stars will shine again without Avery in the line-up, and there are people like yourself who think that the circus distracted the Flames and gave us a chance to win. There are people who say Avery deserves the suspension, and people who say it’s ridiculous. I tend to agree more with the people who think Avery’s suspension will be beneficial to the Stars, but I’m not jumping to any conclusions. Tonight went well, and the mood in the room afterward seemed to be one of “glad we can finally focus now,” but it’s just one game. As for whether or not he should be suspended for this? I’m on the fence. I think he’s hurt us more than he has helped us, yes. I want to see what we can do without him in the locker room, and if his absence makes a difference. However, his comment was far from “obscene” or “vulgar” and wouldn’t be such a big deal if the media hadn’t run away with it like they did. I also believe that if Bettman hadn’t suspended him, this controversy would have lasted a few days and then died down. Instead, it’s become something bigger.

    Anyway, speaking of novel-length comments, let me wrap this up. Yes. Avery is a scapegoat here. Yes, a large part of the blame is being put on him. However, it’s not entirely unjustified, nor is anyone ignoring the other issues. His suspension is a chance for the Stars to put aside one problem and focus on getting the others – Turco, team chemistry, spotty defense, and so on – worked out. I understand your point of view, but you have to see it from ours as well. It’s not what he said. It’s how he said it, and it’s the fact that the entire organization is so fed up with him that they’re hanging him out to dry. That speaks volumes about the atmosphere in our locker room, and fans are upset that it got to this point. Avery’s signing has put a bad taste in people’s mouths since day one, and now he’s finally done something to make everyone feel justified in hating him. Obviously you’re going to have people calling for his head after something like that.

  12. I think we’ve finally started to agree here, especially considering that I agree with everything you just said.

    But also, Avery can’t really be blamed for this. He acted this way in LA, he acted this way in NY, and obviously he was going to continue acting this way in Dallas.

    Just because he doesn’t fit in in Big D doesn’t necessarily mean it’s his fault. He was signed to do the job he had done previously in his career, and really, I see him doing that job. The problem is that it just doesn’t work in Dallas.

  13. Also, I’m sorry if I came off as a huge jerk during this. It wasn’t my intention at all.

    I’m just kind of annoyed with everyone making a huge deal out of this, when all he said was a phrase that I first learned in like…junior high. I guarantee you that 95% of male hockey fans heard about this and laughed.

  14. Tom: It’s nice to see such strong but well-spoken opinions! I think what Kristine was getting at is we all recognized what Avery has been in the past, but he was asked to be himself in a way that wouldn’t shame a franchise that prides itself on class and teamwork. No, it isn’t his fault that he was signed somewhere that didn’t need his style of play. Yes, though, it is his fault that he’d ignore a team that was trying to work with him by blatantly disrespecting a lot of people.

    It is too bad that he can’t seem to find a good balance. :/

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