Robidas Gets An ‘A’

by Chelsea

Dave Tippett announced today that there’d be no interim captain with Morrow out. Instead, Stephane Robidas will join Sergei Zubov and Mike Modano as an alternate captain. 

Tippett said Robidas has definitely earned the right.

“He typifies how we want to be perceived as an organization…very similar to Brenden,” Tippett said.

The rest of that is here, at DMN’s Mike Heika’s blog. 

So, congrats to Robidas. We of course have felt like he deserves this since he sported the ‘A’ early in the year (possibly preseason?) when Zubov was out. For most of that time, though, Brad Richards had the ‘A’, which raises the question of why he got it for a short time but it was given to someone else for the long haul. 

Also in that article is a suggestion that Niskanen will be scratched for Doug Janik tonight.

Heika also has this, with some quotes from Morrow about his injury. 

Morrow said he needs a complete reconstruction. He said the doctors are addressing other problems in his knee and said some tendons that are normally used for reconstruction (the patellar tendon, particularly) aren’t in good shape. So he said he needs this.

He may be able to walk on the injury and go to morning skate, but clearly its not something he should even think about playing with until he’s 100%.

Which leads to this: Will Avery, Richards, Turco, and the rookies finally step up to the plate and dig this team out of its hole for Morrow’s sake? We brought in Avery for his grit and ability to force his way to the net, which Morrow had been providing. We brought in Richards as an experienced leader and team player, which we desperately need. We’ve looked to Turco to steady the ship and provide a foundation to win games on, and with the captain injured, we need some solid ground. This is also the prime opportunity for Brunnstrom and Neal to get some ice time and bring some much-needed energy. 

As far as defense goes, it’s time for Robidas, Sydor, and Zubov to reel in the newer defense and reforge the Star’s identity once again.

3 Comments to “Robidas Gets An ‘A’”

  1. Well said. You paragraph starting with “Which leads to this” really sums the situation up very well. And yeah for Robi getting the “A”!

  2. With Brendan Morrow gone for the season or at least for a long period of time, Dallas is done for in my opinion. It all began with the signing of Avery which is the beginning of the end for the team. Time to blow it up and and start from scratch. my thoughts

  3. Thanks Myra!

    JH: Teams need optimistic fans more when they’re losing than when they’re winning. I’m gonna have to disagree with you that they’re done for the season.

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