Practice Update

by Chelsea

Kristine went to practice and had a few things to report back.

Sydor was wearing 55 and appeared to be enjoying hanging with Zubov again. Lehtinen did not practice because he was resting.

Crombeen and Ribeiro were working together, and apparently looked really good.

TSN is saying we’ve put Crombeen on waivers, though, so there’s a chance that he could get picked up by another team.


3 Comments to “Practice Update”

  1. Any pictures? I’d love to see Syd back at practice


  2. Amy, I’ve been having trouble with my camera and none of my pics are coming out well, especially action or low light ones. I did snag this blurry one of Syd though. 🙂

  3. Thanks Kristine! I really just wanted to see a picture of Syd 🙂


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