Quickly: Boucher for Sydor?

by Kristine

It’s being reported by RDS (who is supposedly a very reputable source similar to TSN) that tonight’s healthy scratch Philippe Boucher has been traded for current Penguin and former Star Darryl Sydor. Apparently the Pens need Boo for their PP, and we need Sydor because Boo hasn’t been stellar this season? Hard to say at this point. Neither the Stars nor the Penguins are announcing anything officially, but Sydor has been asking to be traded for a while now. The two defensemen have nearly identical contracts, and each team has valid reasons for wanting the trade. As of right now it’s just a [very large] rumor, but we’ll see where things are in the morning.

Original RDS article (in French; Google can help you translate). If you don’t feel like taking that extra step to translate, TSN has now broken the story, with RDS as its main source.


2 Comments to “Quickly: Boucher for Sydor?”

  1. That’s really interesting… I haven’t read anything about it anywhere else, but I was wondering why Boo wasn’t in the lineup tonight. I guess we will see tomorrow or Monday.

    I love Boo, but I think all of his injuries have finally caught up with him and he’s just not that effective anymore. I would like to see him finish his career as a Star.

    I love Syd too… but I find it hard to believe he’d come back to the Stars after what the front office did to him.


  2. I’m haveing trouble figureing out, what the point of this trade is.

    I mean really, is it worth the effort?

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