It’s Official: Darryl Sydor Returns

by Chelsea

The Dallas Stars announced this morning that Darryl Sydor would be returning to Dallas, at the cost of Philippe Boucher to Pittsburgh. 

The release is here, with lots of quotes from Sydor but nothing from Boucher. 

“Boucher has been a good player and a great guy for us,” said Co-General Manager Les Jackson. “I think the change is going to do him well. We feel that Sydor brings that calming factor back there that we had with (Mattias) Norstrom. He’s a smart player.”

Added Brett Hull, “Both guys needed a change, and I think it works for both teams. We hope Syd comes in and does what he does best, which is lead by example on and off the ice. He stabilizes our room. He has some solid relationships starting with Mike (Modano) and (Sergei) Zubov and throughout our organization. You hate to lose a guy like Bouch, but it’s the nature of the beast with how we were going.”

The Penguins also broke the news today, with this small piece.  Penguins fans seem pretty excited to be rid of Sydor, who’d been nothing but a bench buddy for their team, in exchange for some much-needed power play help.

Tracey Myers has this on her blog, a quote from Boucher.

 “I’ve been around here for a while, and you hope you can retire here, but things like that aren’t always realistic,” Boucher said. “When the team’s not doing well, you have to do certain things. My family’s handling it pretty well. Hockey-wise, it’s a great opportunity for me. That’s how I have to see it. I can’t look back for too long. But when I do, I will be very grateful for the time I’ve had here.”


As much as I understand the need for a little shakeup, it is sad to see it come at the expensive of someone as classy as Philippe Boucher. It was Boo who signed all the pink helmets to raise money for cancer during games, after losing his father to the disease. Boo who nearly lost both his eyes for us. Boo who wanted to retire here. Boo who now has to uproot his family. I really feel that he sees this not as much as an opportunity for him, but also as another something he’s willing to sacrifice for this team. 

Best of luck to Boucher with the Penguins.

A couple questions arise, though. What number will Sydor be wearing? Will Niskanen give up the 5? Now that we have 7 apparently-solid defensemen (Grossman, Robidas, Niskanen, Daley, Janik, Zubov, Sydor), who gets scratched? Does Sydor return to being paired with Zubov? And will he get a hat trick in Thursday’s game?


2 Comments to “It’s Official: Darryl Sydor Returns”

  1. They better give Syd his 5 back, I’ll be pissed otherwise.

    Scratch Nisky, send him down or let him get claimed off Waivers, he’s no good for us.

    So far in 5 games, Fistric is a +7. He hasn’t gotten any points, but that’s not really his big asset as a defenseman. Bring him up they feel we need a 7th d-man.

  2. it sucks that the Stars loss Boucher…I am going to miss him. I am going to agree that Niskanen hasn’t done anything for this team and hoping that Fistric gets recalled up. Maybe if Niskanen struggles then the Stars may have to part with him and trade him for someone better.

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