Robidas Votes Removed

by Kristine

“The NHL is stupid.”

So, anyone that’s checked the All-Star Games starting line voting leader board may have noticed that votes were removed from a majority of the players, probably in an attempt to make up for cheating.

Most obvious are the votes removed from the Dallas Stars, removing Mike Ribeiro from first place, removing Morrow and Turco from anywhere near the top, and knocking Modano and Robidas off the board completely.

Also obvious: the Canadiens, who started this cheating scandal, are still all hovering at 200k votes – each. That fills the entire Eastern Conference with Habs, who thanks to the new no-cheat restrictions in voting, have their win pretty much cemented. For the West, its no surprise that the Red Wings seem to have gotten a boost when all the other players had votes removed.

We put a lot of cheat-free work into putting Robidas, Morrow, Ribeiro, Modano, and Turco at the top where we felt they belonged. This kind of obvious rigging that negates our efforts is just an embarrassment. For shame, NHL, for shame.


2 Comments to “Robidas Votes Removed”

  1. That’s chicken-crap. Not your post, but that they are doing this. If they are going to insist on having their favorites on the ballot* then they better live with the fans who work hard to get their often overlooked favorites on the team.

    P.S. I’ll add Robidas to my list if you add Devin Setoguchi to yours. =)

    *I swear, the ballot must be made by I-know-nothing-about-the-league-I-run Bettman himself. Some assistant reads him names and if he’s heard one before, he’ll add him. I mean, really. I love Brad, but on the All-Star ballot this year? WTF? I’m sure (no, I’m positive) he’s saying the same thing.

  2. Honestly, as much as I love the Stars and like to see them on the starting line for the All-Star team… there are a lot of players in the Western Conference playing a whole lot better than them and deserve it more.

    Not that that makes it okay to remove votes from some players and not others… that’s just dumb and not fair to people like you guys who spent a lot of time writing them in


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