Game Review – 11/13/08 (DAL vs LAK)

by Chelsea


Remember earlier in the season, when we went and lost that away game to Nashville, and then came home and whooped them with a Bunny hat trick?

This game was supposed to be like that, except with more fire because of what happened with Ribeiro at the end of the last game. Oh, and this time Brunnstrom was scratched for a guy who played 2 shifts.

Speaking of that guy, anyone catch the pregame interview with Ribeiro and Crombeen? Someone got his tooth fixed!

Being a home game, us SHR girls were actually there. First period started out with me wondering why the crowd was more enthusiastic than the players. Maybe it was the fact that the officials were whistle-happy against the Stars, cutting off any momentum they might have built.

Philippe Boucher got the first, whistled at 6:10 for hooking Alexander Frolov. I didn’t actually see the hooking, but knowing our defensemen, I don’t really doubt it happened.

The Kings were limited to three SOG during that power play, before Krys Barch began his short-lived attempt to pummel them all. He checked them, they checked him, they chirped, they argued in faceoffs, they tried to fight but were separated by the officials…

Sean Avery apparently missed the attention so he stole the puck and tried to put it in the net. He was cut short by LA netminder Erik Ersberg (who I personally think looks awful feminine for a goalie). Ersberg then stuck his leg out as Avery went across the crease. Avery tripped up but did not fall. Ersberg… did fall. I found it a little suspicious. He stuck his leg out, tripped Avery, and HE fell?

Anyway, Avery got a tripping penalty at 9:49 that gave me a dirty taste in my mouth. That taste worsened when they hadn’t even finished announcing the power play when the power play ended because the Kings scored with a shot from the point. We entered a 1-0 hole at 9:53 thanks to Michal Handzus, with help from Peter Harrold.

I guess Ribeiro was the only one who was feeling the same fire from Tuesday, because he was one of the few people exchanging hits with the Kings. Ott took some hits, and Morrow tried to land some, but the momentum was pretty much shot already.

In another “kick us when we’re down” moment this season, the sluggish Stars were scored on again. This time it was Jarret Stoll at 13:11, with assists from Frolov and Sean O’Donnell. Again, it came off the point, with LA following up on Turco’s loose rebound.

Someone let out Toby Petersen, who got another “Top 10 Easiest Shots to Stop” SOG when he tried an unsuccessful wraparound instead of passing to a centered BJ Crombeen. Barch continued his campaign for vengeance by getting a lot of pushing and griping and almost-fighting in, but the officials were determined to keep the game fight-free.

Barch, not so easily distracted from his goal, responded by absolutely clobbering a King along the boards, which provoked yet another near-scrum with the entire LA team. Crombeen hopped in to try and help out, but the officials pulled everyone apart. (The NHL play-by-play says that he hit Gauthier, but charged Ivanans, but I’m pretty sure the number on the jersey was 42, which would make it Preissing) Because Barch did leave his feet before smashing into whoever it was, he got a penalty for charging, and Tippett didn’t give him another shift for the rest of the game.

Turco made a couple solid saves, and that penalty was killed.

Then, Kyle Quincey got two for interference on Loui Eriksson, finally giving the Stars a power play at 17:45 in the first. About a minute into that, Mike Modano checked a King, provoking Gauthier to get the Kings another interference, this time on Modano. This gave the Stars thirty seconds of 5-on-3.

With a mere :22 left in the first, Brad Richards set a trend that would not be shaken over the course of the game. Sergei Zubov faked a shot, instead sending the puck to Richards. Richards smacked it from the point right past Ersberg. Brenden Morrow got the second assist.

Snacks happened in the first intermission.

Second period started 2-1 Kings.

It started like this: Mark Parrish hits someone, Dustin Brown shoots the puck at Turco, and Stephane Robidas gets a hooking penalty. Makes the Stars sound more like clumsy thugs than, y’know, a team that can actually keep possession of the puck.

I think Robidas felt pretty awful about that penalty, and rightfully so. At 3:24, halfway through their power play, the Kings scored again. It was sad. Turco made at least 4 sprawling saves to deny the Kings, who just learned from their early goals and sent the puck to the point, where Quincey shot it in for an easy point. Oscar Moller and Frolov got the assists.

Momentum for the Stars really picked up here. Jere Lehtinen and Sergei Zubov both got shots off, Ribeiro continued to check people, and then a minute later, Ribeiro tripped someone. Less than ten seconds later, Toby Petersen hi-sticked someone.

Yeah. 5-on-3 in favor of the Kings, for nearly an entire two minutes. Would you believe it if I told you they barely got a shot off on Turco?

With that effectively killed… Stephane Robidas took another penalty, this time for tripping. Oh, but wait. Our PK looked so good, we were actually going “Oh no, only 20 more seconds to get a SH goal!”. Trevor Daley and Loui Eriksson had PP-like hustle in front of the Kings net in what was actually a Kings PP.

This chunk of play looked good. The Kings looked a little frustrated and picked up their hitting, while the Stars got some good shots off on goal and drew a slashing penalty on Stoll.

Because he’s a spiteful little punk, Ribeiro came out fully intending to park it in the net and score in this power play. Boucher sent it to Richards, who shot it, and Ribeiro tipped it in. Another PP goal for the Stars, putting the game within reach at 3-2.

O’Donnell gave us a chance to tie it by cross checking Steve Ott, but we never score on crunch-time power plays. Robidas did get a powerful shot off, but it was blocked.

Second period ended 3-2 Kings. Exactly at the disadvantage we found ourselves at coming into the period, hm.

Third period.

Avery slashes someone, he retaliates, double slashing. Not as funny as double tripping, but still.

Ribeiro continued to be one of the only people putting in 100%, shooting, catching his own rebound, shooting again, again going for his own rebound, and almost scoring like 3 times. Almost.

Both teams spend ten minutes getting good shots and hits off on each other. Goalies work hard to hold it at 3-2.

Somewhere in here, Parrish took a 2-minute slashing, the penalty was killed, he got a good shot off, and Grossman laid down on a Kings player behind the net and took a short break. Seriously.

Despite the fact that the Kings were pairing their worst line with our best, the Stars did not manage to tie it up, and the third ended just like the first and second; the Stars down by one.


  • Tippett preaches that the team needs to build trust, and yet will not leave the lines alone.
  • Brunnstrom was scratched for Crombeen, who only got 2 shifts in the entire game.
  • Niskanen also had limited shifts, spending the entire third on the bench.
  • Toby Petersen was on the PP. Nevermind that he literally has never scored a goal as a Star. Not even in the 16 playoff games he played in last spring.
  • Conclusion: Not sure where Tipp’s head is. We think he’s got some master plan that involves confusing the other team so much that they just stand around and watch us score. Even then, does he really think Petersen will find the back of the net?
  • Suggestion: Stu Barnes for head coach!

SHR +/-:

Nicklas Grossman: one for using a King as a couch; +1
Stephane Robidas: one for leading in blocked shots with four, one for solid defense, and minus-two for the careless penalties; +0
Matt Niskanen: one pity point for being so Nisky-like; +1
Trevor Daley: one for getting a SH SOG; +1
Mike Modano: one for leading in takeaways and minus-one for tanking in faceoffs; +0
Brenden Morrow: two for the assist; +2
Krys Barch: two for having a fire nobody else did but minus-one for using it stupidly; +1
Sean Avery: arrrgggg; -1
Toby Petersen: aaarrrrrgggggggg; -2
James Neal: two for scoring shorthanded with the Moose tonight in their 2-1 win over the Marlies and two for being on a four-game point streak; +4
Loui Eriksson: one for being surprisingly good on the PP; +1
Mark Fistric: two for being +6 in four games with the Moose; +2
Marty Turco: two for some really good saves; +2
Philippe Boucher: two for the assist; +2
Sergei Zubov: two for the assist; +2
Mike Ribeiro: three for the goal, one for leading in hits, and one for being one of the only people who looked like they were trying; +5
Brad Richards: three for the goal and two for the assist; +5
Fabian Brunnstrom: one pity point for getting scratched; +1


5 Responses to “Game Review – 11/13/08 (DAL vs LAK)”

  1. I like the “arrrrrggggg”s in the SHR +\-!

    I was at the game, too, and man, that shit was bananas. I was pretty high up (section 305), but I’m fairly certain that the referees MAY need to get their eyes checked.

  2. How did we go from being a respectable team, to being “that dirty team, that needs to be watched like a hawk, and penilised at the drop of a hat??”


  3. Cat – I know! I couldn’t believe how many penalties were getting called on us, right off the bat. Although, granted, at least a few of them were deserved.

    Life – We added Sean Avery, and we started losing. The jury is still out on how closely the two are related to each other though.

  4. and Grossman laid down on a Kings player behind the net and took a short break. Seriously.

    I thought I didn’t have any favorite moments from this game. I completely forgot about Grossman taking a nap on that guy! Thanks for reminding me!


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