Small Update

by Kristine

Fan voting for the 2009 All-Star game started at midnight, and guess who the number one and number two forwards currenly are? Our very own Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow! Thanks to a guerilla voting effort, Stephane Robidas is on the leaderboard for defensemen (help keep him there; write him in!), and Marty Turco is in third for goaltenders. Cast your vote here; you can vote as often and as many times as you’d like.

Marty Turco has the number one save of the week again this week!

TSN reports that the league has reviewed Brenden Morrow’s instigator penalty and decided that he will not receive a one-game suspension. Expect him in the line-up for tomorrow’s game against the Kings.

Ribeiro’s beautiful shootout move, apparently taught to him by BJ Crombeen of all people, is already blowing up on YouTube. See a nice video of it, with it in slow-motion, here

Bob Sturm remarks that in our five-game road trip, the Stars had a shot advantage in only two of fifteen total periods. Hard to win hockey games that way, eh?


Note: That “shhh” move after Ribeiro’s shootout goal? Apparently it upset LA’s Derek Armstrong, provoking a probably half-hearted apology from Ribeiro. Anyone else think they blew this out of proportion? 

And, speaking of saying sorry, guess who did NOT have anything apologetic to say. 

BROWN: “No. He’s a pretty honest player. We’ve both been in situations like that before and we’re both honest players. Obviously with a hit like that, it was a big hit and it turned into a bad situation, I guess, for Ribeiro. I think (Morrow) understood what happened. Had that been Kopi getting hit, I think the same thing (would have happened).” 

He guesses it was a bad situation. Meh.


One Comment to “Small Update”

  1. I’m so glad that for once brenden is second from the top instead of second from the last.

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