Game Review – 11/08/08 (DAL at SJS)

by Chelsea


After their win against the Anaheim Ducks, the Stars looked to collect back-to-back wins against the San Jose Sharks last night. Initially, the channel that had planned to broadcast the game chose to air college football instead, but we joined the game in progress only a few minutes into the first.

The first period started like most Sharks games- there was lots of hitting on both sides. Steve Ott, Mike Ribeiro, and Sean Avery all got solid hits in. It only took five minutes for the gloves to come off, when BJ Crombeen took on Sharks heavyweight Ryane Clowe. It was a pretty even fight, ended with BJ half out of his jersey and a solid punch that knocked Clowe spinning to to the ice. Both got 5 for fighting.

Brenden Morrow has said multiple times that he’d like to see the Stars play 60 minutes every game with a one-nothing mentality. I’m not sure he meant it quite so literally.

At 7:013, San Jose defenseman Dan Boyle beat Turco’s glove hand to put the game at 1-0 for the Sharks.

This goal was really just a product of the Stars being outskated and unable to keep up with the determined Sharks, who were undeniably out for a little payback. Like the Ducks, we punted them from the playoffs last spring, and this was our first meeting this season.

The pressure worsened when Sean Avery took a sloppy penalty for cross checking. The Stars successfully killed off the penalty, and got on a power play of their own twelve minutes in when Christian Ehrhoff got a minor for hi-sticking. They did not manage to score, however.

For awhile, nothing happened besides the Stars getting physically trampled. The period ended on a Sharks PP when Avery took his second sloppy minor, this time for slashing.

Because Avery got his penalty at 18:20 in the first, the second period started with Sharks momentum as they had immediate power play time. The period continued with both teams trading possession, hits, and shots on goal.

Fabian Brunnstrom got a little payback for some big hits on Stars with a smashing hit on Ehrhoff that sent him sliding to the boards.

Stars momentum was given another boost when the Sharks took a penalty for having too many men on the ice, but they still didn’t manage to convert that advantage to points.

Brenden Morrow further secured his lead at the top of the “most minor penalties in the league” chart with a 2 minute tripping.

Thanks to the heroic goaltending of Marty Turco, the Stars stuck in the game behind only by one.

At 12:04, Joe Thorton and his Sharks bully buddy came together to sandwich Nicklas Grossman into the boards. He came out a little wobbly with a bloodied nose, and Thorton took two minutes for boarding.

Also in the end of the second, also from Joe Thorton, was a nasty hi-stick to Ribeiro off the faceoff that was not called. Let me emphasize. Faceoff, official there dropping the puck, Thorton smack Ribeiro in the face. Ribeiro falls to his knees at the feet of the official. It does not get called. Ugh. Ribs was alright though, aside from the steaming anger that threatened to erupt onto the ice.

Things improved towards the end of the second for Dallas, though, with Sean Avery and Mike Modano getting a handful of good shots on goal, giving Sharks backup goalie Brian Boucher his first real challenge of the night.

Second intermission, I believe, had Modano explaining that they had all the right ideas in the locker room, but their brains switched off somewhere between there and the ice.

Third period had the Stars still with a strong jump that they’d built in the end of the second. Their hard work would pay off with a little help with Loui Eriksson. If you remember, he had spent most of the Ducks game pushing and hustling towards the goal, with no points to show for it. He brought that same hustle out in the third, and this time it showed in numbers.

Eriksson started the play by claiming the puck from the corner of the Sharks defensive zone and sending it to a centered Ott. Ott’s shot ricocheted off past the net to the boards, and Eriksson came from the side to shovel the puck in behind Boucher.

His goal tied the game at 1-1, which threw both teams into tiebreaker frantic mode with fifteen minutes left in regulation.

The only penalty of the period came shortly after, when Jeremy Roenick got a minor for tripping. The Stars almost came out ahead when a shot from Brad Richards nearly produced another tip in, this time from Brenden Morrow. Boucher had learned from his mistake, however, and this time the attempt was blocked.

Unfortunately, as the third wore on, the Sharks picked up the pace once again. In comparison, the Stars did not seem to want the win nearly as much. Both teams continued exchanging shots and blows in a very tense final ten minutes.

It was Marty Turco, who had so fantastically held the Stars in the game, who would prove to be their undoing in the end. In attempt to handle the puck, Turco hesitated and accidentally sent it into Patrick Marleau’s skates instead of clearing it or sending it to the corner. Marleau did not hesitate to capitalize on Turco’s mistake, sweeping by and putting the puck in the net with 20 seconds left on the clock.

The game ended 2-1 Sharks, and the Stars were left without a point to show for their effort.


  • The three game stars all went to Sharks.
  • Turco’s play in the game lowered his season GAA to 3.93 and raised his sv% to .858. He blocked 31 in 33 shots.
  • The Stars were outshot 24-33 in the game. They were also outhit 43-21.
  • Sergei Zubov led the team again in TOI, with 24 minutes.
  • Brad Richards led in SOG, but left the game -2 in +/-
  • Conclusion: Though we left without a point, the Stars managed to pull together a game that showed a more cohesive effort than they’d had most of the season, giving two consecutive solid efforts for the first time.
  • Conclusion metaphor: All season, the Stars had been out on a lake with a boat, paddles, and people but all floating freely. Now we’ve got the people in the boat with the paddles, and its just a matter of getting them to row in sync.

SHR +/-:

Nicklas Grossman: one pity point for how sad he looked when he got a bloody nose; +1
Stephane Robidas: one for covering all his bases (shooting, blocking, hitting); +1
Matt Niskanen: minus-two for  having nothing but giveaways; -2
Trevor Daley: two for leading the team in blocked shots; +2
Mike Modano: one for leading the team in takeaways; +1
Sean Avery: minus-one for the stupid penalties and minus-two for meeting Niskanen in giveaways; -3
Loui Eriksson: three for the goal and one for effort; +4
Steve Ott: two for the assist and one for effort; +3
Marty Turco: three for being Turco again and holding us in the game, but minus-one for his slipup; +2
BJ Crombeen: two for the fight and one for winning it; +3
Mike Ribeiro: one for manning up after the hi-sticking by verbally mauling Thorton; +1
Brad Richards: one for effort; +1


2 Responses to “Game Review – 11/08/08 (DAL at SJS)”

  1. I agree that this is the best game they’ve played so far. Even though they lost. It’s definately the most best effort so far this year.


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