Check out saves #4 and #1. ;)

by Kristine

Just proof that even though the stats say Turco sucks, he’s actually still awesome. And people wonder why we have so much faith in him.

Click, scroll, click click. 

For people curious about new Star Mark Parrish, here’s this, courtesy of Youtube and the Bob Sturm Blog:


3 Comments to “Check out saves #4 and #1. ;)”

  1. Turco is one of the best, there’s no denying it. Everyone has a slump, and when he gets out of his, the other teams will cry. Hard.

  2. We have some amazing talent on our roster. When we start playing the way we CAN play, we’ll be unstoppable. :]

  3. Awe. I loved the video of Mark. Looks like he should fit right in here. I think at least half the team are fishermen and half have new babies. I just hope he is the kind of player who stays in front of the net. Sounds like he might be.

    We do have some amazing players, we just have to keep the faith that they are going to come together and gel soon.

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