Game Review – 11/01/08 (DAL at BOS)

by Chelsea

Aka, “I hate the Bruins and would not mind seeing a meteor hit Boston”.

No, that’s harsh. Those poor Boston citizens already have to deal with having a bunch of thugs and jerks for a hockey team. No need to blow up their city, too.

In case you missed it, Boston beat us 5-1. Turco was in net and made some good stops. Once again, the other team used Fistric as a surface to deflect the puck off of into the net. There was something like 146 minutes worth of penalties called in this game. For the math-challenged, that’s roughly 2.5 times the actual amount of time in the game.

Since I’m tired of “here are all five people that scored on us” reviews, instead, I’m going to explain to you all why you should hate the Bruins too!

Reason 1:

They’re like children that tap you on one shoulder and stand by the other looking innocent, except that by tap on I mean smash violently into. Bruins players got so many cheap shots off on our players, Ott especially, and none of them were called. Really. One guy hit Ott in the face with his stick, and later took a baseball swing at the back of his head. When they finally provoked our players, they acted like we’d started it. Now, I can’t say what kind of insults Ott and Avery were throwing out, but that’s par for the course.

Reason 2:

They bribed the officials. Or drugged them with sleeping pills. Or maybe blinded them before the game. I’m not sure, but something was up with the officials managing to miss all the cheap shots in reason 1.

Reason 3:

The Bruins are actually a street gang that get paid by mugging people, and tonight they used Sean Avery as a gang initiation target. See, the new Bruinsies got to become full-fledged members by joining in on an Avery ambush. Not kidding here. At one point, Avery was curled up in a ball on the ice, getting sat on/hit in the head by Savard, while FOUR other Bruins teammates tried to join in.

Reason 4:

Apparently in Boston, it is perfectly acceptable to jump from your bench onto the ice to try and pick a fight.

Reason 5:

Their coach commends such angry-mob behavior, saying that it was good leadership on Savard’s part. Also said he felt bad for Barch, having to clean up Ott’s mess. As if Ott hadn’t had a giant target on his back all night…

Reason 6:

Milan Lucic, Mark Stuart, Shawn Thornton, Marc Savard, Shane Hnidy.

Reason 7:

Did you see Matt Niskanen get jumped during the Avery ambush? The guy’d literally never been in an NHL fight and was skating by to try and break up the pile on Avery, when he got pulled to the side and forced into a fight.

Reason 8:

Matt Niskanen and Sean Avery both got 10-minute misconducts. Really, refs?

Reason 9:

They did this to our beloved Stars. 

Reason 10:

After playing dirty, unsportsmanlike, and downright mean, they still walked away with the two points. Talk about not deserving what you’ve earned.

There wasn’t much I saw that I liked in that game, but the goal we did get was nice. Avery basically swept past someone, grabbing the puck off that guy’s stick as he went, and sunk it from a considerable distance all by himself.

Also, Richards was back. Seemed to be okay to me. Guess his lower body is in working order again.

Stars get almost a full week off before they play Anaheim and San Jose on Friday and Saturday respectively. We’ll see what happens between now and then.


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