Rookie Impact

by Chelsea

Had a little free time, decided to do the math and see where we’d be without the points and assists our amazing trio of rookies provided for us. Granted, this is assuming nobody else would have stepped up in lieu of the rookies.

Game 1’s 4-5 OTL:
Without James Neal’s goal: 4-3 regulation loss.

Game 2’s 1-3 L:
No impact

Game 3’s 6-4 W:
Do I have to say it?
Bunny provided 3 goals.
Neal and Crombeen assisted on Modano’s goal.
Without them, a 2-4 L.

Game 4’s 1-6 L:
No impact.

Game 5’s 4-5 L:
Would have still lost, except it would have been  2-5 without a goal each from Neal and Brunnstrom.

Game 6’s 2-1 W:
Brunnstrom assisted on Morrow’s goal.
Neal and Crombeen assisted on Modano’s again.
Without them, a 0-1 L.

Game 7’s 0-5 L:
No impact

Game 8’s 5-3 W:
No impact.

Game 9’s 4-5 OTL:
Crombeen assisted on Avery’s goal and got one of his own.
Bunny had a goal.
Without them, no OT, with a 1-4 L.


So, basically, instead of being at 3-4-2, we’d be at 1-8-0. Instead of having 8 points, we’d have 2.

Sean Avery would have no assists or goals. Neither would Petersen, Grossman, or Boucher.

Brad Richards would have 1 assist instead of 4.

Modano would be down 2 goals and 2 assists.

The Stars have 3 rookies: James Neal, Fabian Brunnstrom, and BJ Crombeen. In league-wide rookie standings, Brunnstrom is #4, Crombeen is #5, and Neal is #8. Without them, this ship would be sunk. So, I present to you, the newly-minted Prodigious 3:

#18 - James Neal

#18 - James Neal

#44 - BJ Crombeen

#44 - BJ Crombeen

#96 - Fabian Brunnstrom

#96 - Fabian Brunnstrom


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