Calendar 2009

by Kristine

In light of Jen’s post about the 2009 calendar, here are a few suggestions to the people in charge.

1. Dress the players up in costumes.
Jan – Zubie as a scary clown
Feb – Turco as McSteamy in the shower
March – Bunny, Neal, and Crombeen as the 3 Muskateers
April – Lehtinen as a grandpa
May – Richards as a monkey
June – Ott as a fighter pilot
July – Daley and Nisky as Batman and Robin
Aug – Avery as a vampire
Sept – Ribeiro as Michael Jackson
Oct – Modano as a girl scout
Nov – Morrow in drag
Dec – Robidas as Spartan
Cover – Boucher as James Bond
Some of these – Turks, Avery, Ribs, Mo, and Morrow – come from tonight’s Stars Insider interviews about past Halloween costumes. xD Not sure how the guys would feel about dressing up, but I know the fans would love it.

2. Stage some thrilling outdoor activities.
Jan – Zubie hunting bears
Feb – Turco spelunking
March – Bunny, Neal, and Crombeen riding horses
April – Lehts fly fishing
May – Richards bird watching
June – Ott on a jet ski
July – Daley and Nisky racing on ATVs
Aug – Avery climbing a tree
Sept – Ribs as a cowboy
Oct – Mo roasting marshmallows
Nov – Morrow as a lumberjack
Dec – Robi hiking
Cover – Boucher pitching a tent

Would love to fit Barchy, Grossman, Louibot, Lundy, and Stephan in there somewhere but there are only so many months in a year. Anyone else have any ideas?

*For the record, we love the calendar just how it is but in case they want to step it up next year, we thought we’d throw our two cents in. 🙂


3 Comments to “Calendar 2009”

  1. Zubie as a scary clown is so so horrifying. I’m going to have nightmares about it, that will only be stopped by the thought of a thrilling outdoor calendar that includes Mo roasting marshmallows. Because that? Is hilarious.

  2. I can totally picture B-Rad birdwatching. And as a monkey. Good call on those!

  3. Cat – I agree with everything you said. Haha. The mental image of Mo roasting marshmallows will stay with me forever.

    Sarah – Glad you agree. We always say that Richards looks like a monkey with his buzz cut haha. 😛

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