Stars Practice!

by Chelsea

So much fun. Maybe not for the players, though.

Tippett was working them big time. Practice supposedly started at noon, we got there at 11:40, and they were already running drills and looking exhausted. All of what we saw was centered around defense and just working harder to stop pucks.

Joel Lundqvist and Jere Lehtinen did not skate (though Lehts did come out afterwards to sign autographs). Apparently Lundqvist suffered some sort of shoulder or upper body injury? Steve Ott skated, looked good.  Sergei Zubov was skating and looking very happy to get a chance to shove some rookies into the boards. Doug Janik also skated, and his eye looked a little less swollen.

According to DMN, Andy Moog was down there before practice working with Marty Turco and Tobias Stephan…

Moog worked with both goalies before practice and said he simply wanted to remind them of the details of their game.

We met up with Jen, Myra, The Hub, and The Kid towards the end to go stand for autographs. Mo was already at the end of the line (sneakin’ out, eh?) but was signing things for people down there.

Just about everyone came out for signatures. Sean Avery did not. Zubov did. Boucher did not (turns out he was hanging around for the kids hockey lesson – his son was practicing?). The rookies did. Morrow did.

Poor Turco… we tried to compliment him on his shoes (green stripes = awesome) and he joked that that was the best thing we had to say about him. Aw, Turks! We still love you!

A truck alarm went off in the parking garage. Krys Barch came out, looking very beat up after his fight, and admitted that it was his. He wasn’t the only one who looked worn and unhappy. Ott looked very frustrated, Trevor Daley was limping and admitted to possibly being injured, Brunnstrom had a bit of a shiner on his right eye, and Morrow and Ribeiro both seemed very subdued.

Stuuuuu! Barnes came out and went down the line, which rocked. James Neal came down the line, turned around, went back inside, and came out again with Ott.

Perhaps the best part was when Robidas came out. He was on his cellphone, speaking French, in a bright red hoodie, and not looking like he was about to die of shame like the other defensemen. He very nicely got off the phone for a picture with Jen and finished going down the line to sign things. Then, he came back up with his son, who is positively the most adorable kid I’ve ever seen. We saw later that Robi was helping out with the lessons, out on the ice with the little hockey kids.

Lehts, Kristine, and Chelsea - thanks for taking the pic, Jen!

Lehts, Kristine, and Chelsea - thanks for taking the pic, Jen!

Off Ice SHR +/-:

Stephane Robidas: two for his adorable kid, two for sounding awesome and French-Canadian, two for looking adorable with his kid, two for pitching in with the kids hockey even though he’d just had an exhausting practice himself, and one for being nice enough to hang up his phone for his fans; +9
Trevor Daley: one pity point because he looked pretty miserable after practice; +1
Krys Barch: one because the truck thing was funny and one pity point for the painful-looking face injury; +2
Sean Avery: minus-two for ditching; -2
James Neal: one for being friendly and hopefully cheering up Otter; +1
Steve Ott: one pity point for having looked so very unhappy; +1
Doug Janik: one for signing autographs for a few people, even though he had to go the other way to get to his car; +1
Marty Turco: one for being upbeat even though he seemed really ashamed at his performance and two because that self-deprecating joke broke our hockey hearts; +3
Joel Lundqvist: two for the funny “Is it Swedish?” in Saturday’s game; +2
Fabian Brunnstrom: one for having to deal with the three of us all wanting autographs and pictures and probably confusing the heck out of him; +1


4 Responses to “Stars Practice!”

  1. Aw, I think I’m glad I did not see Otter. They are really good sports to do that even when you know they don’t feel like it. NOTE TO SELF: Eat before going to watch practice. I forgot how long it takes for them to come out. The Kid was happy with getting a few more signatures on her pink jersey and really excited about getting Stuuuuuuuuu to sign her Stuuuuuuuuuu jersey. 🙂

    So good to meet y’all and put a face with a name!

  2. Myra: Yeah he was friendly, but subdued. I know how The Kid feels – we were excited to get Stuuuuuuu to sign our hats!

    Jen: It was! I’m glad you decided to join us. 🙂


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