Game Review – 10/22/08 (DAL at NJD)

by Chelsea


Nobody wants to read a six-page saga about how the Dallas Stars got royally stomped for the fourth time this season. We’re 2-4-1. We let in over 4 goals a game on average. We’ll give you two goals for every ten shots you get on us, folks.

Note that this is not hitting the panic button. This is all just the facts. We could still leave the first ten games at 5-4-1, best case scenario, and that wouldn’t be too bad.

So, since nobody needs a play-by-play on how we sailed right into a 5-0 loss, the quick version:

  1. Stars in New Jersey for the second of three road trip games, against the Devils.
  2. 1:59 into the first, ex-Star and Devils captain Jamie Langenbrunner scores on Marty Turco. Assists to Zach Parise and Travis Zajac.
  3. We all go “ooh, that happened Monday, we’ll be fine!”
  4. Despite less-than-stellar defense, Turco holds us at 1-0.
  5. Second period, at 9:05, John Madden gets a way-too easy shot in past Turco. Assists to Paul Martin and Jay Pandolfo.
  6. A minute later at 10:17, Madden scores again on Turco. Assists to Bryce Salvador and Brian Gionta.
  7. Turco gets pulled. Goes to the bench and looks like someone that needs a tub of ice cream and some time in the corner to talk himself through this.
  8. Tobias Stephan is put in and finishes the second with some great saves on some nasty shots and rebounds.
  9. Third period and we’re all like “oh this sucks, what is our defense doing besides standing there looking sad?”
  10. At 9:49 in the second, Zach Parise scores on Stephan. Assists to Andy Greene and Travis Zajac.
  11. At 10:42, Stephan gets partially screened and David Clarkson scores. Assists to Andy Greene and Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond.
  12. We try kinda hard and get some good chances, but the Devils had good defense and the puck rarely reached Martin Brodeur, who claimed a shutout that I do not feel he particularly earned.
  13. Stars leave feeling incredibly bad, Tippett gripes about the goaltending, Modano feels slow, Turco is embarrassed, and Morrow wants to help Turco out by having better defense.
  • Instead of the usual notes, I’m going to flood you with opinions because I miss watching Stars games. These players are not our Stars, and I want them to return our Stars to us. I explain.
  • I think they’re just trying too hard. I think the Stars came into this season with too high of expectations on them, and they’re all trying to be everything to meet these expectations. Let’s not forget that we earned our spot on the near-top by each player working hard at whatever they’re best at. If we can get that through our struggling Stars’ heads, I bet we’ll be fine.
  • Also, it won’t hurt to get Lehtinen back in the lineup, which should be soon.
  • Another also: Martin Brodeur is overrated. If I had a hate-list, he would be sitting comfortably at the top, right next to Jordin Tootoo.
  • Conclusion: The Stars sucked as a team, but not necessarily as individuals. Tomorrow night’s game against the Islanders will show us one thing for sure – when at rock-bottom, do the Stars rally and win or play frantic and sloppy?
Official SHR +/-:
Stephane Robidas: two for leading in hits with six; +2
Matt Niskanen: two for being the only d-man that stood out as not playing badly; +2
Trevor Daley: minus-two for letting the Devils score on an undefended Stephan despite being right beside said Devil; -2
Brenden Morrow: one for acting like a d-man and blocking a few shots; +1
Krys Barch: one for looking silly and scary all at once in a confrontation with some Devils; +1
Sean Avery: two for the opportunity and shot on goal he earned, one for handling the confrontations from the Devils well, and minus-two for otherwise being too timid to do anything but make a lot of noise; +1
Toby Petersen: two for the diving save that kept away a nasty rebound; +2
James Neal: one for being there even when the rebound wasn’t; +1
Loui Eriksson: one for having two takeaways; +1
Jere Lehtinen: we need you! come back, please; +1
Mark Fistric: minus-two for thinking that standing around the general area of the goalie keeps pucks from going in and minus-one for each giveaway; -4
Tobias Stephan: minus-one for the goal he maybe could have stopped, minus-one for not protecting all his rebounds, and three for the ten much-needed saves he did make; +1
Marty Turco: minus-three for the poor goaltending and two for the saves he made; -1
Philippe Boucher: two for honestly trying; +2
BJ Crombeen: one for having one of the best almost-goals in the game, two for the fight, minus-one for the fight being stupid; +2
Sergei Zubov: we need you too! +1
Mike Ribeiro: one for playing better than we’d seen him play this season, one for the nice breakaway, and one for dominating faceoffs at 73%; +3

4 Comments to “Game Review – 10/22/08 (DAL at NJD)”

  1. After Razor mentioned something, I totally noticed it; the refs will let things slide when people go after Sean Avery. Usually I’d be like ‘HA HA’ but now that it’s affecting my team I’m like “wait a minute”

    Like, when Avery was well out of Brodeur’s crease waiting for a play, Brodeur came out just to hit him. I mean, was that really necessary? I could understand if he was parading around in front of him, but he wasn’t. It’s kinda sad, because Avery has been well behaved so far this season (something I never thought I’d see or say)

  2. I know! At one point “Fatso” flat-out hit Avery in the back of the head, with a ref standing right there (possibly the same incident to which you’re referring?). I understand that Avery is a pest on the ice but this kind of major player bias should not be happening, regardless. Props to Avery for keeping his cool, though.

  3. That is most definitely the incident I am referring to. I can’t even think about it anymore, because if I do it’ll make me even angrier than I already am!

  4. Apparently, Brodeur tried to hit Avery with the puck during a clearing attempt, too. As annoying as Avery can be, even he hasn’t been that immature.

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